Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 173


After telling it to the Third Hokage, Akabane was planning to take a nap or practice Chakra Enhanced Strength as he did not intend to return to the comic shop.

However, as soon as he crossed the corner…

A person stands over there and has his sword crossed like a swordsman from the Warring States, with a solemn expression on his face.

This sword is very powerful and has killed many people.

The encounter with the Third Hokage is a coincidence under the guidance of the comic, and the encounter with Hatake Sagiki is the result of the deliberate arrangement.

Akabane swallowed his saliva and patted his forehead, pretending to turn around and go back.

Pretending to be blind?

When Sagiki saw it, with a “swish”, he appeared in front of Akabane.

“Um, Uncle Sagiki, such a coincidence…”

Akabane wondered, when did he offend this big man?

“Haha, Your Three Swordsmanship Style is very awesome. I saw you used it a few days ago, so why don’t you show it to me if you improved on it?”

Hatake Sagiki said as he stared at Akabane with his eyes as sharp as a sword!

Akabane smiled dryly, and his mind suddenly reacted.

Sakumo, Ye Wu!

One practised the double sword style and the other practised the sword clone technique!

Not only that but yesterday Sakumo also took away a set of Naruto and One Piece comics…

The problem is found!

But it’s really hard to deal with parents, especially if Hatake Sagiki saw the comics.

Akabane pondered for a long time but didn’t think of a way.

“Come on, take this sword.”

As Hatake said, he threw three swords over—and it’s a real sword, not the wooden sword for practice!

And in Hatake Sagiki’s own hand, he held a wooden sword.

“Uncle Sagiki, I just learned three sword styles, how can I show it to you? So why don’t…”

“Stop talking nonsense, take your swords!”

In an instant, his figure moved, and Akabane saw how the wooden sword was aimed at him.

So Akabane hurriedly took the sword, and ignored the three-sword gesture, as he first blocked the attack of the sword.


With a crisp sound, Akabane only felt how his hand vibrated as it suddenly turned numb.

So strong!

Looking at Hatake Sagiki style, he thought he was a speed-type ninja, but he didn’t know his strength was so terrifying.

“I’ll give you three seconds.”

When Hatake Sagiki appears again, he is already ten steps away from Akabane.

His speed is too fast.

Akabane was secretly speechless.

When he was thinking of fighting speed type ninja in the future, he already had tens of thousands of ideas to counter them. But when he finally confronts one, he understands how all plans become useless in front of the strong!

He dignifiedly picked up the swords and assumed a three-sword style in accordance with the memory he received from his system when he redeemed the technique.

“A bit decent.”

Hatake Sagiki grinned looking at his stance and then launched another offensive attack.

He used a wooden sword that couldn’t instil chakra, so the most powerful Hatake ninja technique could not be used.


His sword technique alone was enough to make Akabane overwhelmed.

Although the three swords are in hand, the opponent is powerful and fast, and every time he attacks Akabane, Akabane can’t spare his energy to fight back.

Akabane fought while retreating. Fortunately, the streets here were relatively wide, and there was a relatively desolate suburb on the side, so there was no need to worry about damaging the surrounding houses.

After a few steps back, the sword that Hatake Sagiki used was as fast as lightning, and as if it was endless.

This is the sword technique used by swordsmen in duels.

Akabane’s hands were numb, and his front teeth biting the knife felt like it was going to be knocked off.

Although his heart is as clear as a mirror. He wants to blame his comic for influencing Sakumo to be fascinated by two sword styles and Ye Wu for delving into the sword clone.

Can’t go on like this!

Faced with another sword attack, Akabane stepped back and suddenly-Chakra burst all over his body, and a powerful air current burst out instantly.

Chakra Enhanced Strength!

With the chakra airflow that fisted and made the sword explode, it happened to hit the wooden sword that came to attack.

However, Hatake Sagiki reacted extremely quickly and quickly withdrew his sword when he noticed something was wrong.


With a crisp sound, Akabane’s sword on his right hand broke in two.

The wooden sword of Hatake Sagiki seemed to be undamaged, but if you look closely, it is not difficult to find some sawdust on the ground.

Hatake Sagiki quietly put away the wooden sword and said with a sneer: “If you don’t learn how to walk, learn how to run. But you called your swordsmanship a three sword style?”

Of course, ridicule belongs to ridicule.

In terms of sword skills alone, Akabane has no problem using them, and his sword path and opportunity are just right.

Unfortunately, his body is a waste material.

Akabane is relatively strong overall. However, sword style needs strength, speed and reflex. If it weren’t for learning the Chakra Enhanced Strength technique…

Thinking of this, Hatake Sagiki saw another toothache.

This kid’s brain is really good, knowing that his strength and speed are not good, so he simply uses ninjutsu instead.

And with his comprehension which is also very high, the Sword Technique and Chakra Enhanced Strength have all been learned.

But he is just too lazy!

Akabane put the swords away and handed them to the other party. At the same time, he smiled and said, “Seeing Uncle Sagiki’s expression, it seems your anger is already gone…”

Hatake Hagi took three swords without getting angry.

Two of the three swords have been broken, since none of them are Chakra weapons, how can they withstand such a powerful Chakra impact.

Only the third sword survived due to it being on Akabane’s mouth…

Hatake Sagiki carefully held the scabbard to avoid touching the hilt.

Akabane smiled awkwardly and didn’t dare to say anything.

“The number of swords does not mean strength, but the field of combat is different…”

Hatake Sagiki rarely explained.

Double Blades are good at group battles, while short blade is good at heads-up and assassination, there are many details and so on.


