Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 167


Where there are people, there are rivers and lakes.
In the past, the guards’ departments have little to no problem because all of them were from a single clan. The Uchiha Clan.
But it’s different now.
The guard has more people, fish and dragons mixed in together, a power struggle is inevitable.
As far as Kurama Isamu is concerned, as long as he stays away from the waves, he will lose a Vice-Captain position at most, a trivial matter.
But Akabane position is difficult.
At the beginning of the game, Danzo had a word, and there were several high-level officials members on it, and he and Orochimaru were the only ones who are Genin——
Orochimaru is said to be the director of the research institute, but in fact, there is only Orochimaru in Konoha who is fanatical and focused on research. Which made him the only one in the Research Institute.
But Orochimaru didn’t care about this, so he didn’t bother to care about whether he had any subordinates under his hand, so he could do the experiment freely.
And he still needs to help Orochimaru with his research.

Early in the morning.
Akabane could not sleep at night.
After thinking about it all night, he still has to go to train to become strong, otherwise, he will be alone and won’t get any results if he gets bald.
Besides-I’m just a ninja trainee who has graduated for more than half a year. Why should I endure the pain that I shouldn’t have at this age?
“Young master, today…”
“Squatting today, leave me alone.”
Akabane let the clone enter the room to paint, while he sat at the door, watching the passing ninjas.
There are many ninjas who buy comics in Konoha. If he waits here, he may be able to catch a few ninjas who are enough to serve as teachers.
Kurama Yunlang didn’t understand what Akabane was going to do. He didn’t care about the size of the place, but there were too many comics that came all at once yesterday, and now they can’t fit on the bookshelf.
According to the plan, he wanted to put out some…
Akabane turned his head and saw his tangled expression. After thinking about it carefully, he understood: “Put a table and set it here.”
Kurama Yunlang moved out of the table.
Akabane sighed softly.
It would be great if he was a ninja, so diligent must be a very useful subordinate.
A small stall was set up. It’s still early. Most people are still doing morning classes and don’t have time to come over and buy comics.
Akabane sat for a while, got up to buy breakfast, and when he came back, there were already more people in front of the shop.
He doesn’t know most of them but it doesn’t prevent him from observing secretly and looking for someone to start with.
Before long, he noticed a person.
Nohara Cheng, his strength is not considered a good Chunin.
However, Akabane had seen his information scroll, and the other side concept was very strong.
At the same time, Chakra’s control and ninja control skills were very good. It was because of these that he survived the war and was promoted to become a Chunin.
Although the overall strength is not very strong, Akabane does not need those things.
“Uncle Nohara, are you here to buy comics for your kids again?”
Akabane went up to say hello cordially, smiling and full of enthusiasm.
“Yes, hey, my kids and I like your comics very much. We will definitely come and support it as soon as you update it.”
Nohara Cheng smiled honestly.
This man has no scheming, nor is he good at concealing his expression when he has something on his mind.
Akabane remained silent, chatted with him a few words, and then pulled him over to chat about his family.
The two both old and young, but they have a very pleasant chat.
Ten minutes later, Nohara Cheng revealed his thoughts.
“My job was taken over by the guards. I don’t know what the next arrangements will be… hais.”
The reorganization of the guard’s power affects not only the upper-level leaders but also the lower-level workers.
Nohara Cheng is one of them.
Akabane’s eyes lit up, but he was still calm on the surface, and asked like a junior: “What do you think?”
Nohara Cheng was slightly taken aback.
What thoughts could he have, a Chunin like him? If the Hokage wants to send him to war, he could only comply.
“Yes, your own opinion, what are your thoughts on work?”
Akabane nodded, but an idea suddenly appeared in his heart-this power change, there must be many ninjas like Nohara Cheng who are worried about their future.
Konoha is now under a distribution system, and he puts up a job advertisement by himself. Isn’t there going to be a flood of candidates?
What is there to worry about!
In an instant, Akabane eyes suddenly opened.
“My own thought huh, I definitely don’t want to leave the village.”
Nohara Cheng smiled bitterly.
“I have a position for you. Recently, not only the guards but the Anbu Training Department has also been reorganized into the Ninja Preparation Department. I would like to invite you to join the Ninja Preparation Department as a teacher of theoretical knowledge and practical ninja exercises.”
Akabane throws out the invitation letter at this time.
“Teacher of the Ninja Preparation Department… Me? Is it really possible!”
Nohara Cheng was shocked.
“Believe in yourself, you can.”
Akabane reached out and applauded.
“I… let me slow down, I’m a little dizzy.”
Nohara Cheng always felt that he was incompetent, and he never expected a position like a teacher, let alone the reorganized department of the Anbu Training Department!
“Go back and think about it, of course, if you really don’t want to, then I can’t force you.”
Akabane didn’t force it.
If there is a way, there will be people who come back.
“No, if I can, of course, it’s the best, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to do it.”
