Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 155


“That hurt!”
Akabane is very helpless, what does it mean to make a profit…
“Sorry, sorry, I accidentally said something coming to my heart.”
It seems that Orochimaru is indeed in a good mood, and his speech also appears smart and active, not as quiet as before.
Although the two exchanged information before, Danzo still threatened them.
Now that the institute is being created, he doesn’t need to look at Danzo’s face anymore.
All his research can be on the bright side.
of course……
If Orochimaru is interested in Impure World Reincarnation, the possibility of the proposal passing to the Third Hokage is almost zero.
But this time the efficiency is really impressive.
After all, according to the level, Danzo is now the assistant of Hokage, and these orders cannot be issued without him.
But this time the Third Hokage was very decisive and did not wait for Danzo’s opinion.
After a meeting, the result is immediately finalized.
Akabane took a few steps, thought about it, and said, “I went to see the teacher just now.”
“My snake noticed it.”
Orochimaru calmly answered.
He arranged a few summoned snakes secretly and knew the movements of Anbu and Akabane in advance.
“He has let go of the laboratory, and I will take care of it.”
Akabane whispered.
“It’s your responsibility?”
Orochimaru was a little surprised, because how could he not? With his cooperation, he knew how important ‘root’ is to Danzo!
That’s Danzo’s baby!
“The new root is equivalent to the training department.”
Akabane explained.
Orochimaru pondered for a moment, and said with some worry: “Be careful to make wedding dresses for others.”
“Well, I must train my own people, so I want you to make me some equipment.”
“Like the Sound ninja’s armguards?”
Orochimaru pondered for a moment and immediately understood what Akabane was referring to.
“It is best to study the three kinds of equipment, and the principle is not difficult.”
The ninjutsu and the creation of Orochimaru play a very important role in training new recruits.
Among other things, the sound genin three-piece weapon is sufficient as special combat equipment that is not weak, and with software modification, it is not impossible to create a bunch of ninja special forces.
“Well, this does not require a new laboratory, I should be able to research it out these few days.”
Of the three pieces coming from the sound genin equipment in the comic, Orochimaru actually has mature ideas.
Previously, he felt that this thing was quite tasteless and had little research value, so he gave up the idea of perfect production.
But since Akabane needs it, he doesn’t mind spending more time in it.
“It doesn’t matter if you get it out earlier, anyway, the equipment can be used by everyone, maybe you can mention it to the Third Hokage.”
Akabane said nonchalantly.
The handover of the roots will at least wait until the Uzumaki country goes to war.
Looking at Danzo, the country of wind is over, and he can start the layout of the country of Uzumaki immediately.
So counting time, it won’t be too long.
“It makes sense, any other ideas?”
“Sound waves can also be detected. If you can study this aspect of ninjutsu, and perfected it, you will have a lot of credit.”
Mist Ninja’s strongest Ninjutsu is the silent assassination technique.
With echolocation, there is nothing to hide.
“Sonic detection?”
Orochimaru came to be interested, and pulled Akabane excitedly with his hand, “Quickly talk about the principle.”
“When the sound encounters an obstacle, it will return and form an echo. Assuming that the sound propagation speed is constant, then based on the time we hear the echo, we can calculate what obstacles ahead.”
Akabane said simply.
Orochimaru was very excited at first, but afterwards, his face gradually collapsed.
Even if this technique is created, who can master it?
Not to mention whether you can hear the echo, just hearing the echo and then guessing the location of the other party requires a lot of calculations.
Even without this echolocation, with the use of Byakugan and the bugs from Aburame Clan, is enough to do it.
He considered it for a long time, and honestly said: “Why do I feel it’s useless?”
“It’s really useless if it’s just a Ninjutsu, that’s why you have to create a sound wave, Ninja Tool that receives sound waves, so as long as you teach the others how to use that Ninja Tool, it will become a crucial thing in war.”
Humans are not bats, and they can’t hear the feedback of sound waves in their ears, that’s why a ninja tool is needed.
“Although I don’t know how to do it, the general principle is somewhat clear.”
Orochimaru nodded heavily.
He used to think that the sound wave was very simple, but now when he listens to it, he feels that the doors and the ways of it are going to be a thousand times difficult, and there is no way to finish it out in a few days.
“Yes, then… Are you going to the laboratory?”
Akabane hinted frantically.
So much work, just go and study!
“Akaba-kun wants to be together?”
“No, the comics are updated in the afternoon, I have to go back and take charge of the store.”
Akabane explained immediately.
The experience of studying the mirage of the fog with Orochimaru gave him a deep understanding of the horror of a scientific madman.
Regarding research, he can be a strong king.
“In this case, you should go back first, and wait until I have developed the armguards, and then try the sound wave detection you mentioned.”
Orochimaru didn’t notice the abnormality, and enthusiastically turned back and walked towards his laboratory.
Akabane breathed a sigh of relief.
