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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 164


To be honest, Akabane has a lot of suggestions.
Such as neighborhood committees, villager representatives, etc., a bunch of systems in his previous lives can be incorporated.
But is it useful?
The guards are now understaffed and their jurisdiction does not even cover surrounding villages, let alone villages and towns that are so far away. 
People may not listen to these suggestions now.
That being the case, why bother.
“By the way, I have awakened the Mangekyo Sharingan.”
Uchiha Yuan said calmly, “If there is a chance next, I hope we can continue to cooperate.”
“Of course, I have always been your loyal ally.”
Akabane smiled hypocritically.
“Hahaha, what I’m talking about is that when I stabilise the security problem, I hope that the Kurama can lend a hand.
Uchiha Yuan smiled.
At this moment the illusion was lifted, and the two sides shook hands with a smile.
Looking at this scene, who would have thought that a few months ago the two families almost fought because of the plot?
“Also, since I’m already here I will buy a few comics before coming back.”
Seeing the update, Uchiha Yuan walked to the store quietly and circled around for a while, but he focused his eyes on the corner, where Jiraiya’s book was located.
Looking at the cover, he was sure that the comics had not been updated, so he quickly looked away and selected a dozen of the newly updated comics.
After getting the latest volume of Naruto, Uchiha Yuan quickly opened it and took a few glances.
He wanted to see if there were any more exciting plots in the follow-up.
But he rolled his eyes and saw only some plots that had nothing to do with Uchiha. Although Uchiha Sasuke appeared on the scene, he was not interested in it.
On the contrary, It’s Gaara that made him pay attention.
Uchiha Yuan hadn’t been on the battlefield several times before, but he had heard of the abilities of the Sand village tail beast.
Sand control!
Really violent.
Thinking about it this way, he couldn’t help but understand why the Ninja World targeted the Uzumaki family.
The physique and sealing technique of the Uzumaki clan are so strong that they have no friends, so there is no need for them to care if a Tailed Beast is within the body or not.
At this moment, Uchiha Yuan supports Konoha from the bottom of his heart.
“Then I’m going.”
“For those things you just said, remember to find my clan chief, don’t come to me.”
Akabane shouted.
The speed of these Jonins is faster than one. If he doesn’t shout it, Uchiha Yuan wouldn’t hear it for sure.
Uchiha Yuan waved his hand to express his understanding.
For things like this kind of family, of course, you have to explain to the patriarch, but every family knows that Akabane’s future patriarch’s identity is basically fixed.
After talking with him, Yamano Izumi also left, and he is probably going to the Senju clan.
When the books have been loaded entirely, everything is basically done here.
Akabane pondered for a while, then returned to the clan to share the news with the clan.
Before, he had to go to the patriarch.
But now that his father is the elder, Kurama Isamu was still there when he went home. The clan didn’t seem to get any news yet, so he told him about the conversation with Uchiha Yuan.
In terms of politics and power, Kurama Isamu was quite slow, and he didn’t have any special feelings after hearing it and was just a little surprised.
But It wasn’t long before someone came to him and said he was going to have a meeting, the moment he knew how serious it was.
This is serious.
Kurama Isamu hurriedly left, Akabane on the other hand stopped by for a few bites of dinner.
If it’s before, he should take a nap after lunch.
But now he has just practised the Chakra Enhanced Strength technique. So In order to ensure the ability to kill a speed type ninja in the future, he must practice the Chakra Enhanced Strength technique.
With sufficient physical fitness, chakras, and control, it is not difficult for him to learn it, so Akabane didn’t plan to wait for Tsunade to appear to teach him.
This point can be completely saved.
On the side of their natural training ground, Akabane began to punch a wooden doll with his Chakra Enhanced Strength.
The newly trained Chakra Enhanced Strength is definitely incomparable with Tsunade. This is a low-profile version, and with one punch, he can at most make a small hole on it.
But after practising for a while, he gradually found the trick.
As long as the Chakra control is sufficient, as long as the speed of practice is increased after the start of the strange power, after some practice, Akabane feels that his strange power is as powerful as Tsunade just graduated from school.
As long as Chakra Control is enough, and with enough training, he can increase his mastery of it. 
After practising, Akabane feels that his Chakra Enhanced Strength has the same formidable power as Tsunade’s who just graduated from the academy.
He was about to practice again when he suddenly heard a breathing sound.
Akabane immediately turned his head and saw Tsunade and Tomiko standing behind him, both of them poking their heads out from behind the tree.
Needless to say, it must be Little Tomiko’s ability that they find him.
“What are you two doing?”
Akabane said irritably, she didn’t hide well, she wanted to stick her head out, isn’t this a bare-naked mockery!
“Hehe, after listening to my grandma saying that you practice Chakra Enhanced Strength, we come and see how you practice.”
Tsunade touched her hair.
The mark on her eyebrows became more obvious, and more and more chakras accumulated in the Yin Seal.
Then Akabane glanced at Little Tomiko.
She did not practice the Yin Seal. It is estimated that since she is still young, accumulating chakras into the Yin Seal is not safe for her.
No, this Little Loli is smiling, maybe there is something else!
Akabane knew it in his heart but didn’t take the initiative to ask.
“I also encountered a good thing, guess what?”
