Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 165


“Katsuyu-sama, why are you calling the Dream Tapir a thief?”
Back home, Tsunade took the initiative to summon a slug clone.
“They will create dreams that buzz in your dreams every day, and they will steal your spiritual energy along the way.”
The slug clones made repeated complaints, obviously disgusting the group of dream tapirs,
“Although it is not harmful, it is very annoying!”
Tsunade thought for a while.
For her being so harassed every day, she was indeed so angry that she wanted to hit someone.
“Then our Sage Mode…”
When Tsunade returned home, she asked for some information from Uzumaki Mito, and she knew what the Sage Mode meant.
Absorb Natural Energy and then condense Senju Chakra, no matter how strong it sounds.
The slug was silent for a moment and then said: “My Wet Bone lineage does have a Sage mode, but the requirements and difficulty of training it is very high. That’s why it is impossible to train the Sage mode of our clan under your circumstances.”
Tsunade was disappointed in her heart.
She asked eagerly, but the conditions were not up to the standard, which was too much of a mentality.
She was silent for a long time, and then asked: “Is there anyone who has completed the Sage mode training before in the wet bone forest?”
“Where did your scroll come from?”
Instead of answering the slug asked.
“Of course mine is from Grandpa?”
Tsunade was stunned for a moment and then sighed uncomfortably.
If a character like Senju Hashirama can train Shikkotsu Forest’s Sage Mode, then she is really not qualified for training.
She thought about it for a long time, and finally gritted her teeth and said, “Katsuyu-sama, I still want to learn it.”
“In your current situation, you can’t resist the corrosion of the wet bone forest’s natural energy.
If you want to train it, you must first strengthen your physical strength and recovery speed.”
“I know!”
Tsunade made up her mind to improve her body.
As for how to improve, she has no idea for the time being.
Hmm, go back and ask Akabane, that guy has many ideas!
She had a plan in her heart, and her mood was not as heavy as before, and she even had a little expectation.
But even if she told Akabane about this matter, she is not sure whether he can help her.
Is the body of Senju Hashirama like a human?
That is the standard for learning the Sage Mode, the kind that does not compromise!
Although Tsunade is also from the Senju clan, it is a pity that neither she nor Senju Tobirama has completely immortal human characteristics. At most, their vitality, chakra, and body are stronger than normal people.
Immortal Slug watched Tsunade leave and then began to rest as usual.

