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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 193


Tsunade’s medical skills have made significant progress, and it can be seen that this more than one month of the study was not in vain.
As for Orochimaru…
Akabane feels that he completely regards Might Duy as an observable Taijutsu growth research object, and he doesn’t know what miscellaneous data is recorded in that small notebook of his.
In addition, is there really only the data of Might Duy in that notebook?
Hard to say!
Akabane felt hairy in his heart, always feeling that he had a lot of recorded data over there.
“Next time you have such a simple patient, you must tell me.”
Tsunade had just finished treatment, and her excitement hadn’t calmed down.
For her, this is a precious treatment experience.
Of course, Might Duy injury is not too serious, and she really dares not start treatment if it is disabled or severely injured.
Once she had the first time, she wanted to try it for the second time.
The current Tsunade can’t wait to go to the hospital right away and snatch some patients back from the trauma department- as she doesn’t dare to treat patients that have internal organs problems.
“Don’t worry, there will be some time for you to do it in the future.”
Who doesn’t want a free doctor?
What’s more, Tsunade’s medical standards will be among the best in the world in the future.
They can proudly tell people when they go out-Tsunade used to be a doctor in our Academy.
Coming back from Might Duy, there is nothing else to be busy with at the moment.
So Orochimaru and Tsunade naturally went back to their laboratory to continue their research, especially Tsunade, who had just undergone a small “surgery”, and now the nature of the research is very high, and she can’t wait to spend all the time in her laboratory.
On Akabane’s side, he continued to work on job fairs.
It was not until the next day that he rushed through all the things needed for the job fair, and for this reason, he only slept for a few hours.
Before the change, he had to sleep for at least ten hours.
However, after finishing the recruitment advertisements, posters and other copy, and preparing to take it to the Hokage Building to show it to the Third Hokage, he saw a big announcement downstairs——
“About the establishment and work of the Ninja Preparation Department.”
Outside the announcement, there was a group of ninjas and villagers. Most of these are Chunin and Genin from commoners and small families. That’s why they didn’t know the decision of the higher-ups that they only know now after the announcement.
“Preparation Department? What department is this!”
“Responsible for guiding the newly graduated Genin, another ninja academy?”
“What about the current division?”
The current division is that Jonin brings three Genins who have just graduated, who are responsible for teaching and training. If another new Academy is established, this set will no longer apply.
Compared with the ninja taught in batches, being trained by a Jonin is undoubtedly more powerful.
With this in mind, many people are a little worried and disagree.
There are also some people who do not understand the new policy, and some do not quite understand it.
This is an excellent advertising opportunity!
Akabane thought for a moment, walked to the front and pinned the advertisement on the bulletin board with a pin.
Then he turned his head: “Please be quiet, everyone.”
Kurama Akabane?
The people in the front row reacted first and glanced at the announcement just posted.
It seems that Kurama Akabane’s name is on the reserve list.
A Training Instructor!
Not long after the announcement was posted, everyone hadn’t paid attention to it before. At this moment, it was discovered that Kurama Akabane, who was less than thirteen years old, was actually an Instructor.
Ordinary villagers don’t know Akabane deeply. In their eyes, Akabane is a young genius and also a very famous cartoonist, but they don’t know his achievements in ninja.
But the ninjas are different.
The only ninja who was directly promoted to Special-Jonin in the first Chunin Exams, the fastest ninja promotion after the war, and Danzo’s discipline.
With all kinds of his accomplishments added, it seems that it’s okay to hold this position, but these Ninjas have a heartfelt response because having a young instructor feels wrong to them.
“I will be responsible for the preparation and recruitment of the Preparatory Department for the time being. If you have any questions, please ask, and I will answer them all. In addition, tomorrow morning, I will carry out the recruitment of teachers for the Preparatory Department in Kikyo City.
Afterwards, “Akabane” sat down, as if waiting for everyone to ask questions.
And in the crowd, a figure slowly withdrew.
“Huff, it should be foolproof, it’s hard work.”
Akabane used his transformation jutsu to disguise and finally got out from the crowd, gasping for a few breaths after he was inside.
There are too many people!
My brother, I wish you success…
He silently said his prayers to his shadow clone, and then entered the Hokage Building. The specific content of these recruitments had to be checked by the Third Hokage.
