Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 18


After completing her training, Tsunade runs approaching Akabane.

“Grandma is having breakfast right now. I will take you to a stroll around our house while waiting for her.” She said it while holding a half-eaten riceball.

Akabane was confused and muttered, “Actually…I can just wait from he—”

But obvious, Tsunade didn’t listen and straight grab his hand to strolling around her house.

But either way, Akabane can only keep up.

Both of them walked along the path side by side.

“Our clan’s house is huge. I hope you don’t feel overwhelmed.”

Tsunade said with a smile.


Although Akabane wants to say no, she just cut him to explain about her clan’s history and so on.

“Well, as you see earlier, we didn’t have a lot of members in the clan. Our goal now is to maintain Konoha’s concord while live side by side.”


 Akabane decided to remain silent and listen to her chit-chat.

“The biggest one over there is my grandma’s yard. I usually live there, but in fact, I have my own space, look this one..”

Tsunade pointed out for him one by one, basically explaining everything that they’ve passed.

However, Akabane noticed although the Senju Clan is small, the house was put hidden behind, and the Uzumaki clan’s symbols were often seen in some inconspicuous places.

Akabane was secretly thinking.

Compared to the Kurama Clan, their physical prowess might be compared to a beast, but they haven’t any ninjutsu to pass on. It’s no wonder that the awakening rate of their Kekkei Genkai is getting declining from time to time.

“Nothing is interesting here to look. We can only just stroll around while we are waiting for my grandma.”

In a few words, Tsunade has already said about the current situation of the Senju clan.

Akabane was slightly overjoyed upon hearing this, and said, “Well then, Let’s find a place to take a re–.”

“Nope! We can rest later. You need to strengthen those weak muscles.”

Tsunade pouted and refused.

“Ah… I can do nothing, can’t I?”

Akabane has just accepted his fate since he is the visitor here.

The two were wandering around for half an hour.

“Tsunade-sama, Uzumaki-sama is ready to welcome her visitor.” Said a member of the clan.

In the yard.

Akabane sees an elegant figure sitting on a chair. She is slowly reading a small colored book.

Uzumaki Mito was known to possess a unique chakra. This gives her the power to seal the Nine-tailed Fox within her, thus granted her the name “Jinchuriki,” which means “The Power of Human Sacrifice.” At this time, she just looks like an ordinary beautiful young woman in her thirties.

“Ah! You must be Tsunade’s friend, Akabane. Please have a seat.”

Uzumaki Mito arranged two chairs earlier, one near her and the other slightly away.

Akabane respectfully sat on the chair away from her. Tsunade was about to walk over to sit on another chair, but Mito looked up and said, “My child, why are you sitting there? Come and sit next to me.”

“Umm, I’m sorry..”

Akabane felt a little bad.

Mito smiled gently at him and then said to Tsunade, “I want to know more about Akabane, Tsunade, please change with him.”

Tsunade was stunned for a moment, and her expression was a bit upset, which was different from what I thought.

“Is she jealous?”

Akabane sighed inwardly.

Since Mito is the first Jinchuriki and the heir of the Uzumaki Clan, Sitting next to someone that extraordinary makes him nervous.

Therefore, after changing seats, both of them showed a confused expression.

“My child, is the book that you wrote is about the future?”

Uzumaki Mito asked while reading.

“No, it’s just my fantasy story.”

Akabane has said this many times, and now he has reached the point where he even believes it himself. After all, there is no way someone would believe if he’s telling the truth.

“It’s been a long time I never see a story this engaging. I thought about it last night. A lot of things from your story make me feeling something familiar.”

“That’s why I asked Tsunade to invited you here.”

Uzumaki Mito smiled gently at Akabane, “For example, in the first chapter, your description of the Nine-tailed Fox…”

Akabane suddenly feels waves of chakra fluctuated from Mito.

The feel is unspeakable.

But before long, she stroked her belly, and the fluctuation disappeared.

“That must be Kyuubi..” Akabane secretly thought.

Akabane was sure that feels were from Kyuubi.

“From what I’ve searched and added, Jinchuriki is someone who sealed the Tailed Beasts.”

Akabane took the initiative to answer before Mito take other words.

“Hahaha, I’ll just say… you thought well, but the real Kyuubi is gentler than this.”

Mito said.

Afterward, she pointed to the Hokage’s Mountain that looks vaguely in the distance and asked, “Is the fourth Hokage as the same as what you imagined?”

“Yes, mam, but I was taking the appearance from someone at my class as a reference.”

“I see, hmm? Shinnosuke Sarutobi had a son named Konohamaru?”


Akabane was a little nervous at first, thinking that Uzumaki Mito was testing the authenticity of the characters within his comic. But after a few questions and answers about how the story progressing, he thought about it less.

“Isn’t this just a fan seeking spoilers?”

Tsunade felt jealousy at first, but later she listened carefully to Akabane’s spoilers, looking curious and excited.

“By the way, will Naruto become Hokage? Or…”

Uzumaki Mito didn’t say the second half, but don’t guess the meaning.

After thinking about it, where could Akabane answer honestly, cough lightly, and said: “Uzumaki-sama, this involves the subsequent plot, I can’t give you the answer.”

“It’s okay; you can just tell me alone.”

Uzumaki Mito was taken aback and said while glanced at Tsunade.

Tsunade immediately became anxious when she heard that and said in a very direct tone, “Grandma, I want to know it too!”

“Uzumaki-sama, if I tell you the story now, it would be less interesting.”

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