Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 169


“The report of Chunin Exams this time has been transmitted from Hidden Sand Village. You can check it out.”
In the Conference Hall.
The group gathered for another meeting.
The difference is that in this meeting, not only the Third Hokage, Danzo and the two elders, but also Uchiha Yuan was present.
Hiruzen passed on the report.
The four were divided into two volumes, and after reading them, they exchanged the two copies with each other.
After looking at it, each of them have their own opinions.
“We discussed it before. I think we can follow the advice of their team leader Hatake Sagiki, and promote Kurama Akabane, Orochimaru and Sakumo Hatake to become a Chunin. They performed very well in this exam.”
Mitokado Homura said.
“According to the report feedback from the Sand Village, the performance of the three of them is very good. There is no problem in promoting them to become Chunin, but in fact, Shinnosuke’s performance is also very good. He played the role of the captain in the battle. It’s a completely due responsibility to maximize the strength of teammates. I suggest adding Sarutobi Shinnosuke to the promotion list.”
Utatane Koharus opinion is roughly the same as that of Mitokado Homura, except for an additional name of Sarutobi Shinnosuke.
Hiruzen with an indifferent expression was looking at Danzo and Uchiha Yuan.
Danzo pondered for a moment and said, “I have no objection. In addition, I applied to transfer Mitarashi Murasaki to the Anbu. His abilities are more comprehensive and his mind is very flexible, so he is more suitable for Anbu’s operations.”
“I have no objection.”
Hiruzen agreed.
Danzo will be busy next, and there is no time to bring his students with him, plus two in his team will be promoted so the team will only survive in name only.
Mitarashi Murasaki is good, but he is weaker than Akabane and Sakumo.
Therefore, going to Anbu is indeed the best arrangement for him.
“Shin Yūhi has a high innate talent in sense and Genjutsu, I hope he can join the guard department.”
Uchiha Yuan said.
“I have no problem here. You can ask Shin Yūhi for his opinion, but what I want to focus on here is whether to promote Kurama Akabane as a Special Jonin.”
Hiruzen said lightly.
Mitokado Homura, Utatane Koharu glance at each other, hesitate for a while and say: “Isn’t it too soon?”
Even if it is only a special jonin, it belongs to a higher ninja rank in the village.
“Yuan, what do you think?”
Hiruzen did not go to consult Danzo. After all, Danzo is Akabane’s teacher, so he has to avoid suspicion in this regard.
On the other hand, he would like to hear Uchiha Yuan’s opinion.
“I am not familiar with Kurama Akabane, but judging from his usual style, this person needs to be forced.”
Uchiha Yuan said.
Hiruzen ignored the first half of his bullshit. But when he heard the second half, he smiled slightly and asked, “Two elders, what do you think?”
“If you only talk about his performance in the Chunin examination, he is indeed not qualified to be promoted, especially as a Special Jonin.”
“However, there was a proposal from the Ninja Preparation Department before that Akabane wanted to become a training instructor. But only a Special Jonin is really qualified for the position. And because of his illusion skills, I think he can be promoted as an exception.”
The two consultants were in a tacit understanding, they sang and changed their voices instantly.
As for Danzo, he was not surprised at all.
There was more than one report sent back from Sand Village, as well as records of Akabane and Orochimaru hunting and killing people from other villages, but unfortunately, he detained all these reports.
Hiruzen of course knew about it, but he was not merciful to outsiders.
“Then it’s decided, implement the news and materials as soon as possible, and send the news in the afternoon.”
As the first Chunin exam after the war, everyone took it seriously.
In the afternoon, the news was posted.
Akabane just made up his mind and did the job fair copywriting for a few days at home. As a result, Kurama Isamu hurried home and shouted from below: “Akaba, come down, let’s go to the Hokage Building.”
“what’s the situation?”
Akabane is now like a frightened bird.
Whenever they mentioned the Hokage Building, he felt that the Third Hokage would find something for him to do.
“The results of the Chunin exam have come out. And the Third Hokage has ordered you to attend the promotion ceremony.”
Kurama Isamu shouted.
Is it so simple?
Akabane was suspicious, he went out and saw his father look ecstatic.
Obviously, something is wrong.
“You have been promoted to become a Special Jonin!”
Kurama Isamu exclaimed excitedly.
He himself is also a ninja, but his child was only thirteen years younger, and he was already promoted to as a special jonin! How could he not be happy!
Akabane was shocked.
It is too much to take him directly from Genin to Special-Jonin!
He was stunned for a moment, and then asked, “Apart from me, who else become a special jonin?”
“Only you, Orochimaru and Sakumo are just Chunin.”
Kurama Isamu is very proud.
His own son is so good, of course, he is qualified to be proud.
The most important thing is that people in Konoha will know from now on that, in addition to manga, Akabane is undoubtedly a genius!
“When I go out in the future, I can say proudly—I am Akabane’s father!”
“No, it’s not a good thing.”
Akabane’s expression was dumb.
He is only 12 years old but he is already a special jonin!
Isn’t he going to attract unwanted attention because of it!?
How could he still stay low key after this!?
“Walk around faster or the Third Hokage will have to wait a long time if we continue at your pace.”
Kurama Isamu couldn’t help but say, as he pulled Akabane and left.
There is no way but to keep up.