Tsunade who can’t hide things asked smugly, including when gambling, her expression is very obvious when she gets a good card.
It’s the same this time.
Guess, guess, guess my ass!
Akabane curled his lips and rolled up his sleeves to continue training. He didn’t even plan to answer her.
“Hahaha, sister, I said, your trick is useless.”
Little Tomiko smiled happily.
She said before that Akabane would not care about her at all.
“I signed a contract with a Summoned Beast.”
Tsunade sat down angrily and then reached out her hand, a small slug wiggling back and forth appear on her palm.
Akabane leaned over, subconsciously popping out a word.
“What are you talking about, I am Immortal Slug in the Wet Bone Forest!”
The slug was furious.
Although it is indeed a slug, the Wet Bone Forest is one of the three holy places. How can this term be used on her?
“Sorry, sorry.”
Akabane apologized insincerely and then stared at the slug carefully.
According to the comics, the Wet Bone Forest is different from the other two holy places. For example, Tsunade summoned this slug who was actually a part of the slug fairy.
Therefore, its ability and consciousness are all slug immortals.
The difference is that the more chakras used by Tsunade, the larger the summoned slugs. This time it was just a display, so Tsunade only used a little chakra to summon slugs the size of a finger.
The slug who was stared by him became uncomfortable with his look and began crawling back and forth on Tsunade’s hand, avoiding Akabane’s gaze.
This guy must be a pervert!
It thought to herself inwardly.
Akabane couldn’t help but ask: “Lord Slug, I’m curious, what is your clan Sage Mode like?”
Three-Great Sage Regions are all xxSage, but Only the Slug has never appeared in Sage Mode.
He just stared at the slug, just thinking about the Sage mode of the slug.
Crazy self-treatment with a nasal discharge?
They can also still split themselves, and are also immune to physical damage…
The more he thought of it, the more curious he became!
“Sage mode? Little boy, you know a lot.”
The slug was surprised. There are not many people in the world who know Sage Mode, but after thinking about it for a moment, I remembered one thing, “Tsunade, his summoned beast is a dream tapir?”
Tsunade nodded.
The slug suddenly showed disgust and vomited: “A group of shameless thieves are making trouble everywhere and harming the world. No wonder the person signing the contract is the same as them…hmmp!”
This is annoying, It didn’t even want to talk to me.
Akabane sighed secretly.
But Tsunade herself also couldn’t help but ask, “What is the Sage Mode?”
“It’s a bit difficult to say specifically, I will explain it to you later.”
The slug didn’t want to say more, then glanced at Akabane and disappeared quickly.
“Brother is too rude.”
Little Loli said, taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune.
Akabane was a little helpless.
To say that the first was his own fault, but the latter, being disgusted is definitely the fault of the Dream Tapir family.
He didn’t know much about Dream Tapir, and he didn’t understand why they were hated. Anyway, the final result was obvious. He was hated by the fairy in the Wet Bone Forest.
For Akabane, who is extremely afraid of death, without the protection of this nanny artefact, his mood is really not good.
Tsunade was a little embarrassed, and after a moment of silence, she said, “Well, I’ll talk to her later.”
“it’s okay no problem.”
Akabane waved his hand “indifferently”, and then exhorted, “I’ve heard my Little Tapir talk about Sage Mode. If possible, it’s best for you to learn it from the wet bone forest.”
The Sage mode is too strong.
Even with Jiraiya’s sage mode, his improvement in strength is not just a little.
“I’ll go back and ask.”
Tsunade nodded, she didn’t know the Sage Mode, so she couldn’t determine what happened.
For the present, she can only listen to what the slug says.
But for Akabane, there is an advantage–
He doesn’t need a headache planning on how to draw the comic next!
Akabane had a headache at first, in case Tsunade’s summoned beast was not contracted yet, he feared that it would appear in the comic first which is a big problem.
According to his original idea, just after the plot where the Konoha got invaded by Orochimaru, he will wait for Tsunade to have a summoned Beast first and take a look. If it doesn’t work, he can draw it and arrange a reason.
But now, there is no need to wait.
“Go back to speed up the update, and earn a wave of points before the war starts.”
Akabane thought.
Comics are different from weapons and they cannot make war money.
Once the war starts, most of Jonin goes out to fight, so what points can be earned by that time?
“I will go back first and go back to ask about the situation.”
Tsunade was so impatient that she couldn’t even take care of Akabane.
“Brother, I’m going to the big sister’s side, and I won’t go home tonight.” Little loli said as she waved her hand after speaking.
Akabane waved goodbye.
Sealing Jutsu is difficult. Even though Uzumaki Clan has practised Sealing Jutsu since their childhood, it is still very difficult to master.
Especially when he saw the seal art scroll, he was not surprised that the Uzumaki clan was weaker than the generations- since no one taught them, and they learned it through self-study and oral inheritance!
In the comics, when Uzumaki Village is destroyed, the inheritance is half interrupted.
Only Uzumaki Kushina came to Konoha and learned a lot of sealing skills from Uzumaki Mito. Then look at the other redheads?
Nagato doesn’t know how to use sealing techniques at all.
Karin on the other hand learned a lot, but it was related to Orochimaru, not the Uzumaki family.

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