Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 156


“Has the comic arrived?”
Not long after the comic was put on the shelves, Uchiha Ensho arrived.
Even Kurama Yunlang could see that this guy came with urgency, but he didn’t indicate it, and calmly skipped these details, then pointed to the bookshelf and said: “Both comics have been updated, there is also a book from a different author aside from the young master. Feel free to check it out.”
“A new book?”
Uchiha Ensho was stunned for a moment, but he ignored it.
The main thing for him coming here is to buy Naruto, but since One Piece has also been updated… He needs to buy the One Piece no matter what!
He walked to the store and began to pick and choose.
Although Uchiha is quite wealthy, it was the Uchiha not him, so he is hoping to pick a comic with a poster in it for his son.
When he was about to approach the counter……
Uchiha Ensho suddenly saw a messy comic book in the corner.
He walked over and took a look at it.
“Love in the Desert”?
“What kind of book is this, I haven’t seen it before.”
He basically read all the comics in the store, except that he hadn’t read this one before, and he looked around, and it’s the only one in the store!
Is this a rare book!?
Uchiha Ensho took a deep breath, feeling that he might be lucky. Already forgetting what Yunlang said about the new book due to it being the only one on the shelf.
Due to his excitement, he didn’t pay attention to the author’s name written on it.
“that’s it.”
He took the book to the counter where Yunlang was waiting and took out three thousand one hundred ryo–
The patriarch ordered to buy more copies of Naruto, in addition to ten volumes of One Piece book, and one volume of Love in the Desert.
“This is the work of the new painter…”
Kurama Yunlang who saw Jiraiya’s book said since he couldn’t help but remind him.
“It’s okay, I bought it.”
Uchiha Ensho paid the money, wrapped up his books and left the shop.
Kurama Yunlang froze for a moment and said nothing in the end.
If a guest wants to buy it, can he still insist that it is an adult book and they’re not allowed to buy it?
Turnip and cabbage have their own love, so he let it go.
Kurama Yunlang shook his head slightly, and put another copy of “Love in the Desert” to its original position.
Uchiha Ensho got the comic and rushed to the patriarch’s place…
Arriving, he saw Uchiha Yuan, he put the package on the table and said respectfully: “Patriarch, I bought 20 copies of “Naruto” as you said, and I bought some of the rest.”
“Well, good, let me see.”
Uchiha Yuan opened the package and picked up a copy.
However, after a glance, he coughed awkwardly and put the comic behind.
“Patriarch, what happened to that book?”
Uchiha Ensho was a little curious.
Because he saw the patriarch only glimpsing at the first page, and immediately hid it without reading the content.
“It’s nothing.”
Uchiha Yuan did not answer as he took a copy of the comic of Naruto from the pile and read the title carefully.
He turned page after page.
The previous plot is meaningless to him, Uchiha Yuan only cares about the plot related to Uchiha.
Until the last chapter…
Chapter 55, page one.
“It is because I have no power that the Uchiha clan have been annihilated and everyone was killed…”
That simple line instantly reveals the truth why Uchiha hasn’t appeared in the comics!
All dead!
In Uchiha Yuan’s mind, the “that person” Sasuke had been talking about suddenly appeared.
who’s that person?
Outsiders, or… from the Uchiha clan!
Maybe both.
Uchiha Yuan thought to himself.
Uchiha Clan has never been a safe clan in the beginning, and as the clan leader, he knows this better than anyone else.
“Patriarch, is there anything on it?”
Uchiha Ensho felt the atmosphere becoming heavier.
“Remember what I said before?”
“You are talking about the plot in the comic, that Uchiha may have been annihilated?”
He picked up a book of Naruto, opened it to the back and looked at it, then…
It was just a page of content, but the impact on him was extremely huge.
Uchiha Ensho was stunned.
Although he had known it for a long time, he still had difficulty accepting the plot when he read it with his own eyes and even had the urge to beat Akabane!
“You can show the Comic to the tribe.”
“But, this…is it really possible?”
Uchiha Ensho was shocked and puzzled.
If this content was shown to everyone in the clan, God knows how many people would want to beat Akabane, and for sure, there will be some Clan members who will do extreme things!
At his age, he can already imagine such a scene, but Uchiha Yuan still nodded.
Although Uchiha Ensho did not understand what Uchiha Yuan was thinking, the command of the patriarch could only be executed.
So he took 20 volumes, left from the patriarch’s house, and distributed the comics to the tribe.

