Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 168


“We don’t know who our opponents will be, so we will let Sakumo and Ye Wu don’t first this time.”
[TL/n: Ye Wu is Moonlight Night Dance name if you forgot. Also, she is a girl, not a boy]
After a minute of debating, the four reach a consensus on who would play first.
Sakumo and Ye Wu approached Will with an expression of expectation.
“Who do you two want to fight?”
Akabane simply asked everyone to sit down in the woods, before he took their consciousness to the Illusory World.
“Zoro who used three sword styles!”
Ye Wu who was so eager excitedly exclaimed, even doing Zoro stance when he used his Onigiri.
Akabane and Sakumo looked at her with a speechless expression.
“Hahahaha, Yewu, you too…”
Jiraiya also laughed, including Tsunade and Shinnosuke.
Although they were loyal fans of Zoro, yelling its technique name and even doing its posture is too embarrassing for them!
Ye Wu hearing their laughter have her face beet red from embarrassment, she stared at them but did not speak.
When reading the comics, she felt that Zoro was very handsome, especially since she is also a sword user. But she didn’t think she would pose as Zoro from excitement!
‘How Embarrassing!’
“Don’t be like that and give her some face, we’re still young so it’s not that bad.”
As soon as Akabane spoke, the audience was silent.
Ye Wu glared at him even more respectfully when she heard his words. You laughed the happiest among the group.
Are you qualified to say this?
“Since you’re ready, I will start the Illusion!”
He bitterly changed the subject, and it was noon already, let alone going back to eat dinner, he can’t even do training anymore.
Akabane’s made a hand sign.
Since the two are so excited, then he should give them something, for example, Zoro’s ultimate attack the Three Thousand Worlds, right?
Although he doesn’t know the sword technique, but he doesn’t actually need to understand it in the illusion, as long as he can create that effect with the help of illusion it’s acceptable.
With their current strength, it is indeed too much for them to face Zoro’s Ultimate move.
But since there is no pain since it’s just an Illusion it’s fine to harassed them a little for disturbing him.
“Let’s go in and watch them get beaten.”
Jiraiya also said gleefully.
Based on his knowledge of Akabane, Sakumo and Ye Wu must be beaten to death.
This guy is very vengeful and has a dark belly.
Akabane pulls everyone into the illusion.
Jiraiya and Shinnosuke have a room, and Tsunade has a separate private room, and the screen in front of them is divided into two, one is the battle between Sakumo and Zoro, and the other is Ye Wu and Zoro.
“HP, anger bar…”
Accustomed to the various settings in the illusion, the two people who were keen to watch the battle did not feel abrupt, and the words on the side instantly understood the meaning.
The characters in the comics appear in the form of illusions, which is a new kind of game with a sense of touch.
Shinnosuke’s eyes lit up, and he wondered who he should fight if he had a chance in the future.
After thinking for a moment, he made a decision.
He is interested in many characters in the comics, but if he really wants to say who he wants to fight, it must be the Third Hokage.
The Third Hokage is his father, but he is also the goal he desires most to surpass.
Just thinking about it, the battle in the image has already begun.
Sakumo has experience in fighting Zoro’s Three-Sword Style, and today he seems calm and orderly.
But Ye Wu is different.
As soon as the battle started, she was directly bombarded with Zoro’s attack, and it’s only when she used Substitution Jutsu that she finally got to attack her opponent!
“Crescent Moon Dance!”
The assassination swordsmanship that confuses the avatar and finds the flaws in the real body can often achieve a fatal blow with the combination of thorough escape.
She didn’t notice that the blue bar on Zoro’s head was also full.
Three swords cut the clone as he swung his swords, but it didn’t hit Ye Wu’s real body and that made “Zoro” stunned for a moment, and in the next second, he only saw a figure coming from his blind spot.
With a sword hitting him, his blood flow.