Akabane nodded as he listened. Although he was not interested in these knowledge points, at this point, he didn’t dare to stroke the tiger’s whiskers of Hatake Sagiki.

So his explanation, enter his left ear, as it comes out of his right ear.

Hatake Sagiki was silent for a moment, and then said lightly: “If you want to paint, just paint well, don’t be too casual, and the plot should not be too outrageous, anyway, the swordsmanship has been inherited for a long time…”

“I know.”

Akabane nodded repeatedly.


Seeing that he felt depressed, Hatake Sagiki clearly taught him a lesson, but he didn’t know why he felt angrier.

In a bad mood, his tone became cold.

In fact, Akabane wanted to ask, as the deputy head of the preparation department, could he spare a few lessons.

But after being taught a lesson, how dare he make this request.


Akabane didn’t relax until he couldn’t see the figure again and looked around to make sure that Hatake Sagiki was gone.

Fortunately, he didn’t get beaten badly.

But after walking a few steps, he suddenly realized something was wrong–

Is the plot too outrageous?

If he hasn’t seen it before, how could he have known the plot is outrageous!

Besides, you taught me a lesson for your children. What does it have to do with the plot?

Akabane studied it carefully and immediately understood.

Perhaps one of the points gained yesterday was attributed to Hatake Sagiki.


This reader is too hardcore!

It’s just a comic, how can he be so serious about it!

Akabane complained silently in his heart.

But thankfully it’s the one piece he read if it’s the Shinigami…

He doesn’t know if this swordsman can accept the setting of that weapon.

Being an author is too hard!

He sighed with emotion. He originally planned to practice Chakra Enhanced Strength, but the mood of being beaten by the unfathomable mystery for training is gone.

He simply turned his head back to the comic shop.

The more he thinks about it, the more depressed he becomes. Akabane feels that he hasn’t done anything. This is how the three-sword style is drawn. Sakumo and Yewu learn it by themselves, so why does it become his fault?

“Brother Yunlang, from now on, if Sakumo and Yewu come to buy comics, just give them Naruto, the One Piece is forbidden for them.

Kurama Yunlang was dumbfounded and didn’t understand what was going on. 

The most important is–

“Young Master, the two of you are here.”

He pointed inside.

Later, Sakumo and Ye Wu poked their heads out of the comic shop.


Ye Wu laughed dryly.

Sakumo was the most sincere as he bowed and apologized: “I’m sorry, I didn’t expect to cause you trouble.”

“Forget it, it’s a small matter.”

Akabane sighed.

In other words, although he is angry, it is not necessary to really prohibit it. In case the hard-core reader comes to his door and asks him to “talk”, even his Kurama Clan can’t stop him.

“Okay, tell me what’s going on.”

The three moved the small bench and sat down.

Yewu was pondering, since she read comics by herself yesterday, and happened to be seen here by her teacher, and when she wanted to give a pointer to her Teacher about the comic, instead she got directly reprimanded for not training.

“By the way, You’re not the only one who got it bad you know!”

Ye Wu said bitterly and stretched out her hand as she spoke.

Her hands are swollen, which shows how miserable the training yesterday was.

Looking at Sakumo, he also has the same treatment.

“Seeing that you two are worse than me, I feel much better in an instant.”

Akabane’s expression was relaxed.

“But yesterday’s harvest was also great, and my double short sword styles are considered in its preliminary.”

Unlike Ye Wu, Sakumo seemed very happy.

Fighting with masters can often force out one’s own potential, and Hatake Sagiki’s vision can also see through Sakumo’s flaws and deficiencies.

“How about your sword clone technique?”

“It’s far, the illusory clone can’t control the sword clone at all.”

Ye Wu was very depressed. Since her result was the worst, she was in the worst mood.

The sword clone technique was born out of the shuriken shadow clone, so the split sword is also an entity. The clone of the Gekko Clan is just an ordinary clone technique, which is an illusory blind technique, and there is no way to cooperate with the sword clone jutsu.

Akabane thought for a moment and said: “In fact, you can refer to the puppet technique.”


Ye Wu froze for a moment.

The principle of puppet art is to manipulate the puppet with the Chakra line if she wants to treat the sword clone as a puppet…

It’s not a bad idea!

Her eyes lit up, as she patted her thigh and said, “Yes, why didn’t I expect it!”

“Although Puppetry… is still not concealed enough, but deceptiveness is enough.”

Sakumo thought for a while and nodded in agreement.

With the technique of puppetry, it can indeed achieve the effect of controlling the sword clone in the air.

Ye Wu was excited for a while, but when she thought about it, her face collapsed again: “But in our village, who knows how to do puppetry?”

The puppetry was developed by Sand Village. Although other countries know about it, Konoha is not proficient in it. 

Akabane’s face was weird when he heard it, and after hesitating for a while, he said, “There are still people who know how to do puppetry.”

“As long as they can teach me puppetry, I am willing to do anything.”

Ye Wu said firmly.

“All right, I’ll give you some tips. You go to the Senju Clan to find Tsunade, and tell her that you want to learn puppetry.”

Akabane said.

“Does Tsunade actually know puppetry?”

Sakumo showed a frightened expression.

“She don’t, but someone over there know. Just say what I told you.”

Akabane didn’t directly say who.

Because of Ye Wu’s personality, you must know that the other party is only a six-year-old girl, so she won’t be as determined as she said.

“Okay, I will go now!”

Ye Wu ran out a few steps, then ran back to bring the Naruto and One Piece comics update that she had just bought, and then left in a hurry.

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