Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 170


Special-Jonin attire and Chunin are the same, the difference is only in position and title.
If you are promoted to Jonin, you can be the teacher who leads the team, but after the reorganization of the ninja reserve department, do you still need to lead the team?
If he thinks about it carefully, it seems the same to him.
Regardless of whether he wants it or not, he has to take the group of newly graduated Genins, and it doesn’t seem to make much difference.
After thinking about it this way, he suddenly understood why he had to give this Special-Jonin position.
It’s because they want him to become a training instructor!
“One after another, these old foxes….”
Akabane was in a complicated mood and could only accept the result in silence.
“Does Chunin need a mission?”
Orochimaru focuses on different points. He has been busy with research recently, and he doesn’t want to be transferred out for a task inexplicably.
Since the laboratory has moved from the dark part to the bright part, he speaks and acts much more directly.
“If you can make enough contributions, you don’t have to do the task.”
Hiruzen said lightly.
He also has a headache.
Among the three, Sakumo is more obedient, and the other two have major problems that are difficult to deal with. Orochimaru didn’t know it before. But now he is addicted to research and can’t help himself. He doesn’t even sleep.
Orochimaru muttered and asked for a moment: “I recently researched out an equipment like in the comic, is it counted as a contribution?”
“Of course, as long as you have research results, you can enjoy privileges.”
Hiruzen explained.
“So, my misty mirage is also counted?”
Akabane’s eyes lit up.
As long as the ability of the Mist Mirage is used well, it is very useful for Hidden Mist enemies, and the contribution is certainly not small.
Third Hokage’s movement of holding the cigarette pupe is slightly stagnant, this child is really permeable, and he can see stitches everywhere.
He was reluctant, but he could only nod his head and said, “Yes.”
Hiruzen is ready for Akabane to be unable to apply for the task, but…
“I hope to apply for an assistant to help me with the training work.”
Akabane said.
Hiruzen sat down, pondered for a moment and asked, “Who do you want to hire?”
“Shimi Nara .”
Akabane immediately thinks of Shimi. Although that kid is a bit lazy, his ability and punctuality are very commendable. He is the best candidate for an assistant.
“Shimi is still a Genin, so don’t bother him.”
Hiruzen said angrily.
“Well, what about Shin Yūhi?”
Akabane retreated to second place.
Although Shin Yūhi ability to handle things is slightly weaker, but his comprehensive ability is stronger. In addition, he has a Genjutsu innate talent. If he can train him, In the future, Shin can train some ninjas who have a talent for illusion without his supervision! Isn’t it a good choice!?
“Shin Yuhi…”
Hiruzen hearing the name hold his head from another headache.
Because Uchiha also hopes to get Shin Yūhi, and he also thinks that Shin Yūhi illusion talent, perception and reconnaissance ability is very suitable for the guard’s departments, and in the future can be used as Hokage’s guards in the future.
Therefore, from the bottom of his heart, he is not willing to give Shin Yūhi to Akabane as an assistant.
That’s too much of waste on lazy Akabane.
“Or not?”
Akabane was a little uncomfortable, but he was relieved after thinking about it.
Shin Yūhi will be in the team with Shinnosuke and Ye Wu. It can be seen that the higher up is very positive about his talent and ability.
It was a bit too much to let genius give him a hand…
If the requirements cannot be met, the following requirements are easier to meet.
Akabane pretended to be embarrassed and said: “But the Early-Stage of the Reserve Department needs manpower, and I am the only one who is really in a difficult position. Then how about this. Nara Shimi, Akamichi Kazue, and Yamanaka Take are all Genin, which happens to be training in the Reserve Department. At the same time, let Nara Shimi be the Squad Leader of the session to help me.”
“Squad leader?”
Hiruzen froze for a few seconds, and after careful consideration, he roughly understood what Akabane meant.
This is really a good idea!
Good boy, it seems your not called Akabane for no reason.
He took a deep breath on his pipe, and in the end, he could only silently nodded: “Yes, I will trouble you to deal with matters in the preparation department.”
“It’s okay, anyway. It’s not just me, Orochimaru can also do it well.”
Akabane said with a smile.
Orochimaru pointed at himself with a look of doubt.
What does it have to do with him?
As his teammate, Sakumo knows that Akabane was planning something.
Akabane is just messing up and want to throw the pot at Orochimaru and relieves himself.
of course……
It’s okay to just throw the pot away. The point is that Akabane will always have a series of ideas that people cannot refuse.
“We have decided to bring the research institute under the preparatory department, and you will serve as the director.”
Hiruzen explained.
Orochimaru was stunned for a moment, unexpectedly he still had a job.
But thinking about it, Konoha really doesn’t have any researcher, he is the only one who is obsessed with it, so he is the only one in the institute.
Oh yes, Tsunade was added recently.
“Ninjutsu research is the primary productive force, and if we noticed a Genin who have a research talent we will transfer them to you. With this kind of Genin, I hope the research institute can prepare adequate training for them.”
Sure enough…
Sakumo was not surprised at all, and at the same time, he felt a little bit bad. Looking at Akabane’s handwork, he might not escape the clutches of his teammate.
“Um, yes.”
Hiruzen thought about it carefully but didn’t find any problems.
Some ninjas are indeed more suitable for studying ninjutsu than going on the battlefield and doing missions.
Akabane’s consideration is very correct.
