Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 171


Sakumo slightly frowned.
Hidden Sand Village values Jinchuriki very much. This generation of Jinchuriki is still unknown and has never even appeared in the public eye of Hidden Sand Village.
Will this kind of village let Jinchuriki come out to participate in Chunin Exams?
What a joke!
But he knows that the comics are not just made up by Akabane, Sakumo thought about it for a long time, keenly feeling that there is something wrong here.
However, there is no clue in this plot, it just makes people think Gaara is very cruel and bloodthirsty, and the rest is nothing.
By the sixtieth chapter, Kabuto appeared again.
And in the last panel page, Kabuto warned team 7.
After reading this…
Sakumo pointed to the illustration of Kabuto and asked, “Is he a minion of Orochimaru?”
“Have you read the plot behind?”
Kurama Yunlang asked as he was a little surprised.
Sakumo shook the latest ‘Naruto’ book in his hand. He hadn’t started to read today’s update yet, and he didn’t know the plot behind it.
However, from the current plot, the clues are obvious enough.
Akabane, hearing him, didn’t say anything as he just smiled.
Sakumo closed chapter 60th book and opened the next chapter, which is the updated plot sent today.
Seeing the next words, he became more sure of his guess.
Kabuto is the spy of Orochimaru!
But there is still doubt in his heart. Hidden Sand Village let Jinchuriki out to participate in Chunin Exams?
How can that be so simple!
Reading the flashback, the story of Kabuto and Orochimaru walking together appeared.
“Sure enough… But, just for Uchiha Sasuke?”
Sakumo meditated, he completely swapped himself into the plot, not just the reader.
And he tried to speculate about the role and purpose planned by Orochimaru and Kabuto.
Unfortunately, there are too few clues.
He only felt that these two characters were involved in a long plot in the story, but he couldn’t guess what kind of plot it was.
Seeing the scene where Kabuto chose to abstain, he was even more certain about his guess.
“It feels that something big will happen in the Chunin exam, and I feel that the next plot will be…very explosive.”
Sakumo paused for a moment as he chose the wording fit for it! and after saying it, he closed the comic.
Akabane admired it very much.
When he read the comics in his previous life, he would not be so serious about guessing the characters in the plot, but more about how they painted this, how they express the emotions of the characters and so on.
“A Major Event will happen in the Chunin exam? Why? Is it because of the Adult Orochimaru?”
A kid who was about to buy comics looked up and asked.
The child is about five or six years old, but he can already understand the patterns and words on it.
From what he wears, he should be of civilian origin.
Sakumo gently touched his hair and said, “Perhaps it is Orochimaru, or it may be Sand Village.”
“Don’t understand.”
The child shook his head.
He is so young and only knows how to read comics, but he doesn’t know so many things.
Don’t talk about him, even Kurama Yunlang is at a loss——
As the manager of the shop, he may not be as familiar with the follow-up of the comics as Sakumo.
“You are really amazing.”
Akabane sighed and praised him sincerely, that intelligence analysis is also a course of ninja knowledge, and Sakumo’s ability on this is almost full.
“It’s just an analysis based on the actual situation. If the content of your painting is not relevant to the reality, I have no way to guess.”
Sakumo said as he opened the One Piece comic next.
Like the story of One Piece, he dare not say that he can guess the next story because this is a completely unfamiliar system, a fantasy world.
He reads one piece comics.
Then after reading for a while, he finally saw Zoro using his Oni Giri style on his opponents.
When he saw the scene of the Oni Giri, he couldn’t help but ask about Zoro’s move that defeated him in their last battle…
“This is the first move I encountered when we fought for the first time, but what was the move he used yesterday?”
“Confidentiality, it will appear later.”
Akabane smiled.
This is one of the strongest secrets in Zoro’s Three Swords Style. Since the plot was not yet where Zoro used that move, many of them are waiting for it to appear.
Sakumo paused when he said that and added, “About Ye Wu, she really went to practice it as she said. Recently, she has been studying the art of three swords with shadow clones.”
Akabane was stunned for a few seconds after hearing this.
The Hokage have a shuriken shadow clone art, but what about the sword shadow clone art?
“She especially went to Hokage-sama to learn the shuriken shadow clone technique, and Hokage-sama also taught it.”
Sakumo continued.
“Are there any results?”
Akabane admired it very much. If Ye Wu can solve the control problem of the sword shadow clone, and corporate it with her Dance of the Crescent Moon, it may really have a very good effect.
“For now…no.”
Sakumo answered as he put away his book.
Ye Wu has been in Hatake dojo for this period of time, and like him, she hasn’t seen these updates, so he just took it and planned to share them with her.
“Is there an update tomorrow?”
Sakumo asked a rare question, as he wanted to know if the future development was the same as he thought.
“should have.”
Akabane must speed up the update, so as long as the factory has time to print, he will always provide enough updates.
Sakumo wrapped the books with a piece of cloth, and then carried it on his back, acting like a hawker who buys and sells.
“Then, later.”
As had said that, he waved and left the shop.
Akabane stretched his waist and went into the lounge to check the progress of the clone’s drawing.
Arranging it, it seems the Naruto has been drawn until the seventieth chapter.
Now the shadow clone is drawing an update for One Piece.
“I guess I’ll start painting from where my clone stops on Naruto, Chapter 71…”
Akabane sat down and took out the drawing board and paintbrush.