After all, that thing is easy to say, but it is really hard to make it. The size and number of soundholes are very particular, and the affairs are complicated and not to mention delicate.
If he is not careful, the nature of his knowledge about it will be exposed.
As for the shop…
In fact, Akabane didn’t have much work to do at all, and there was a clone in the store, so how can he be busy?
But in the future, when a war begins, he may not have much time to paint.
Therefore, just in case, he did not idle in the afternoon, and also came to the comic shop to encourage morale and accompany the clone to draw together.
The two clones painted One Piece and the other did the Naruto.
At the end of the morning, each has completed the update of the next two episodes.
Originally, it was difficult for them to complete the update before the afternoon, but Akabane joined…
“Where is your young master?”
In the afternoon, Yamano Izumi brought the caravan.
Kurama Yunlang made a gesture, then glanced at the room.
Then, he took out two comics from the bottom: “Master fell asleep, this is the next update of the two comics.”
“So fast?”
Yamano Izumi was shocked.
Akabane used to have two days before he finished it but this time he only printed two hundred copies each, and the update came again.
Faster updates are good, but workers who have been working overtime can’t stand it!
“The young master was a little abnormal today, and he should not be so diligent next time.”
Kurama Yunlang whispered.
Yamano Izumi nodded knowingly and asked his subordinates to help unload the cargo.
After talking about official business, he sat down and asked in a low voice, “Is something going to happen recently?”
Kurama Yunlang looked dumbfounded: “What do you mean?”
“This, nothing.”
Yamani Izumi touched his nose awkwardly.
He thought that the other party was a family disciple, so he could know a little bit of inside information by any means, but it seemed that Kurama Yunlang didn’t know much.
That being the case, he is not easy to disclose.
“Your factory has recently changed orders?”
At this moment, a voice came from within.
Afterwards, Akabane walked out of the room, his face full of fatigue.
As soon as Yamano Izumi came over, he was already vigilantly awake, but it wasn’t until Yamano Izumi mentioned the topic just now that he came out of it.
Yamano Izumi nodded.
As the factory manager, he knows best about the factory’s orders. During this time, orders for ninjas to Konoha and Uzumaki have increased significantly.
It can be seen that there may be a war next.
“Well, you guessed it right, there may be other orders next, and I hope to cooperate with you at that time.”
Akabane didn’t say it clearly, but there was no need to think about the meaning of the words.
Yamano Izumi is already clear.
He pondered for a moment and said, “I don’t know what Mr. Akabane is going to do. I’m afraid we can’t do it if it is too detailed.”
“Don’t worry, you can definitely do it.”
Among the sound three pieces of equipment, the hardest to make is the arm armour of Dosu in the comics.
The arm armour needs to strictly control the size and number of holes, otherwise, the effect in the comics cannot be released.
In comparison, Zaku Abumi is simple and crude.
As long as the hole error is not too large, good results can be released.
“That’s okay, let me know when you do.”
Yamano Izumi nodded without hesitation.
Recently, the factory has reduced its external orders and definitely has enough manpower, and they can also get a lot of extra money, so why not do it?
After talking about the cooperation, Akabane relaxed and pulled a chair to sit down.
But seeing them loading, he suddenly thought of another question: “Mr. Yamano, about Jiraiya’s book…”
“Sorry, we are too busy this time, we have not been able to complete too many book updates.”
Yamano Izumi apologized.
“Then for Konoha, are there any goods to bring here?”
Akabane asked curiously.
“Yes, yes, but only ten volumes.”
Yamano Izumi asked someone to bring the ten volumes.
Because of the small quantity and the special subject matter, he paid special attention to storing it alone.
“Ten volumes are enough.”
Akabane couldn’t help complimenting him, as he was worried about taking too much.
It always feels a bit wrong to put this kind of book in your own shop, or you can’t feel the affection of friends in your own shop.
Yamano Izumi’s team moved quickly, and it didn’t take long for all of the hundreds of copies to be moved down.
It was early, and Akabane didn’t intend to keep them for dinner but sent them away with a few words of greeting.
Then, return to the store.
“You put one copy on the shelf, and if someone finds that he wants to buy it, you can take another one from under the cabinet.”
Akabane said, handing him the remaining books.
Kurama Yunlang knew, but he took it and counted them, and there are indeed nine books in total.
He glanced at the title of the book again-“The Love in the Desert”, Jiraiya.
“It doesn’t look good!”
Kurama Yunlang curled his lips and put the nine books under the counter.
At this time, Akabane had entered the lounge.
The “Love in the Desert” was not placed on the shelf, but after a minute, Akabane opened the door and threw the book in the corner of the shelf.
Junk book.
Reading Jiraiya’s work, Akabane couldn’t get the slightest respect.
The story is old-fashioned and the plot is boring. Although the female character is good and quite attractive, the cringe lines seem to pour a bucket of cold water directly on others’ heads.
For him, who has read many adult books in his previous world, this level is no fun at all.

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