Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 172


Hatake Dojo.

Ye Wu was originally practising, but when she saw Sakumo coming back with a book on his back. She finished around and rested.

“What are you carrying?”

Is it possible that the bag that is bulging is what I thought it was?

Ye Wu was a little curious, she came over and took a look, and found that there were some books inside like she expected!


Sakumo sat on the floor and took out the comic book.

“Nice~ I have been training recently and I forgot to read comics.”

Ye Wu was a little excited, but when she turned her head and looked behind, she realized that Hatake Sagiki wasn’t there, so she started to pick it with ease.

“It’s comics!”

“I want to read it too. I only read chapter fifty-five last time, and I haven’t read the updates…”

“Brother, give me one copy for me!”

The children of the Sakumo clan saw it, and they gathered around to take a look.

“Did you complete your Training?”

Sakumo scowled, and said coldly, “Finish your training first,  and unless you finish your training, you’re not allowed to read the comics.”


A bunch of children are reluctant to let go, but Sakumo’s majesty prevents them from being lazy, so they can only go back and continue practising swords.

Sakumo smiled slightly, then got up.

After a long afternoon, he also should practice swords.

Only Ye Wu who completes the training alone can enjoy all the comics exclusively.

She started reading one by one, and although she already read some of the chapters before, she still patiently read it again.

The front is very cool, for example, Gaara once reminded him of Zack.

Although that guy is controlling iron sand, his ability is similar.

However, when Gekkou Hayate appeared on the scene, Ye Wu fell silent for an instant.

This style, this expression…

The most excessive thing is that there is a colour image of Gekkou Hayate in the beginning, with an extremely kidney-deficiency face, which makes people doubt and wonder what he is doing at night.

“It’s too bad!”

Ye Wu’s expression changed greatly. Since their family is not that terrible. At most, they are a little weaker in body, not this miserable. 

[TL/n: I just also know this but it seems Moonlight is Gekkou in Jap. So Ye Wu is from the Gekkou Family. Since as you know Ye Wu previous name is Moonlight Night Dance]

At this moment, a voice came from behind him: “It’s quite vivid.”

“Teacher, how can the health of our family be that bad?”

Ye Wu complained.

“But that is the truth! Since not many from your family can become a ninja due to their health!”

Hatake Sagiki was very ruthless and didn’t show any face.

During the war, people from the Gekkou Clan and the Kurama Clan were the focus of everyone’s attention, because they were really too weak and became their worry.

“Then I will continue practising!”

Ye Wu was full of fighting spirit, and Sagiki nodded slightly when he was thinking that he was also going to train, he found that Ye Wu had opened the comics of One Piece——

“After reading this One Piece, I will go to train immediately.”

Hatake Sagiki glanced at it, just in time to see the plot of Zoro vs. Kabaji.

Riding a unicycle and playing swords?

Do acrobatics!

Three swords Style?

Although he used swords, there is no single Sword Spirit in his move!

Seeing that his face was gloomy, Hatake Sagiki realized that at the same time it is no wonder that his son wanted to use double short swords because he was influenced by this comic.

“Teacher, isn’t the Three Sword Style a very good technique?”

Ye Wu hadn’t realized how serious the matter was, and she kept advocating her “idol”.

“Go back and practice!”

Hatake Sagiki angrily said as he heard her.

You can’t even perfect your single sword style and you still want to practice three sword styles? 

By the way, this lad’s recent fiddle with the sword clone is also because she is affected by comics!

I have to find an opportunity to “talk” to Akabane.

Focusing on work and time flies very quickly.

Akabane’s update was finished, and it was already time to go to bed at night. The update of the Naruto comic was entirely done by him, not his clone, and he himself felt that it was “hard work”.

But the rewards are also great.

Because of his diligent updates, he earned more than 1,000 points in one or two days-partly from the update. 

One thousand points do not need to be considered, as he directly exchanged it for his physical fitness.

Akabane thought that things like washing muscles and marrow in the novel could happen, but it turns out that he watched too much drama.

Since it’s just a thousand points, it is not enough to feel the changes in his body, but at least he has become more energetic, and the amount of Chakra seems to increase a lot with the improvement of physical fitness.

Both the physical and mental power have been increased to 100. So for the time being, he will stop raising up the two stats due to the cost being too much. So he wants to accumulate his points first to redeem other abilities first. 

For example, the perception ability of the Uzumaki clan is an absolute life-saving weapon, much stronger than three or four points of mental power which cost thousands of his system points for just one mental or physical stats.

Thinking about it, Akabane fell asleep.

By the time Akabane got up, it was noon, and for the first time in the past few days, he slept so late…

“After dinner, I should continue to work. I’m really busy.”

Akabane has a headache.

The chakra consumption a few days ago was too much, so yesterday he did not dare to summon another clone.