The three generations are upstairs. At such a close distance, he didn’t need to use his telescope jutsu. From the upstairs, he can see Akabane Clone underneath explaining other information to the other ninjas and villagers intimately.
Sensing Akabane entering the door, he happily turned around and said, “Well done we’ll done, Your answer is perfect.”
“While you say you want to help me, you don’t even make it clear to everyone what the Preparatory Department does. Isn’t this adding to my workload!”
Akabane entered the door and wanted to throw the information in his hand, but it was just a thought.
He patted the dust, put the posters and materials on the table, and continued: “This is the recruitment poster I prepared, and there is also time to start the job fair tomorrow.”
Hiruzen took a look, then nodded, then he pulled out an information scroll from underneath and handed it to Akabane.
“What is this?”
Akabane opened it, and the familiar password block was displayed on the top. After unlocking it with the corresponding method, the text was displayed on the top.
This is a battle report.
Konoha Ninja was officially attacked by Hidden Mist “Rogue-nin”. Both sides did not reveal their true identities. After a big battle, Konoha Ninja won.
But this is just the beginning.
The start of the battle means that the war in the Uzumaki Kingdom has begun.
“How is the Whirlpool clan?”
Akabane couldn’t help asking.
In fact, the Uzumaki family has no substantial benefit to him, but there is a little loli at home, and above all, there is Uzumaki Mito who has been taking care of him. Out of concern, he still has to ask.
“Although we are assisting them from the shadows when Uzumaki Clan exerts their strength, other ninjas from other Ninja Village have surrounded Hidden Whirlpools Village.”
Hiruzen shook his head solemnly and then took out a map after speaking.
Above is the country of Uzumaki.
He drew a red line around Hidden Whirlpools Village and then drew a few small circles outside.
Akabane has been to the country of Uzumaki and knows the situation there.
Seeing this picture, he took a breath of cold air instantly.
From the inside out, Hidden Whirlpools Village is surrounded like an iron barrel, let alone a clan, even a Jonin would never want to get out of it.
Unless the inside and outside got a pincer, then there is no open gap for them to escape!
“From the information sent back from Hidden Whirlpools Village, Cloud Ninja, Mist Ninja, Stone Ninja, Rain Ninja are all involved. The Ninja World does not want Hidden Whirlpools Village to continue to exist.”
Hiruzen sighed softly and then took out another report.
Akabane took it and took a look.
Hidden Sand Village was dispatched, and Zack the future Kazekage personally led the team and entered Land-of-Rivers from Land-of-Wind, but their number was not very large. And the Hyuga Clan, who was lurking in the mountain forest, did not find any smuggling trace.
“They should just be probing.”
“Yes, but if we are not prepared, they will reach out and cut a piece of meat from the country of the river.”
Hiruzen nodded slightly.
The Land-of-Rivers is very weak. Basically, it doesn’t even have its own Ninja Village inside, it’s all foreign ninja and rogue ninja.
If it weren’t for its location between fire and wind, it would have been annexed by the country of wind.
“However, it does not rule out the possibility that they will profit from somebody’s misfortune. Although the life and death of Second-Kazekage are unknown at Hidden Sand Village, their mastery of Puppet Jutsu and medical jutsu may be able to transform the Second-Kazekage and save him. It is their greatest battle strength, if we ignorantly think that the Second-Kazekage threat on the other side doesn’t exist, we are likely to suffer a big loss.”
Akabane pondered, and he still thinks that Second-Kazekage has hidden dangers.
After all, Sand Village is too mysterious, many methods are not present at all, and it is not impossible to be really ruthless.
When Hiruzen heard it he said coldly: “If they really want to do it, they can only take their Jinchuuriki to release their tail beast.”
Uchiha’s ability is a double-edged sword.
They didn’t dare to use it before, but now Uchiha has surrendered, and with Uchiha Yuan’ awakening of the kaleidoscope, he can completely manipulate their one tail after they release it to destroy the Sand village, and solve the problem fundamentally.
The reason for thinking of this is due to Akabane’s manga.
At the beginning of the comic, someone can release and manipulate the Kyuubi and using this method they can also manipulate their tailed beast if it is released.
When it comes to Sealing Jutsu, no one can compare to the Uzumaki Clan and Konoha.
What a ruthless way!
Akabane was secretly shocked.

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