Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 166


Both are fast, but for a moment…
There was a particular sound.
Sakumo blocked the first instant offensive of the two swords single-handedly, and then found that the opponent’s third sword was slashing laterally.
The true three-sword style is fast and cruel as if a third hand is growing on the user’s body.
Sakumo’s face changed slightly, and he quickly withdrew two steps, blocking the third sword with the short sword on his left hand.
However, the two swords that followed are also extremely flexible.
The sword connects to the sword. Although Sakumo’s short blade is flexible, it pales in comparison with three swords.
Sakumo’s short sword, although flexible, is dwarfed by three swords on his opponent’s hand.
“What is the blue bar?”
Sakumo stared at the top of the opponent’s head, and there was a blue strip over there.
What does it signify?
Reality does not allow him to think too much, as the continued parry of the three swords is extremely difficult for him to deal with.
Zoro’s three swords are completely different from Akabane. Although the sword path is the same, the speed, strength and accuracy are dozens of times higher.
Sakumo is only twelve or thirteen years old, and his physical condition has not reached its peak.
After blocking Zoro’s attack for more than ten times, his arm is already numb.
At this point, the blue bars in Zoro’s is also full.
In an instant, Zoro’s Figure arrived in front of Sakumo like a ghost.
Sakumo was very intuitive and quickly dodged to the side, but the opponent was too fast, and he immediately felt that he was cut three times on his body in the next second.
Two swords hit him in the chest, as he staggered, and the last sword hit him in his throat killing him in the end.
In a daze, he found that he had returned to reality.
Sakumo pondered for a moment but didn’t know what to say.
He felt that he could do it again, but after thinking about it, he realized that he was not an opponent at all.
One is that his body has not reached its peak.
If he is the same age as Zoro in the Virtual Game, the outcome is still unknown.
“Your abilities have not been fully utilized. Where is your Chidori Blade? Where is your Chidori Style, how about your double swords?”
Akabane sighed and said, “As far as you are, it’s not as good as that.”
After hearing this, Sakumo was startled for a moment.
It was true that he was too flustered, and did not fight in his serious state where he could use all his skill as he was led by the nose by the other party, and did not show 50% of his strength.
“I want to try again!”
After sorting out his thoughts, Sakumo gradually had new ideas in his mind.
Then the Street fighting is on again.
Sakumo’s skills are not bad, but he was stupefied by the three sword style of Zoro when he faced it. The Illusory Domain version of Zoro refers to the strength he has in comics, so obviously he is much stronger than Akabane who used swords for the first time even though he has a memory of how to use them.
 Entering the illusion, Sakumo puts aside his distracting thoughts and concentrates on the present.
“3, 2, 1…”
“Ready go!”
As soon as he heard the go, Sakumo’s body flashed.
Lightning-Style Chakra stimulates his entire body, and his speed is suddenly doubled. With the Body Flicker Jutsu effect, Sakumo has reached Zoro in the blink of an eye.
Two swords, Chidori blades!
Assault and stab, this is the most classic tactic of the Hatake clan.
Zoro didn’t have time to react, and hurriedly drew out a pair of swords to resist. It stands to reason that Zoro not only has three swords but also has his own set of moves.
Unfortunately, Akabane has not.
And what Sakumo is fighting right now is a low-profile version of Zoro, and the only thing that can be used is Onigiri that Akabane learned.
Under the assault and fast attack tactics, Zoro can hardly play his best moves.
The advantage of the short sword is flexibility, and Sakumo will give full play to his advantage in this battle.
But well…
Is this dual-sword style?
Just taking two swords, a fast break without rhythm and coordination, is not a double sword at all!
Sakumo slashed violently, and almost ignored the short sword on his back.
As he hacked and killed his opponent in a single blow.
Coming out of the illusion, Sakumo was a little embarrassed, although he won, but he was not a double-sword user at all, and he won with the most used method.
“It seems that the enemy of the three swords style is a bit difficult for you, I will give you a simple one.”
In fact, both double swords style and single swords style have their own advantages. When it comes to fighting alone, a single sword is more fast and agile in killing an enemy.
“Don’t, I’ll go back and think about it.”
Sakumo has some headaches and feels that he is still a little bit incomplete. When it comes to fighting, although he always carries a Twinsword,  he forgets about it and focuses on a single sword style when he battles.
This won’t work!
Looking at Sakumo back who was leaving, Kurama Yunlang felt very strange. Although he did not see the record of the illusion, he always felt something was wrong and couldn’t help but ask.
“Why does Sakumo look weak when he was sober after drinking?”
“Try drinking some wine, it’s normal to start with neither light nor heavy, and you will know why.”
Akabane answered as he recreated a shadow clone.
Akabane was too lazy to explain it, and although Kurama Yunlang didn’t understand it he didn’t ask again, he was not a ninja anyway.
Just to solve the drunken Sakumo, he wasted two shadow clones, plus a few more ninjutsu, and now there are not many Chakras in his body.
Time wasted again…
Originally, he should be able to finish the update of the One Piece today, but due to unexpected things.
One Piece updates will be finished tomorrow.
Akabanes original plan is to update his book and then sleep until the next morning, but someone will always find him something to do.
When he returned home at night, he thought he could have a good meal and good sleep, but when he opened the door, he saw a person who surprised him very much-Danzo.
And on his side were the Patriarch of the Kurama Clan Kurama Wuhe, his father Kurama Isamu, and Uchiha Ensho are all there.
