Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 177


“It’s so delicious. As expected, Food Pills cannot completely replace real food. Well… maybe I can try to develop Food Pills with texture and taste.”

Orochimaru talked to himself while eating.

He has been completely obsessed with research topics even when he eats.

Akabane covered his face, sighing helplessly, and couldn’t help but admire him secretly.

“What do you think of this idea?”

Orochimaru said, stuffing another piece of meat in his mouth.

“It’s a good idea, but food Pills have side effects, so you should eat less.”

Akabane sat there, looking less energetic than Orochimaru.

Orochimaru didn’t care about this, he nodded knowingly after listening, and opened a comic book he hadn’t read.

He hasn’t read it for a while, so he has forgotten the previous plot.

However, seeing the scene of Chapter 66, and remembering for a moment, an impression instantly came to his mind.

“This man looks very sinister, a bit like the kind of poisonous snake lurking in the grass.”

With this statement, Orochimaru regarded himself as such. 

Although he was right to complain, the strong sense of waywardness made Akabane not know what to say for a while.

“I am here…”

“How about, is there a sense of subversion?”

Akabane lightly said.

Orochimaru turned to the changing form of “himself” for several seconds, then frowned thought for a moment and said: “The sense of subversion means…maybe a little bit, but think about it carefully, if it’s in a situation where Sharingan is extinct If you have a chance to get Sharingan again, I might really do it.”

“Extinct? This is not necessarily true. For researchers like you, you will definitely learn from it. Just like how you studied the Sharingan in the comic.”

Akabane said with a smile.

“You don’t understand, there are some differences between the living and the dead.”

Orochimaru shook his head and continued to read the plot below, without entanglement in this issue.

In some points of view, he still insists on his own views, but a promise is a promise, and he will not reach out to do things that violate the rules and promises.

Akabane smiled but did not answer.

Orochimaru turned the page again, he read quickly and basically saw what he wanted to see with a glance.

It didn’t take long.

After reading all the contents of this volume, Orochimaru stared at the last page for a long time.

“I am in comics, it really seems like that.”

Evil and cold.

Although he becomes a villain, he is still handsome.

Orochimaru sighed for a while, then put down the comic and continued to read the next volume.

Maybe some people care about their own image and public opinion, but Orochimaru at this stage really doesn’t care.

For now, studying all the unknowns is what he desires most.

“By the way, you said you want to discuss things, what is it?”

Orochimaru eats almost all Akabane bought, and after reading the plots that the comics are more concerned about, he can devote some energy to chat with Akabane and think of some ideas.

Only in this way can he make perfect use of time.

“I used the chakra silk thread required by the puppet technique, and performed the drawing technique at the same time, and created a simple three-picture compound illusion…”

Akabane explained his situation and ideas again.

Orochimaru read and listened, and was still thinking about the feasibility while distracted.

After a long time, he put down the comics, paused for a few seconds and said: “It can be realised, but it feels not as practical as your current combination effect.”

“Um, isn’t it?”

Akabane fell into deep thought. He was only thinking about the effect, not about the practicality.

“It is impossible for us to perfectly draw new and flawless patterns with multiple lines. And the more flaws, the greater the possibility of being countered.”

Orochimaru said lightly.

Genjutsu with weak spots is better to complete Genjutsu without weak spots.

Akabane pondered for a moment and nodded in agreement.

But it’s just that this kind of illusion superposition doesn’t make much sense, just combining illusion, the effect is still quite good.

Orochimaru opened One Piece and continued to follow One Piece’s updates.

Before long, he saw Zoro fighting Kabaji.

“Perhaps the chakra silk thread is more suitable for weapons such as swords, and it also requires careful manipulation… By the way, Crescent Moon Dance, a technique of Ye Wu from her Clan, can perfectly match this combination.”

Seeing it, Orochimaru quickly diverged and thought of more things.

“Ye Wu is already learning it, but her control is not enough. It is estimated that it will be hard.”

“There is no other way.”

Orochimaru shook his head slightly and continued to read the comic at hand.

Chakra controls, this thing is made by seven points for talent and three points for effort.

of course……

Basic training like climbing trees and treading water will not be mentioned. These are the most basic parts of Chakra control.

I am afraid it will take some time to train it.

“The split devil fruit… is even more unthinkable than the bloodline Limit, as it’s completely beyond reality.”

Orochimaru does not understand this kind of fruit.

The limbs are completely cut, but they can move and re-group freely?

The most terrifying thing is that even with so many limbs separated from his body, he still didn’t die! Heck, even blood is not flowing on his body! Is he still a human!?

This is clearly not a person, but a puppet!

“Comics themselves are separated from reality. What does it mean to be exactly like reality?”