“Master, are you here for something?”
Kurama Yunlang saw Akabane and immediately came over to inquire—normally, Akabane would not return after leaving at noon.
Akabane fell silent upon hearing it.
He doesn’t know why his image in the hearts of others has become so unbearable, even coming back to paint has become an abnormal thing in their eyes.
Forget it, update first.
Because he was busy with Uchiha’s affairs, the only update for Yamano Izumi this time was “Naruto”, and now he has to paint One Piece as well.
At least the plan was like this, but in fact, not long after Akabane sat down, a figure came with a knife.
He is sweaty, with two short blades around his waist, and three Katana in hand.
“Boss, call Akabane out and let him fight me for three hundred rounds!”
Sakumo slapped the Katana against the table, looking extremely excited.
what’s going on?
Hearing a voice that was completely different from usual, Akabane was stunned.
He glanced outside the room secretly, and saw three katana on the table, and immediately shrank his head back to the room in shock——
Sakumo’s expression was obviously wrong, and he looked more excited than usual.
In this case, either he was drunk with fake alcohol or taking drugs.
Akabane waved his hand quickly.
Kurama Yunlang was stunned, and then said, “My young master is not here.”
“Not here? Then It’s okay, call out the shadow clone.”
Sakumo said loudly.
He is not normal!
Akabane shrank inside and glanced at the eye of his shadow clone.
“Look at what I am doing, I paint professionally!”
Akabane clone rolled his eyes. Not only did he want him to paint, but also wanted him to go out to fight and die. How could there be such a cruel owner?
“Sorry brother, then I can only change to another one.”
Without a second word, Akabane directly dispersed the shadow clone and then summoned another shadow clone.
The moment the Shadow Clones appeared, he stared at Akabane with dead eyes, then raised his head and walked outside the door.
Going closer, the clone really smelled some alcohol from Sakumo.
He is drunk…
The Clone glanced at the three Katana and asked, “What are you doing with those Katana?”
“I heard my father say that you went into the library to study the Three Swordsmanship, and you definitely want to practice swordsmanship, right?”
Sakumo’s eyes lit up and then threw three katana for practice.
The shadow clone took it.
He didn’t know how to explain, and he couldn’t explain it, because the moment he got the Katana,
Sakumo had already swung his short blade over his direction!
The knife is flying!
Akabane’s clone didn’t have time to think about it, and quickly used the three Katana, he used the two Katana on his hand blocking the opponent’s double short blade, and the third one that was bitten on his mouth was swung off to attack!
Sakumo, seeing the attack, immediately retreated, but Akabane didn’t give him time to react as he followed him and attacked with 3 swords.
Sakumo blocked the two swords with a single short sword, and the other short blade went to block the third sword.
With a swish, the bitten Sword was blown out.
It has nothing to do with the clone that got pushed back, it is purely because the mouth of the main body is not as strong as Zoro. Although he knows the usage and techniques of the three-sword style like Zoro, his tooth can’t bite the hilt at all.
How much time does Zoro spend practising this?
The bite force is not enough, and the third sword of the three swords is like a waste paper on him.
Akabane clone simply didn’t bother to take the sword that got blasted and used the two swords on his hand to resist Sakumo’s continued attack.
too fast!
The shadow clone who was in a defensive state was having a hard time defending Sakumos’ attack.
Inside one of the rooms in the comic shop.
Akabane watched the battle secretly, and couldn’t help but be stunned secretly.
Sakumo state was too terrifying, he was attacking like crazy, as fast as lightning, but his control on his short sword attack was executed smoothly, without any mess.
“Who poured Sakumo with real wine? Isn’t this cheating?”
Akabane murmured secretly in his heart.
At the same time, he observes the outside of the shop from the lounge, looking for people in secret.
Before long, Akabane found Hatake Sagiki!
“It’s him!”
There is no doubt that the culprit for Sakumo state was his father.
However, from the expression of Hatake Sagiki, he himself was obviously quite surprised.
Immediately, he frowned slightly.
This strength and speed control is too bad!
“But his perception is great.”
Sagiki sighed slightly, but he was relatively satisfied.
Sakumo dual short blade techniques have matured!
Of course, only in his current state.
Akabane detoured from the house to the woods, and said painfully, “Uncle Sagiki if you want Sakumo to train with a sword. Isn’t it better for him to be beaten by you?”
“It’s not the same, with him fighting you.”
Hatake Sagiki said, after hesitating for a moment he continued, “Actually, I didn’t expect you to learn the sword art. I thought you would use your Virtual Game to let him train.”
“With his current mental state, Genjutsu may not work accurately, unless I use Kekkei Genkai on him.”
Akabane explained silently.
Illusion is a kind of ninjutsu aimed at the targets mental state.
The mental state on the other side is not in a normal state. So the effect of his genjutsu may not be that good, but if he uses his Kekkei Genkai, it will surely cause considerable damage to him.
If it is not necessary, there is no need to use this method.
“Um… Sakumo is always sober, do you know why?”
Hatake Sagiki asked as he skipped the issue of the genjutsu.
Akabane replied helplessly: “Isn’t it because I practised one-handed short blade before.”
“Yes, so I got him drunk and he drank three glasses of wine. So he should be about to wake up.”
Hatake Sagiki nodded, “I’ll leave it to you next. You should record the current state of Sakumo, and then use the illusion method to make him learn it himself when he is sober.”
Akabane was taken aback for a moment, and then had to give a thumbs-up: “You are really a genius.”
Drunk state and non-drunk state…
This was really an interesting duel. Some people fought very hard after drinking alcohol.
For now, Sakumo really couldn’t do his awakening after being sober.
In addition, he had an idea.
He has learned the Three Swords Style. Although in reality he can’t use it perfectly like Zoro, but in the illusion, he can do it perfectly right?
In the illusion, there is no limit to speed and bite strength, so if he changes his appearance, isn’t it going to be Sakumo vs. Zoro?
A perfect idea, no flaws!
Akabane looked in the distance for a while, then quietly used Earth-Style, while also hiding his aura.
Diving carefully on the ground, and then grabbing Sakumo’s feet, but Sakumo’s reaction was very quick, and he quickly jumped to avoid the Headhunter Jutsu.
“Water prison!”
Akabane Shadow Clone made a hand seal very quickly with both hands and used water prison jutsu, trapping Sakumo in the water prison.
After the baptism of water, he instantly woke up and quickly gestured to Akabane to let him go.
After Akabane’s clone cancelled the jutsu, Sakumo took a few breaths hurriedly, and said weakly, “There are so many methods, but the prison jutsu technique is also quite a good choice.”
“My melee ability is very weak, that’s why I can only learn a few more ninjutsu to save my life.”
Akabane said and smiled, he then squatted down and said, “Uncle Sagiki asked me to arrange for your training after you sober, so I plan on doing a little trick. Are you interested in fighting an opponent who uses three sword styles?”
“You don’t know how to use three swords.”
Sakumo curled his mouth, Akabane’s three-sword style was very crude, a weak mouth grip, unstable hands, and unsatisfactory speed, which made Akabane completely ashamed.
“No no no, not me but Roronoa Zoro, are you interested?”
Akabane smiled.
Sakumo’s eyes lit up upon hearing him, but thinking about it again he sighed and said: “After all, it’s just a fantasy character, how can I take it seriously.”
“Don’t worry, it’s not a half baked illusion as the illusion can be realized.”
After Akabane finished speaking, his hands finished a hand seal, and it didn’t take long for Sakumo to be drawn into the illusion.
After his consciousness is clear again.
Sakumo looked around and found the street in front of the comic shop had disappeared.
And an unfamiliar and at the same time familiar figure, wearing a green turban and three swords around his waist, walked from the street step by step.
“Sakumo Hatake vs. Roronoa Zoro.”
A column of characters floated by, and Sakumo woke up from his daze. The man on the street was the “pirate hunter” Zoro in the comics!
“3, 2, 1…”
As the countdown sounded, Sakumo held both his short blade tightly, and his heart was extremely nervous.
This is an illusion, so the opponent is like the one in the comic, will he use the real three-sword style?
As soon as the voice fell, a green shadow rushed over– both swords in both hands and one in his mouth, with great momentum!
Sakumo shouted as he clenched his two short blades in excitement.

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