Passing by the comic shop, he saw Izumi Yamano’s transportation team arrive.
It seems his clone forgot to create an advertisement for the new chapters.
As Akabane looked up.
He saw the awkward banner that was most likely created by Kurama’s Yunlang’s, but compared to before, at least some fancy propaganda was used, which was not bad.
There is no time to deal with these now, so he can only let him do it himself.
All the way to the Hokage Building.
Kurama Isamu stopped, and a piece of paper was pasted in front of the gate on the first floor not far away, and a group of people was also there waiting.
Akabane looked around for a while, and then saw Orochimaru that was brought by an Anbu ninja.
He also looked upset.
Orochimaru looked up and suddenly said in surprise: “I didn’t expect you to arrive earlier than me. Do you know why the teacher called us?”
Konoha Chunin’s promotion is actually very simple, that is, the Hokage will hand an exchanged attire and headband for them, and then distribute a book like the “Chunin Code” for them to recite and remember.
That’s it.
So Orochimaru, who heard the reason, narrowed his eyes, and the Anbu Ninja immediately grabbed him.
“Orochimaru, Chunin promotion is very important, you must be there!”
“Tell the teacher that I can’t attend it since my experiment is very important.”
Orochimaru said in a hoarse voice.
But the Anbu pressed him tightly, not letting him let go.
It can be seen that Orochimaru has recently been addicted to his research and cannot extricate himself from it. It is estimated that he rarely comes out of his laboratory. Therefore, the original white skin is even paler.
Before long, Sakumo also arrived.
“go in.”
No one dared to make a fuss anymore when the Hatake Sagiki said that coldly.
Kurama Isamu looked at him admiringly.
The head of the Hatake family really had a strong aura, and the three brats did not dare to resist.
When the three of them entered the Hokage Building, Sakumo couldn’t help asking, “Orochimaru, how many days have you not slept?”
Those dark circles were as thick as makeup.
Orochimaru tilted his head, thinking for a long time, and said: “It seems to be three days… no, it seems to be four or five days. I can’t remember.”
I have been in the laboratory, so how can I know how long it has been outside?
“What are you doing so hard? Pay attention to the combination of work and rest.”
Alabama said caringly, well, it’s also his fault why Orochimaru is like that since he was the one who gave him the work.
“Because it’s very interesting, I can study the unknown every day, and discover the areas I don’t understand every day…”
Orochimaru said happily.
However, his spirit is indeed was very poor, Sakumo can clearly feel that he is approaching his limit, no wonder the Anbu pulled him over.
If they don’t bring him out, I’m afraid he will faint in the laboratory.
“Then let’s hurry so we can finish this early and go to rest early.”
Akabane glanced at Orochimaru, then walked to the front first and went upstairs.
It’s not their first time coming to the Hokage office. So there was no need for someone to lead the way. 
And as the three of them entered the office consecutively, they saw three sets of brand new ninja costumes inside.
And the Third Hokage was sorting out the information, and when he saw the three of them coming in, he was taken aback.
The mental state of Orochimaru…
“Lord Hokage, let’s start quickly, and end it early so he can rest early.”
Akabane reminded.
“I’m fine, I’m still very energetic.”
Orochimaru didn’t think he should rest, he looked like someone who was drunk.
The Third Hokage sighed helplessly.
He had learned a little about the current situation of his disciple, but after getting busy, he always forgot to take further care of him. He didn’t even know the other party hadn’t rested for so long.
“Let’s get started, first of all, Akabane, the report sent by the Sand Village, you can read it.”
Hiruzen threw the information over angrily.
Akabane picked it up and glanced at it, and he suddenly feels a little embarrassed——
It says something about a Yugakure Ninja, and more than that, they found a lot of Sand Ninja corpses on the road. After repeated identification, it was roughly judged that they died due to Genjutsu.
This is Hidden Sand Village’s survey on Akabane.
Hiruzen took a deep breath on his pipe and after an exhale, he asked, “What do you think?”
“Hokage-sama, Hidden Sand Village is deliberately taking revenge, please don’t blame me.”
Akabane pushed the data back quietly.
This information has no reference value. The whole article is just speculation and reasoning, but there is no other meaning when Hidden Sand Village sent it. It is simply offending them.
“Well, for the time being, Orochimaru, this is your information.”
Hiruzen threw another copy.
There is nothing written about Orochimaru in there, or even about Konoha. It just said that someone sneaked into the examination room and looted the rest of Ninjutsu in Sand Village.
However, since it was sent to Konoha, Hidden Sand obviously suspected that it was the doing Konoha.
Although others don’t know about it, Danzo and Hiruzen can see through it.
This is what Orochimaru doing!
“Teacher, I don’t know about it.”
Orochimaru simply denied it and didn’t bother to explain it. He knows that they already know it so whether he confessed or not, nothing will change so he didn’t bother explaining himself.
Sakumo on the other hand just stood still, as if he was not curious about it.
“In view of your performance, I discussed with the elders and decided that Kurama Akabane will be promoted as a special jonin, and Orochimaru and Sakumo Hatake will be promoted as Chunin.”
After Hiruzen finished speaking, he passed the clothes on the table one by one.
Akabane understood.
The two pieces of information just now we’re just bait, the real purpose is to get them to accept their fate and take over the ninja suit——
The higher the position, the greater the responsibility!

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