The plot of this story seems to be the battle between Sakura and Ino-although he feels that the relationship between the two sisters is quite plastic.
In the qualifiers, the most exciting point was the match between Rock Lee and Gaara.
Eight-Inner Gates vs. Jinchuriki.
Although Rock Lee lost in the end, his style was really eye-catching, and it could be called the most exciting matchup in this plot.
Unfortunately, I’m afraid I won’t be able to draw this plot tomorrow.
Akabane drew slowly, thinking about other issues in his mind.
If the plot is drawn. He believes that many people will guess that the “Orochimaru” in the comics have a special purpose when returning to the village. Then when the Konoha Crush Plan comes out, what will the public opinion in the village be like?
The shadow of the village, a discipline trained by a Hokage that become a traitor, and when he comes back to the Village, he comes to destroy it with his own hands.
But due to the foreshadowing of the story, many know that “Orochimaru” is a bad guy.
At that time, the biggest response should be the ending of the Third Hokage being killed by his beloved disciple “Orochimaru”, well… there is also the prohibited Jutsu called Return from the Dead in it.
And also the legendary forbidden jutsu that can summon the god of death!
He was thinking about things in his mind, and unknowingly he made a wrong stroke, but it was not too serious, so he used pen and ink to embellish it and quickly blended it into the pattern.
However, in order to avoid drawing mistakes again, Akabane gathers his mind and concentrates on drawing the manga.
With his current body and strength, he becomes much faster in drawing like his clone so it was completed in a moment.
While Akabane concentrated on painting.
In the Anbu, Danzo picked up a copy of the information and looked at it carefully. This is some information he missed when he went to Sand Village. Now after he has recovered, he starts to read it from the beginning to avoid missing information.
And the girl named Yume stood still in front of him.
“Is the ninja tool created by Orochimaru after his research put into production?”
Danzo saw a message saying that Orochimaru re-created the ninja tools in Akabane’s Comic while also improved it, and could use the new ninja tool to release a slashing wave. At the same time, Akabane cooperated with Orochimaru to make this ninja tool.
Aburame Yume nodded and said: “Orochimaru recreation of the ninja tool is indeed usable. As for whether the mass-produced factories can be put into use, it is still unknown.”
“But the new Ninja tool may be risky. So it is best to test it with a shadow clone before investing.”
“Yes, I understand.”
Hearing her answer, Danzo continued to look at the next one, only to see another explosive message.
Tsunade is currently studying information about the first generation.
What does it mean?
He spread the scroll, letting Aburame Yume see it.
Aburame Yume took a look and explained: “My lord, Tsunade came to Anbu, and she borrowed all the information about the first Hokage we have on Anbu, and she also had an exchange with Orochimaru.”
Danzo was puzzled.
As for the understanding of Senju Hashirama, there is no doubt that the Senju Clan clan is better at it, but she instead came to Anbu to search it…
I do not understand!
He pondered for a moment and put the scroll aside.
“How is Akabane’s comic recently?”
Danzo stopped working temporarily, thinking of Akabane’s comic in his mind.
I didn’t read it for a while…
“Do you want to hear spoilers or read it yourself?”
Aburame Yume asked uncertainly.
Speaking of it, the word spoiler seems to have come from Akabane…
Danzo sighed in his heart, and then thought for a while and said: “Bring me the comics, I’ll read it for myself.”
Subsequently, several comics were brought up.
He was taken aback for a moment when he saw the quantity before he realized that he had gone to Sand Village for a trip. 
This lazy kid had updated so much.
It’s amazing!
Danzo made a “tsk tsk” sound and shook his head slightly.
In the next second, he picked up the one on the top and started to quietly relax after work.
Danzo stopped for a long time when he saw the memories of Uchiha Sasuke.
“My lord, is there any problem?”
Aburame Otome asked strangely.
“Nothing, it feels like this kid will arrange me in Uchiha’s plot later.”
Danzo said coldly.
[TL/comment: Ka Ka Ka. ]
A big clan was destroyed, if the Anbu didn’t know that, the Konoha would be destroyed.
According to his understanding of Akabane, he would never leave such a big loophole.
“Hahaha, maybe this is also kind of fun…”
Aburame Yume gave a dry smile.
She didn’t think about it when she read it before. When she thought of the extermination as due to the order of the Village, how could Sasuke survive.?
So there must be something tricky here, and of course, it has nothing to do with the Anbu.
“That kid hates me very much. I’m not surprised if he put me on his story as a villain, but when it comes to a serious thing, he does have the ability to get serious. For example, the time when he sends the medical staff…”
“Yes, this is a mistake in my work.”
Aburame Yume immediately admits her mistake. Originally, when Danzo left. She was the first Chief-In-Charge of Anbu. However, at that time, although she already planned the follow-up, but she forgets about the medical problem.
“No, I don’t mean to blame you. After all, I don’t also pay much attention to medical issues. But this trip to Hidden Sand Village, I saw many issues I previously overlooked, such as the poisons studied by Hidden Sand Village. It will definitely become our bane in the future. The problem is that our medical standards still remain at the simple Chakra stimulation recovery…”
Danzo is very worried about this.
Like what he experiences on his trip, although there were more than 20 medical personnel on the scene, in the end, they can only stimulate his recovery speed, and can’t even save his eyes.
The most important thing is that this kind of injury is considered minor in battlefield.

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