But since he has enough rest today, he can finally summon two of his clones again.

The clone stays at home and continues to work, while the true body leaves the house and goes to the Comic Shop.

To the comic shop…

He found that Izumi Yamano had already sent the comic update, while Kurama Yunlang was in front of the shop, carefully sorting out the comic books.

“Sent here so soon?”

Akabane was shocked. Because yesterday, it took at least a day just to prepare it, and now they completed it early in the morning, are they now so efficient?

“It’s just a portion, mostly it’s the update for Jiraiya’s book.”

Kurama Yunlang’s face was a bit abnormal.

Akabane guessed that this guy had just peeked at Jiraiya’s comic.

Although Jiraiya’s comic is useless for Akabane, but it is already quite lethal to those who have never seen real art.

“You can help install the cabinet, I may be a little busy today.”

Akabane said casually.


No, it’s only an excuse.

Now the news of the Ninja Reserve Department has not been spread, and it is only spread in a small area for the time being. And only at the time when the high level of the village announces the news of the RD that he will be busy for sure.

He was busy all day yesterday, but today he has to rest.

Kurama Yunlang cleared up his head and began to organize the comic, and by the way, he silently stuffed a comic book that had been turned over into the pile of books.

Akabane circled the store and then left another Shadow Clone.

However, at this time, he noticed a middle-aged person in the store.

This person is very strange, Akabane would not have noticed him if he hadn’t deliberately looked at him, but after the other party entered the door, he simply went straight to the corner.

And that corner is where Jiraiya’s comic book was located.

And when the middle-aged man arrived, he saw that there was no latest update.

So he turned around and asked with his hoarse voice. “Boss, is there no update for this book yet?”

“Do you mean the second chapter of the ” Love in the Desert”? It’s just arrived and I haven’t had time to put it on.”

Kurama Yunlang explained.

“Oh, then give me a copy first.”

He turned to the counter.

Observing the middle-aged man, Akabane touched his chin.

The identity of this guy is not difficult to guess, choose one from the three, The Third Hokage, Danzo, or Uchiha Yuan.

The first is Danzo… Nah, let’s exclude that man.

“Also give me the copy of the other two comics updates.”

It seems that he is not normal. After he bought Jiraiya’s comic, he asked Kurama Yunlang to get other comics updates.


Kurama Yunlang said as he prepared it.

Akabane remained silent, and after the man finished shopping, Akabane quietly followed him up.

After walking for a while, the man turned back: “Young man, what do you want from me?”

Since Akabane followed him, he can’t use his instantaneous technique since it’s not suitable for use.

“Ah, I just want to warn you, don’t look at these things when the boss is too young, also beware of the ignorance of young people.

Akabane seems to be reminding him of something.


The middle-aged man fell silent, this kid is really not easy.

But he also understood that Akabane had seen through his identity, and this little fox was very slippery and had a brainy idea.

Therefore, he answered as he asked straight to the point: “Different people have different Hobby. So what do you want?”

“Indeed. About your question, it’s about my comic updates, well, although it’s not very good for you, it’s absolutely a positive plot.”

Akabane pondered his remarks.

“Absolutely positive plots you say? Is it Orochimaru going to make trouble in the comics?”

Sarutobi Hiruzen returns to his original form.

He hasn’t read Akabane’s latest plot yet, but it is not difficult to guess how the plot will develop later.


Akabane nodded.

Hiruzen glanced at him faintly, and then said: “I will first have a look at the drawing before sending it to print.”


Akabane was relieved when he got this answer.

Although there was no face-to-face consent, the Hiruzen did not directly deny it, which is the best result.

As for what to do then…

He thought for a while yesterday and already had an idea.

It is not possible to change the plot for the time being, except that he intends to change a certain character, but Akabane does not intend to change the plot.

Otherwise, if he lets Hiruzen live in the comic, the follow-up plot will be messed up.

But there is a little problem.

The Forbidden Jutsu: Return from the Dead.

This is a taboo technique, and it may not pass the trial at that time.

On this point, Akabane hasn’t figured out a countermeasure yet, so he has to think about it again.

If it doesn’t work, just add an “instruction” style paper to properly promote the positive energy, and there is a high probability that it can still be mixed.

A good start is now the best result.

“Okay, I’ll go back if that’s all you want to ask, there are still a lot of things to do.”

Hiruzen said as he coughed.

Being caught by his own junior is definitely not something to be happy about, not to mention that he has always maintained a bright and upright image as a Hokage…

In short, he bought this comic awkwardly.

“My lord, if you want to buy it next time, you can transform yourself into someone else. Don’t make such a familiar image. It is very recognisable.”

Akabane reminded him “kindly” as he watched Hiruzen disappear with a Poof!

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