Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 176


Multi Chakra Thread manipulation is difficult enough, and she wants him to draw using multi chakra treads.

This is going to make him die!

With such an excessive request, Akabane didn’t dare to mention his shadow clone-even if he dared to mention the clone, it would only self-destruct him.

Chakra silk thread is very easy, with enough control, you can learn it after a little practice.

But just learning chakra silk thread does not count as mastering puppetry. Chakra silk thread is just the basis of puppet art. To truly master the precise manipulation of puppets, you must practice frequently.

Any ninjutsu’s diligence is quite hard-won. For example, Sakumo, without the rigorous training of Hatake Sagiki, there will be no White Fang in later generations.

Akabane sighed slightly, then opened the points panel and decisively exchanged puppet skills.

Puppet Master Jutsu has high and low levels. For example, Chiyo’s white Secret Technique-The Chikamatsu Collection of Ten Puppets is a very difficult Puppet Master Jutsu.

The current exchange list belongs to the younger version, which is the puppet technique that Kankuro masters.

After redeeming the chakra silk thread, the exchange price is only more than 20 points.

After the exchange, Akabane directly mastered the puppet technique.

Kankuro’s puppetry is not weak, but it pales in comparison to geniuses like Chiyo and Sasuri.

“Well, at least I can directly control three.”

Akabane flicks his finger, creates several Chakra Threads, and bonds it to three pens.

Following the manipulation of his fingers, three different sentences were written on the three sheets of paper at the same time.

Three different sentences.

After writing it down, he thought about changing the number of controls to two.

However, at the same time, the hand responsible for the control has become one, and his other hand takes out the Chakra pen.

He didn’t really exchange it for drawing manga, so a quick use is an issue that needs to be considered. One-handed control can’t be so fine, and one step further is needed.

Akabane thought for a while and drew three pictures with two from the chakra thread controls and the other one from his other hand.

The first picture has only one background.

In the second picture, a pile of raindrops swooped down from the sky.

The third picture is drawn with a Chakra pen, and inside is the figure of Kurama Yunlang.

At the same time as the drawing finalised, Akabane reminded: “Brother Yunlang, I am experimenting with an illusion technique. If you enter a certain illusion later, don’t be nervous.”

“I understand young master, you can start.”

Kurama Yunlang took a deep breath and made enough mental preparations.

There are no customers right now, so there is no need to worry about other problems in the store.

In the next second, the illusion is triggered.

Many mountains in the surrounding area with the sky raining heavily, and Kurama Yunlang’s position is in the middle.

“Okay, I will now disarm the illusion.”

Akabane’s voice emerged from the Illusory Domain, and the next second the Illusory Domain disappeared. He walked out of the lounge to watch Kurama Yunlang’s situation.

The illusions of the Kurama clan can turn fake into real to a certain extent, such as burns, injuries, soaking and other effects.

At this moment, Yunlang’s hair was obviously moist.

It means the illusion works!

Akabane took a deep breath.

Although the chakra pen can quickly complete the pattern and achieve the effect of illusion control, once the opponent breaks away from the illusion, he must draw again.

A multi-operation can be seamlessly connected, and in addition, it may be possible to achieve multiple illusions and so on.

It’s worth trying!

“Young Master, isn’t this the most common Genjutsu?”

Kurama Yunlang felt it was strange.

In his sense, Akabane’s technique is no different from other people’s.

Akabane smiled slightly and took out three paintings from inside.

Kurama Yunlang glanced at it, his eyes widened suddenly.

They are Painted separately?

This works too!

“how about it?”

Akabane put it away with a smug smile on his face.

“Excellent! But…is there any difference?”

Kurama Yunlang is not aware of it.

The technique is very powerful, but he didn’t feel any difference in the effect.

Akabane was silent.

It’s like playing the piano to a cow, how can he understand it when he is just a civilian.

The current effect is equivalent to drawing several pictures and then combining them with puzzle software. Not only is the speed faster, but the ninjutsu effect is more free.

This is equivalent to the difference between block printing and movable type printing!

However, how could Kurama Yunlang know that?

Akabane sighed softly.


“It’s nothing, you continue to look at the store, I’ll go out for a while, and since it’s already late, I’ll go straight home and if you want to go home just close the Shop.”

Akabane said, after thinking about it, he wanted to bring the latest update to Orochimaru and Tsunade——

The guy was already obsessed with research. After he was knocked unconscious and taken to rest, he didn’t leave the laboratory for two consecutive days.

Not only him, but Tsunade also recently set up her own laboratory on the Anbu side, temporarily funded by Danzo, and when the institute is officially completed, she will move to the institute side with Orochimaru laboratory.

Passing by the snack store, he was very enthusiastic to bring food.

Passing by the Anbu Base, Akabane planned to go first to Danzo since it’s not easy to conceal anything from him.

Therefore, he walked through the main entrance and took the lead to find Danzo, which was regarded as door-to-door delivery of warmth and condolences to the widowed and poor old man.

“Are you looking for Master Danzo?”

The moment he entered the door, an Anbu appeared.

His Chakra is very unfamiliar, and it should be a Ninja who has only recently been promoted.

Akabane nodded, the other side was unambiguous and immediately led him.

Arriving at Danzo’s office, Akabane enters the door and sees Danzo sitting upright.