Although “Zoro” avoided being hit on his key parts, and the green strip on top of his head quickly halved, but at the same time he swung his swords
The sword wind whistled, blasting the visible Ye Wu into the sky, and the frantic sword energy continued raging, and for a moment, Ye Wu’s body got shredded by the wind blades in the tornado!
Even though Ye Wu struggled to escape, even using her double sword technique, instantaneous technique, etc. to the extreme, she could still not escape her fate of being killed.
Half a minute, Ye Wu died miserably!
Tsunade was a little uninterested at first, but when she saw this scene, she couldn’t help but spit out, “You set Ye Wu’s HP too low, right?”
“Don’t blame me for it, her HP is really low, I didn’t do anything to it.”
Akabane transformed into his human form in the illusion and then lit up the surroundings.
Then he pulled Tsunade to another Ilusion different from where the others are watching the fight.
“You want to improve yourself, is it because there is a problem with the Sage Mode of the wet bone forest?”
“Yes, the immortal slug said that the natural energy of the wet bone forest is full of corrosive chakras, and you must have a strong physique to counter it, otherwise your body will be corroded when absorbing natural energy.”
Tsunade nodded and explained.
“So it’s like this…”
Akabane mumbled and think for a while.
If this is the case, no wonder no one can train the Sage Mode of the Wet Bone Forest afterwards.
“You have a lot of spooky ideas, and you have a set of moves in the comics. Can you think of a solution?”
Tsunade asked since she really wanted to master the Sage Mode.
Akabane was also thinking.
Is it possible to fight against corrosion, including Creation Rebirth?
[TL/n: If you want to know more about the said jutsu here is its full name: Ninja Art: Mitotic Regeneration: One Hundred Healings]
But Creation Rebirth is a forbidden technique. It is very powerful, but it will damage the user’s life.
Tsunade didn’t have the strong vitality of Senju Hashirama, and she might need to use half her life force just to active the Sage Mode.
So it’s not worth it, but it’s the only solution.
In the process of technical research, Tsunade will definitely understand this.
She chooses what to do then.
Akabane hesitated for a long time and said: “The human body is very complicated. When I draw comics, it is just a fantasy. I really have to say that the principle is not real at all. If you really want to develop in this area, you can try to master the ability of treatment first.”
Tsunade was taken aback for a moment.
“Yes, it is said that during the period of Sage of Six-Paths, the ninja had the ability to heal others. This kind of healing ability has now been lost. If you can find a cure for Ninjutsu, there may be a way.”
Creation Rebirth is Medical-Ninjutsu Forbidden Jutsu. If she wants to develop it, she must first get Medical-Ninjutsu.
When Tsunade reaches the level of development and regeneration, she will naturally consider whether to study the Sage Mode or not.
Tsunade fell into deep thought.
The ability to heal.
She thought for a long time and then asked: “My grandpa’s body can recover quickly as long as he is injured. That should be the ability to heal?”
“I haven’t met the First Hokage, but I personally guess…maybe it is.”
The ability of First-Kage is, in the final analysis, was said to be a Sage Body, but Tsunade must always be given some hope.
So Akabane chose to lie.
“Cure, indeed, if you can continue to heal yourself, even the corrosive effect can be resisted, but I remember that Katsuyu-sama ability is also a cure… It seems that treatment in the ordinary sense has no effect.”
Tsunade thought for a long time and gradually got a direction in her heart.
“That’s all I can give you. In addition, since you want to develop healing ninjutsu, perhaps you can report it to the Third Hokage like Orochimaru so the Institute can give you some support.”
Akabane continued.
Tsunade’s eyes lit up.
Although the Senju Clan are not short of money, an institute supporting her is still always welcome.
This is the benefit of taking it for nothing, don’t do it for nothing.
If she has money, she can go to the casino to play longer.
“Well, once there is medical ninjutsu, the strength of our Ninja Village can be improved a lot, and you can definitely apply for a lot of help.”
Akabane nodded, but then added, “But you have to have enough complete suggestions and ideas to convince the Third Hokage to grant you funding, otherwise if you apply for funding when you don’t have yet an idea, then the Village will go bankrupt.”