Orochimaru felt very uncomfortable because he has more work.
“By the way, the dojo in Sakumo’s home is very interesting. I think the preparation department can set up a dojo for teaching…”
Akabane continued to exert his strength.
But this time, Hiruzen coughed and interrupted before he finished speaking:
“Akabane, things have to be done step by step. Genins didn’t have to learn too much and their energy is limited. Don’t increase them any more. Or they will feel burdened with it.”
“My lord, you can’t say that. You sweat more in peacetime, you bleed less in wartime, that’s they need to learn more.”
“For the time being, let’s postponed the thing about the dojo, and focus first on build up their foundations.”
Hiruzen has a headache.
With this first course, how can there be that many ninjas that can be fully developed?
Akabane on the other hand felt sorry for the Genin.
The inability to implement advanced quality education is definitely a big loss for Konoha.
At the same time, Sakumo breathed a sigh of relief.
If the dojo Akabane suggesting is to be completed, he won’t be needed at that time!
Since he didn’t even yet perfected his Twin Blade Technique, so how can he help Akabane share the work of teaching students.
“As for you Sakumo…for the time being, I don’t have in mind yet, so let’s talk about it later and then determine where you are going.”
As Hiruzen finished speaking, he handed the booklet that was in his hand.
“Chunin Code”, above it is written with Chunin’s duties and regulations.
After handing these, he waved his hand to indicate that they could get out.
Coming out of the office, Orochimaru said with a grimace: “You know that I am busy enough, so how can you dump work on me, is it interesting?”
“Ah, it’s for cultivating the next generation for Konoha. Everyone contributes to it. Besides, if you train a few assistants, you can relax yourself.”
“No, I have a clone and a snake.”
Orochimaru answered badly.
Although there is finally a research institute, the result may be a lot of burden in the future…
“The clone will put a considerable load on your body, and it is a good choice to train an assistant.”
Sakumo agrees.
Akabane continued to add: “The research institute cannot be a general without an army. This step will leave sooner or later. Instead of waiting for others to come in, it is better to train them yourself. And the result will be after you trained the first Batched, the upcoming batch can be trained by the first batch without you doing it again. Isn’t that better?”
“Um… it makes sense.”
Orochimaru pondered for a moment as if it really was like this.
The research institute is so big that it is impossible to be only used by few people like him or Tsunade. Sooner or later, the village will force some people in. So what Akabane said is also true.
Leaving the office building, they saw a group of people waiting.
Many of these are villagers, and some are newly promoted Genin or children who have not graduated.
“Don’t surround this place just because of promotion! ” Naruto” has been updated just now. Isn’t the comics better than the announcement?”
Akabane looked at the crowd and called out loudly.
Can this also be called an advertisement?
Orochimaru was shocked, and thought, he really has talent in the advertising industry.
“Akaba, is it true that the ‘Naruto’ has been updated?”
“It seems what he said is really true! On the way, I seemed to see Yunlang hanging up a banner.”
In an instant, the crowd become excited!
“Today’s update from Chapter 61 to Chapter 65, we are about to enter the exciting plot, you can pay more attention to it.”
Without changing his face, Akabane continued to shout.
Kurama Yunlang’s awareness of propaganda is really low. The banners he hung up on today are in the format of “UC Shock Department”.
But it’s still useful, as many children immediately went to the comic shop.
These children may not be able to afford them all, but when new updates come out, the old ones can rent, so it is a boon for all children.
“Naruto…It seems that I haven’t read this comic for a long time.”
Sakumo originally wanted to go back to train, but after thinking about it, he went to the comic shop with Akabane.
“Orochimaru, go home and sleep.”
Akabane berated.
This immortal face made people very worried when they saw it.
“I’m okay.”
Orochimaru firmly stated that he was awake, but in fact, he walked in a shaky state.
Sakumo and Akabane looked at each other and sighed silently.
Nothing to say, just knocked him out.
“I asked the clone to send him back.”
Knowing that Akabane’s “clone” was lacking in skill, Sakumo took the initiative to separate the shadow clone and asked him to send the unconscious Orochimaru home.
Orochimaru’s home is not far away, and it’s only a short distance to send him there.
Akabane and Sakumo main body went to the comic shop together. Sakumo didn’t mention the challenge of “Zoro”, and I guess he didn’t feel confident.
After experiencing Zoro’s ultimate move, he thought of a move to counter it but until today, he can’t think of how. So he didn’t feel confident fighting Zoro until he thought of a way to counter the move.
Together with Akabane, he wanted to ask about this trick, but he didn’t even speak until they reach the shop.
Going to the Comic Shop, Akabane, as usual, rested for a while.
The last time Sakumo read it, it was the 50th chapters, there were many plots in the middle that he didn’t read yet, so Kurama Yunlang took out the previous comic book, and after paying the money, each minding their own business Sakumo began reading it.
He was taken aback by the plot of Orochimaru, but he looked over quickly.
It wasn’t until Gaara came out that his reading speed slowed down.
“The ability to control sand… is different from Zack, is it the ability of a Tailed Beast?”
Sakumo secretly thought in his heart.
He wanted to fight against Zack very much before, but because Sand Village took the initiative to retreat, he didn’t succeed in fighting Zack. It was a pity that he returned to the village after the exam finished.
Because of this, he also made some understanding of the situation in Sand Village, including the ability of One-Tailed Beast Shukaku.

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