Everyone has different concerns.

Like Sakumo and Yewu, they focused more on Zoro.

Because Zoro’s sword skills are dazzling and strong, and they are also swordsmen.

For Orochimaru, he reads comics because he wants to stimulate his creative thinking through comics.

Such as rubber fruit reminded him of soft body transformation.

But being Torn apart…

Sorry, this thing is really unclear.

“Okay, these comics are for you, I’ll go back first.”

Akabane cleaned up his baggage and prepared to leave.

He really didn’t feel comfortable in such a dark place.


Orochimaru was full and recovered a lot of energy, and remembered something.

He squatted down, pulled out a larger arm guard from under the table, put it on the table, and said: “The last item in your comic, I have also researched it, although its effect is not as strong as in the comic, half of them should be there.”

Dosu Kinuta equipment?

Akabane picked it up and looked at the arm guard carefully.

The appearance is very simple, but judging from the many well-crafted holes, Orochimaru really spent a lot of effort inside.

“It’s good, did you tell the Third Hokage about it?”

Akabane asked.

The three-piece suit is complete. If even half of its original firepower is produced, the Genin’s attack ability can definitely be upgraded to a level.

“Not yet since I don’t have time for that. Since I was studying the sound detection you mentioned earlier.”

On one table, there was a bell and some weird props.

In terms of science and technology, Akabane is at best talking about it. But if he really wants to help, it will only get messier, that’s why he didn’t help with its creation.

He studied the armguard carefully, then pondered for a moment and said, “This hole seems to be very particular.”

“Its size and the size of the holes will affect the quality of the sound waves. I have detailed experimental data here. The one in your hand is the most suitable type for combat.”

Improper use of sonic weapons can cause damage to the user. For example, Orochimaru’s ears clearly show signs of chakra stimulation.

“The data should be stored in the file, it is best to store it in a special counter, and I will write the report.”

Akabane weighs it up-the armguard is quite heavy, and ordinary Genin will basically have difficulty wearing it.

“Hey, this is a good idea! When the research institute is established, we can set up an archive room to store the experimental data developed. In the future, when there are other ninjutsu research and development that needs this data, it will be easier to find there.”

Orochimaru’s eyes lit up, and he picked up the pen on the side and wrote down this thought on the paper.

After writing these, he looked up at Akabane.

No words, but the meaning is self-evident.

Akabane fell into silence. He was an art student in his previous life and knew very little about the laboratory.

If they let him think about ideas, there is not much at best.

After racking his brains for a long time, he said, “It’s best to get another patent system. For example, if your ninjutsu is developed, the village will benefit from it and you will also benefit from them since they are using your creation. And it’s the same for those Big Families using your creation.”

“Patent System…”

Orochimaru is a wise man, who immediately understood the benefits of this system.

R&D is very difficult. Not everyone is a genius or Hokage disciple like him, and he is not short of money and resources.

But this system protects civilian ninjas and weak families who have developed their own ninjutsu.

But thinking of this, he suddenly thought: “So, since I got inspiration from your comics to develop ninjutsu. According to the patent system, do I have to pay you a patent fee?”

“If it’s a certain Ninjutsu that I have a fairly complete introduction and the idea of the principle, and you develop it according to my principle and idea, then the patent will have part of me, and the patent filing can also avoid repeated research and development.”

Akabane didn’t know the specifics of patents either. After all, he was not a legal professional, and he only knew a little about them.

But even if it is half-hearted, it is enough for the young Orochimaru.

He nodded repeatedly and took notes while listening. At the same time, he agreed with him:

“This is a very good idea. The patents of ninjutsu are recorded in the book, which can prevent researchers from wasting time studying the existing ninjutsu.”

“Well, as long as you understand.”

Akabane secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Since if they dig deeper about the patent issue, he can only scratch his head.

Orochimaru was planning on asking more, but looking at Akabane’s expression, he knew Akabane was really out of stock, so he could only put away his notes regretfully.

This note contains some of his thoughts on the creation of the institute.

“It’s okay. I’ll go first, and give me the report of this ninja tool, and also give me this set of data, such as hole size, number, and arrangement.”

Akabane packed his things and put the ninja tool in the package.

Then he copied the data, and then he was ready to leave.

“Next time, add more vegetarian dishes. So it feels a little greasy after eating.”

Orochimaru shouted.

Akabane’s departure movement was a bit stiff. The reason why he brought food and drink was also a temporary motive. But how can it be like ordering takeaway now?


In this way, when the research institute is set up in the future,  Kurama Yunlang can develop the takeaway business.

Naruto version of Food takeaway!

“It’s a good idea, but due to lack of a network it is impossible to implement.”

Akabane thought regretfully while walking.

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