“He bought 20 copies?”
Akabane nodded slightly after hearing this.
Calculated by time, Uchiha Ensho has gone home now.
Well, there seems to be a good show going to happen.
After pondering for a moment, he warned Kurama Yunlang and then left the comic shop.
He can’t miss such a good show.
Since it is impossible to go to Uchiha to wave the flag and shout, he can only watch it on live broadcast!
After a while, he arrived at the Hokage Building.
Seeing him, Hiruzen was a little surprised, and said in astonishment: “You unexpectedly came to me, let’s talk, what’s the matter?”
“Mmm, the comic update has just been released, and the Uchiha Clan bought 20 copies…”
Akabane smiled and compared it with a telescope gesture.
This hint is obvious enough.
Hiruzen were speechless for a moment, and then said, “Close the door.”
Akabane immediately closed the door, then sat down happily, waiting for the Third Hokage to rub the crystal ball.
Sarutobi took out his crystal ball.
He knotted his hands and mobilized Chakra for a long time, and finally, a picture appeared on the crystal ball.
This perspective should be from Uchiha Yuan, and the scene they were seeing is Uchiha Yuan’s home.
“Patriarch, the drawing is too much!”
“This is an insult to Uchiha, we can’t bear it anymore.”
“Be patient, the Puppy thinks we are good bullies, so we must teach a little lesson so that Cub and Danzo know that we Uchiha are not easy to mess with.”
A bunch of people gathered and the whole audience was noisy. Those who didn’t know will think that Uchiha was going to rebel.
Uchiha Yuan’s eyes scanned the audience.
He did not reply, but quietly let these people continue to make noise.
After nearly ten minutes, the room gradually calmed down.
“Yuan, you are the patriarch. If you want to say something, just say it! Or are you going to not do anything like it’s not our problem or what?”
An elder asked.
“What do you mean?”
Uchiha Yuan did not answer directly.
“I don’t think things are that simple. This time it may be Danzo’s trap to us. But we have to show our strength, otherwise, they will only look down on us if we didn’t retaliate!”
Said the elder.
“A retaliation? I can’t agree with you.”
Uchiha Ensho stood up.
Many Elders looked over and looked at him a little unkind.
“Is only retaliation the only thing in your mind? Why don’t you all have any thoughts about the Uchiha’s current situation!?”
Uchiha Yuan then continued, “Back then, when Madara was alive, we couldn’t compete with the Senju Clan, so now what are we fighting with them, the lives of the whole family?”
“They dare!”
The elder’s eyes widened from anger, and their eyes turned into a 3 tomoe Sharingan!
Uchiha Ensho didn’t falter back as he fought against them, and also activated his Sharingan.
Everyone has a three tomoe, no one is weaker than another, and neither of them is willing to give in.
“Patriarch, I think both the elders and Ensho are right. The extermination is not just the plot of the comic, but a knife that really hangs above the Uchiha’s head. I don’t know when it will fall. That’s why we must do something…”
Another Elder stood up and said.
“So, what are your thoughts?”
Uchiha Yuan looked around for a while and asked lightly.
However, no one answered.
The crowd was arguing, and they all had their own ideas, but when they were really asked to speak, they were all silent in an instant.
“Patriarch, I think we should take the initiative to integrate into the Konoha, let Konoha see our Clan sincerity.”
Uchiha Ensho said first.
“Presumptuous, you are insulting our family blood!”
Many elders were so angry that they could not wait to tear Uchiha Ensho apart when they heard what he suggested!
“Insult? Is our blood a noble!”
Uchiha Ensho sneered coldly.
“you you you!”
These elders were shaking with anger and all stood up, their eyes red.
Uchiha Ensho didn’t have the slightest fear.
Since the moment he took over this task, he has the consciousness of being the sacrifice.
For the family!
He cried secretly in his heart.
Then he took a step forward and said sharply: “You are not dead, the times have changed, do you understand?”
An elder stood up, and asked angrily: “Are you going to follow that traitor’s step, and become a traitor to the family?”
At this time, the audience was silent.
Uchiha Kagami who was Uchiha Yuan’s brother, once a family taboo and unmentioned name, is now mentioned again.
Most people have mixed feelings.
They couldn’t agree with Ensho’s approach, but would the Uchiha Clan really get a bargain if they work under the Hokage?
I’m afraid not.
Why did when the latest comic updates came out, the Uchiha’s internal response was so intense?
It’s because of the ending in the comic, It hit Uchiha’s sore spot.
Everyone knows that it’s not good to confront the Hokage lineages, but they can’t let go of the pride in their hearts to compromise.
Just like these elders’ gestures, Uchiha’s blood is noble, and Uchiha is a Clan that exists since the founding of the Village.
of course……
Another question that many of them were worried about is, will Konoha accept them even if they compromise?
This is also the problem.
At this time, Uchiha Yuan, who was sitting silent for a long time, said: “Elder, when did my brother become a traitor in your mouth?”
“Isn’t it? Abandoning Uchiha’s pride, agreeing with Senju Clan, and humiliatingly dying in the war to help the Uzumaki family, he is a traitor!”
The elder sneered.
“I see. So, who else agrees with the elder’s idea?”
For a while, no one answered.
But gradually, someone stood up, including several elders.
“Yuan, we might as well leave Konoha and live in other countries.”
“Yes, let’s leave!”
“Leaving Konoha, with Uchiha’s ability, we can definitely create our own village.”
Many family ninjas agreed, and many of them were guard ninjas.
Uchiha Yuan looked around in silence, closed his eyes and said, “That’s what you think?”
“Yes, Uchiha must change, it can’t go on like this.”
“Then do as you like”
Uchiha Yuan said lightly then continued while still, his eyes closed, “If everyone agrees to leave the Konoha, you can start preparing when you go back.”

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