“It’s surprising, you actually came to find me.”

Before coming here, Danzo had always summoned him, otherwise, he would not have come to the Anbu Base.

“I bought something to eat, which happens to be brought to you.”

Akabane put some of his food aside. He didn’t know what Danzo liked to eat, so he simply brought some casually.

Danzo was silent for a moment, keenly glimpsing the remaining snacks in his hand.

However, he didn’t refuse, letting Akabane put things down, then pointed to the seat and motioned Akabane to sit down.

“Since you’re here, let’s talk for a while .”

Danzo said lightly, “Your One Piece, did you reach a cooperation with Sand Village?”

“Yes, this matter was agreed with you through the Third Hokage.”

Akabane was a little puzzled, how long ago it was and how it has been brought up just now.

“When I went to the Sand Village to investigate, I saw how they offered your comic as a reward to stimulate their ninjas to train. Do you know this?”


Akabane was stunned for a moment and immediately reacted.

It’s no wonder that Shamon said he wanted to go to the country of Land of Rivers to buy it so that the sales would be in the hands of the senior management of Sand Village.

So he can decide when and how to release it.

No wonder it feels weird that the points are rising. Sometimes there is a sudden surge when there is no update.

The original problem is here.

“This matter is not important. I have recently received news that Shamon abdicated and forcibly established the young man who mastered the magnetic jutsu and became the Third Kazegake.”

Danzo taps the table.

“They are not going to be cerebral palsy, and attack us immediately.”

Akabane replied subconsciously.

It is still unpredictable what actions the newcomer will make.

But regardless of the original manga or his personal understanding of Zack, Sand Village is unlikely to participate in this chaos.

“It’s hard to predict. That’s why it’s best not to let your family’s caravan go to the country of River for the time being.”

Danzo reminded.

“I understand, thank you teacher for reminding me.”

Sand Village does not necessarily go to Konoha to start a fight, but there are many soft persimmons related to Konoha, such as Akabane’s caravan.

Fortunately, Akabane’s family has no business in the Land of Rivers at all.

The other caravan is in charge of the business there. It is only responsible for helping with the sales and drawing money from it. Out of friendship, Akabane intends to talk to Yamano Izumi to remind them to be careful over there.

After Danzo finished speaking, he glanced at the other things he was holding, and waved his hand at Akabane: “Go find the person you want, don’t stay here to affect my work.”

“yes yes yes, please work hard.”

Akabane walked out immediately.1

The road in Anbu was complicated, and he was too lazy to find it, so he directly called Anbu and asked him to help lead the way.

In just a few minutes, he was outside Tsunade’s laboratory.

Tsunade’s laboratory is adjacent to Oshemaru, so there is no need to find a second one.

No need to knock on the door, as he just pushes the door to get in.


Tsunade thought it was an Anbu, but when she turned her head and saw Akabane, her face suddenly looked surprised.

Although she didn’t say the second half, he knew what she wanted to say without thinking about it. Akabane coughed and said, “I come to bring you something, and watch your research progress by the way.”


Tsunade stared at Akabane and saw that he was carrying food and another package.

In the package were various comic books.

“I am not interested in comics.”

Tsunade curled her lips and picked up the food. She hadn’t eaten anything for many days, so she all used food pills and the like to fill her hunger.

Akabane smiled slightly and pulled out a book from the bottom.

“This book…Hey, this is Grandpa Tobirama’s notes.”

Tsunade exclaimed excitedly, “Why is it with you, I haven’t found it for a long time!”

“Grandma Mito gave it to me, also, you shouldn’t lie to her like that next time and pass the blame to me.

Akabane sighed, rolled up the manga and prepared to leave.

“Wait, the comics stay!”

Tsunade hurriedly snatched the package, then rummaged through it to find a comic she hadn’t read.

Not long after, four or five comics were picked out by her.

Aren’t you not interested?

Forget it, it is estimated that I will be beaten.

He rolled up the package, carried it on his back, and walked out: “I’ll go to Orochimaru first and talk to him about something.”

When he went out, Tsunade had already started to read the comics with gusto, including the diary of Senju Tobirama, which she temporarily set aside.

She hadn’t read many of them, and all the previous content was quiet and interesting.

It seems that these five volumes alone will be enough for her to read for a long time.

Akabane arrived next door and knocked on the door of Orochimaru.

Unlike Tsunade’s who had her door unlocked, the door on Oshemaru was locked, and Orochimaru came to open the door after he knocked on the door for a while.

Seeing his ghostly face, Akabane lifted the thing in his hand, Orochimaru glanced weakly, then nodded to let him in.

“Is it the comic update today?”

Orochimaru sat down, his tone a little tired.

“Nah, it’s two chapters.”

Akabane said helplessly.

“What, three days have passed?”

Orochimaru was startled and instantly became more alert.


Akabane was speechless, but didn’t say much, as he put the package and food on a clean table, pointed at it and said: “Eat first, then read the comics as you rest, and I have something to discuss with you later.”


Orochimaru picked up the food and ate and drank likewise.

At least Tsunade went back to sleep at night. But Orochimaru simply treated his laboratory as his own home and slept on the table when he was tired, so he didn’t eat dinner for two days.

It looks like a miserable jail life.

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