This situation does not seem right.
“Teacher, why are you here?”
Akabane speeded up his pace and walked over, and from the bottom of his heart began to speculate about what evil thoughts this old man had.
At present, he is afraid that it is related to him.
Danzo pointed to the front position and said lightly, “Sit down first.”
Akabane sat down, counting the five of them sitting at his table.
“I have taken you as a disciple for a while, and I have never visited your house before, so I just came to join in the fun.”
The words are warm, but the tone is very cold, making it difficult, to tell the truth from the false.
Akabane Isamu who listened seriously showed a surprised and moved expression, while quietly waiting for Danzo to say the following.
You just went to drop by?
Now Danzo is very busy. On the one hand, he is about to arrange the war in the Land of Uzumaki, and on the other hand, he has to take into account the power reorganization in the village, so how come he has the time to visit his ‘beloved’ disciple!
He came here mostly because of Uchiha’s power distribution problem.
“You can continue what you’re saying.”
Danzo took a look, then knocked on the table with his hand to signal the person who had just spoken to continue.
Uchiha Ensho glanced at Akabane, and then said, “After discussion, we hope that Kurama Isamu can join the guard and serve as the deputy captain.”
Kurama Isamu’s eyes widened in disbelief.
is it me again?
Kurama Wuhe obviously knew the news a long time ago, so he was not surprised at all. He nodded slightly and said, “Yes, this is the result of discussions among our various clan.”
“This…I am afraid I will not be able to do the job and let the people from the Yamanaka Clan to take up the position. They are more suitable for this position.”
In the presence of Danzo and the patriarch, Kurama Isamu stammered.
According to his considerations, the Yamanaka clan possesses various secret techniques and can detect the memory of the opponent, and can complement what Uchiha is good at. It should be the most suitable candidate for the position of deputy captain.
Danzo waved his hand and said lightly: “Don’t worry, you continue.”
Uchiha Ensho then continued, “We also hope that people from the Kurama clan to join in becoming a guard.”
“Everyone contributes to the village, and we are obliged to do that.”
Kurama Wuhe said immediately.
“Very good, now let me talk about another thing.”
Danzo swab the table and everyone were quiet.
Then, he looked at Akabane: “The Anbu Training Department has been reorganized into the Ninja Preparatory Department from today, which complements the Ninja School, and the research institute is also under the jurisdiction of the Ninja Preparatory Department.”
Akabane couldn’t help but suck in a cold breath since what he is hearing is very different from what he knows!
The previous root that he was troubled about turned into more problem! At most he was supposed to train a few team’s, but now they directly upgraded it to a university!
 Danzo ignored the expressions of others and continued: “The most fundamental purpose of the Ninja Reserve Department is to train and prepare ninjas and provide more mature ninjas for the Hokage, Anbu, and the Guard department. Do you know what I mean?”
“Yes, please continue!”
Uchiha Ensho looked shocked and then couldn’t help swallowing his saliva.
Ninja Preparation…
It doesn’t seem to be important, but if it can occupy the position of minister, Konoha’s backbone will be related to him in the next ten or twenty years.
“The head of the reserve department is temporarily held by Hokage-sama, Hatake Sagiki is the deputy’s head, and Orochimaru is the head of the research institute.”
Danzo talked about them one by one, and finally took a look at Akabane, “And last but not the least, Kurama Akabane will serve as a training instructor.”
Akabane was shocked.
Give me the most troublesome job?
His mind went blank, and he reacted after a few seconds, and quickly yelled: “With so many students, I am afraid that I will be exhausted from training them, no!”
Danzo looked over coldly but didn’t speak.
Uchiha Ensho couldn’t help but admire Akabane secretly, to dared to challenge Danzo, except for Hokage, Akabane was the only one!
After a second or two Jn silence, Danzo said indifferently: “The specific situation is arranged by yourself.”
“This also doesn’t work, I…”
Before Akabane had finished speaking, Danzo had already left, as he didn’t care about his opinion at all.
The matter was finalized anyway.
Uchiha Ensho bowed and said, “Patriarch Kurama, I also leave first.”
“Yes, the specific personnel who will become a guard, I will finalize after consultation within the clan, and let them report to the guard’s department the day after tomorrow.”
Kurama Wuhe nodded.
Subsequently, Uchiha Ensho also left.
Kurama Isamu was a little dumbfounded, obviously, he hadn’t been relieved from the shock, the patriarch coughed lightly, and then said: “Akaba, the position of the preparation department… you must not push it away, just think of it as a sacrifice for the family.
There is no doubt that the preparation department will be one of the most important departments in the village in the future.
You can get an important position like a trainer in the early stage, and you will get a qualification later, and when Hokage-sama retires, you can become the head of the preparation department no matter what.
That is the real power!
“I can’t help it anyway, haa~!”
Akabane was extremely distressed, and the leisure days seemed to be gone. He had to think about how to reduce the burden and let the spring breeze of quality education blow across the land of Konoha.
of course……
It is not the student who reduces the burden, but the teacher.
Kurama Wuhe was silent for a moment, and then he admonished Kurama Isamu: “As for you Isamu, you don’t have to worry too much. Our family is small, so you don’t need to care too much about the internal fighting in the department. Just do things honestly and you’ll be alright.”
“Yes, patriarch.”
Kurama Isamu sighed heavily.
There is only one thought in the hearts of both father and son—the pressure is great.

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