 “I understand.”
Tsunade nodded and began to ponder the problem of medical ninjutsu.
At this time, Akabane’s phantom shape had disappeared.
Because on the screen, the battle between Sakumo and Zoro is nearing its end.
Zoro’s health bar was only a quarter left.
Compared with yesterday, Sakumo’s dual swords are more natural, and the coordination of hid dual swords are also shown. With the addition of Chidori Blade, Chidori Flow and other ninjutsu, even if Zoro has three swords, he only has a partial ability of his true self. So he obviously unable to cope with these offensives.
“Ye Wu, you die too fast, look at Sakumo…”
As Jiraiya said that, he also pointed at the other screen, where Ye Wu’s corpse was shown.
Ye Wu hearing Jiraiya just ignored him.
How does she know that the other party can also send a tornado full of blade slash?
Besides, she only thought of Onigiri in her mind, she didn’t expect such a sword technique at all.
“It’s not right, when Zoro’s blue bar was full, he used the tornadoes on Ye Wu. But Sakumos’ opponent didn’t use it at all.”
Shinnosuke felt that something was wrong.”
“Eh, that’s right, don’t tell me Akabane played a trick on me?”
Ye Wu stood up and looked closer, pointing to the top of Zoro’s head and they exclaimed in surprise, “Why there are three blue dots under the blue strip on top of his head…”
Just as her word fell…
On the screen, a line suddenly jumped out——
“Three Sword Style Secret Technique: Three Thousand Worlds”
In the next second, the whole screen was full of Zoro’s spinning Swords, his eyes sharp as a sword, and he was extremely handsome.
“What kind of swordsmanship is this?”
Ye Wu swishes in front of the screen, not daring to blink, for fear of missing the wonderful shot.
Then, Zoro attack with a flash!
A shadow flew by, and Sakumo fell to the ground in the next second.
Huge subtitles popped up, and then the illusion collapsed.
Jiraiya was also stunned. He didn’t speak for a long time, and then asked confused, “What just happened?”
“It seems… he was killed by one move.”
Shinnosuke was a little uncertain, he didn’t see the situation clearly, because of Ye Wu who was blocking the screen, and the guy was too fast.
“I blocked two swords, and the third cut my throat.”
Sakumo said after he appeared as he clutched his throat.
With five real senses, he deeply felt the fear of death.
This Technique is too strong!
Ye Wu took a deep breath: “I have decided, I want to study this sword technique!”
Tsunade glanced at her, then slapped her back mercilessly, “are you still daydreaming?”
Jiraiya and Shinnosuke are also very unoptimistic.
With your body, one sword is enough for you to use in a lifetime, but now you want three swords?
“Actually, in my setting, Zoro is not only a master of three sword style, but he can also even do one and two-sword style., I will draw one for you to see later.”
Akabane patted her on the shoulder for comfort.
His tone seemed to comfort a child.
“Damn it, don’t underestimate me, although I don’t know how to do three swords, but I have ninjutsu!”
Ye Wu was furious.
“Okay, I didn’t sleep well last night. So I will go back first to sleep. What should you do? Also, don’t come to me in a few days. Everyone is underage, so better do it in consideration.”
Akabane patted his trousers. He had just sat on the ground and got some weeds, but it didn’t get in the way. He had to wash it anyway.
“Che! Your just lazy!”
Ye Wu mocked as she held her sword and left with Shinnosuke.
Shinnosuke simply came to join in the fun, but Jiraiya was not. As a result, it was obvious that his opinion was ignored.
“You still stay here, what’s the matter?”
Tsunade stared at him.
“No, I’m fine, just join in the fun.”
Jiraiya come to Akabane to learn some skills for creating a better story especially in erotic scene, but when Tsunade’s eyes were directed at him, he instantly retreated.
Well done!
Akabane praised in his heart, and after Jiraiya left, he summoned a shadow clone to lead Tsunade and went back to sleep peacefully.

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