Nohara Cheng said anxiously, “I’m just a Chunin, and those students are the Anbu elite…”
“You misunderstood. The Preparation Department is responsible for accepting the fresh graduates of Ninja Academy. Our duty is to train the graduates to prepare for the war.”
Akabane suddenly arose.
No wonder the pressure on the other side was so high that it turned out to be a misunderstanding.
Well, looking back at the recruitment poster to illustrate this point.
“Huh? Of course, I would!”
Nohara Cheng was ecstatic, and with such a condition only a fool will be reluctant.
“That’s good.”
With this “application” experience, he now knows how to proceed next time.
At this moment, Akabane and Nohara were relieved at the same time.
When people relax, reading comics also has fun. Nohara Cheng simply opened the comics at the door and began to read.
When Nohara saw Gaara, his mood suddenly became heavy. After a long silence, he asked,
“What kind of country is the Sand Village?”
“It’s very barren and desolate. A large area of the country is covered by wind and sand and it is impossible to grow plants on it.”
Akabane said lightly.
“This country is terrible.”
Nohara Cheng sighed softly and closed the comics-one of his teammates died from the poison of Sand Shinobu.
In his eyes, Gaara is the epitome of the Sand Village.
Violent and extremely aggressive.
“Don’t read it, go back and tell your wife the good news!”
Nohara Cheng smiled hearing it.
He got up but stopped again, went back to Kurama Yunlang and bought a full set of comics of “Naruto”.
“Master, he…”
“Don’t mind him.”
Akabane shook his head.
Nohara Cheng’s direction is not his home, but the memorial monument.
All of these Chunin who came down from the battlefield have experienced life and death.
Although they are ordinary or a little afraid of death, when the real war comes, they will definitely go to the front line.
“I’ll go back to sleep and find my clone if you have something to ask.”
After solving his worries, Akabane’s laziness came up again, especially when he didn’t sleep well last night, now he just wants to have a good sleep.
“Uh, I’m afraid you can’t go.”
Kurama Yunlang saw a group of people not far away and felt a little bad.
Akabane glanced at it, and then quickly set up and escaped.
“Don’t run, grab him!”
Tsunade shouted.
Sakumo summoned his Nin-dog, and then let it followed, chasing in the direction of Akabane’s escape.
Behind them, there are Yewu, Shinnosuke, and Jiraiya.
The purpose of this group is obvious, that is to experience the Virtual Game of Akabane.
There are so many of them, let alone supplementing his sleep, Akabane has to put a lot of energy into creating Illusory Domain for them.
The most important thing is that he still gets no benefit.
So he doesn’t have a choice but to run!
Akabane sensed them and felt desperate.
In the same year, who can outrun Sakumo?
Not to mention that there is Shinsuke, that guy’s earth style is much better than himself.
So after sighing, he stopped and took the initiative to meet them and said: “Everyone, with so many of you, I can only let half of you enter, so who wants to go?”
Sakumo was stunned and didn’t understand what it meant.
The people behind hadn’t arrived yet, but after a while, Shinnosuke emerged from the ground and asked, “What does it mean only half?”
Everyone’s speed was about the same, and within a short while, all five of them arrived.
“Ahem, all of you want to play?”
Akabane looked at five of them.
Sakumo, Yewu, and Shinnosuke nodded, while Jiraiya and Tsunade said dumbly, “What are you talking about?”
“Um… it’s okay, it doesn’t matter.”
Akabane was stunned for a moment and hurriedly changed his words.
“No, no, I think there is something interesting going on, Sakumo, what is going on?”
Jiraiya also asked enthusiastically.
“What are you doing here?”
Sakumo felt it is very strange.
He thought that these two also knew Virtual game street fighting, so he came here with them halfway through the fun.
But it seems they both don’t know about it!
“I want to ask Akabane something.”
Tsunade said.
“Well, me too, but now I want to play too.”
I want it all.
Akabane glared at him, how could there be such a good thing!
He looked around for a while and said: “Today I am tired. I can only use the illusion for two people. You decide who will play and who will not.
Two people?
Shinnosuke immediately understood that this turned out to be half of the surrender…
“Well, as for Tsunade, let’s talk about your problem first.”
Akabane wanted to solve it with a single brain cell, so as not to wake up in the afternoon and be entangled again with her.
“Is there any way to improve my physical strength?”
Tsunade asked.
“Improve your physical strength?”
Everyone was stunned for a moment, with horror on their faces.
With your current strength, you still need to improve?
Akabane pondered for a moment and already guessed the reason why she is asking it. He did not say anything, but pondered for a while and answered: “The power of the human body is very complicated, and I don’t know this aspect…Orochimaru is studying that thing recently, maybe you can ask him. .”
“Orochimaru? Okay, I’ll go find him.”
After saying that Tsunade was about to run to find Orochimaru but stopped when she heard Akabane.
During this period of time, Orochimaru will be in his laboratory so Tsunade can find him with her head covered.
Therefore, Akabane said to her, “Orochimaru’s current laboratory is located in Anbu.
“Where can I find it?”
“This… can you take me there later?”
Tsunade hesitated for a moment and asked.
“This…well, I’ll send a clone later.”
Akabane couldn’t refuse, so he could only think of a good plan for everyone.
So Tsunade sat down under the tree on the side of the road waiting for Akabane to finish.

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