Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 197


By the way, aren’t you at a job fair today?”
Orochimaru felt it was a little strange.
For such an important thing as a job fair, is there still time to send comics?
Or are you being lazy again?
“There is Shadow Clone over there, absolutely foolproof, and I mainly came out to find the Third Hokage halfway to talk about the village disabled Jonin’s return to work.”
Akabane quickly explained himself.
Orochimaru thought about it after hearing it and quickly understood.
Planning to let those people join the preparation department?
This is a good way.
Jonin is the precious natural resource of the village. If it can be reused, it is absolutely good for the village.
“Recently, I was wondering if I can learn to use puppet parts to replace the lost limbs of the ninjas. If it can be done…”
He picked up the little book and was flipping through his booklet.
At this moment, the snake appeared again.
“What are you doing again?”
Orochimaru hasn’t even summoned Manda yet. But they still want him to pay a fee for it. And now that the comic has been taken, how come it come back again?
“Lord Manda want to ask you, who is Kurama Akabane.”
“Kurama Akabane? I don’t know.”
Orochimaru is very smart. If these snakes are thinking about Akabane. There is nothing good about it, so it’s better not to give any information out.
The little snake didn’t believe it.
Because Manda said, this person named Akabane is definitely in Konoha.
It tossed its tail and then said: “Kurama Akabane is very good at creating comics. So there are few Elder’s who are very interested in him. If you are interested, you might as well come to my Ryuchi Cave.”
Ryuchi Cave?
Orochimaru was shocked and could not speak for a while.
The snake clan who had his own summoned scroll contract came from Ryuchi Cave one of the three holy places, and he didn’t know this until now.
No one in Ryuchi Cave really got along well, and he didn’t want to use Akabane as bait.
“So you live in Ryuchi Cave.”
“Well, we Snake Clan are all hidden in the Ryuchi Cave, then I will leave first.”
After speaking, the little snake curled up his body, stimulated by the technique to leave the place, and visually he returned to the cave of the snakes.
Orochimaru survived the initial shock and gradually calmed down.
He was just a little surprised, but think about it carefully, not to mention whether Manda has mastered the mystery of Senjutsu, even if it is mastered, its behaviour is not as easy to discuss.
Knowing this, he can’t help but feel a little envious of Jiraiya.
He can enter Mount Myōboku Mountain by casually using summoning arts and get the summoned scroll of the Toad family, and he got even treated as the Son of Destiny.
Orochimaru sighed helplessly, his magical powers could not defeat fate, so what he could do was only work hard on his goal.
In comparison, Akabane had no plans to go to Ryuchi Cave.
With a bunch of ferocious snakes, if someone fails the trial, they will only become a good of the snakes. Although the Saint Mode is indeed powerful, the process is too difficult.
Moreover, he already has the Dream Tapir family. Although he still doesn’t know the strength of the Dream Tapir family, but judging from the degree of their notoriety, their strength should not be lost to the three holy places.
of course.
When it comes to fighting head-on, he can’t count on them. Even Danzo’s summoned beasts are as crisp as paper.
But it didn’t mean they are weak as Akabane has a complete plan for the use of the Dream Tapir family ability.
“By the way, you just said to emulate the Hidden Sand Village puppet?”
“Yes, puppet production can also be used to transform the human body. I wrote down this subject when I saw your comics before, but I have never had time. If I can study it, I think there are some Jonin in the village that have the ability to return to the battlefield.”
Orochimaru opened his notes and then showed Akabane what was recorded on this page.
What was written was the production patterns of various prostheses.
In the theoretical diary below, it is written about the possibility of puppets replacing human limbs and reducing the disability rate.
Orochimaru noticed Akabane’s gaze and explained: “Tsunade’s medical jutsu is very good. I don’t think this plan is necessary. However, it should not be difficult to restore a Jonin missing limbs with this prosthetic.”
“You can try it first on a big beast.”
There is no doubt about the success rate, this thing is not dangerous, after all, it is not directly on the body, but that part of their body that was missing.
But the only thing to consider is how to realize the technology of prosthetic imprinting if the arm is defective?
This subject is difficult.
Obviously, Orochimaru also thought about it. He pondered for a moment and said: “For the time being, we should first understand the manufacture of puppet limbs and then consider the issue of ninjutsu.”
“Then please.”
With his curiosity being satisfied, and seeing that the other party is about to work again, Akabane consciously chooses to leave.
Peeking next door, Tsunade is not in the laboratory.
It seems she is busy…
In such a comparison, he finally felt how lazy he is, he obviously needed to recruit today, but he ran out by myself.
Full of guilt!
Forget it, go back and continue painting.
Eighty percent of the Anbu went to the Uzumaki Kingdom. And his points have risen very slowly recently. After saving for these two days, he has only collected 1,000 points.
If he didn’t update more, I’m afraid there will be fewer points he will receive.
In the Ryuchi Cave.
Ichikishima-hime held the comic and turned the pages of the book enthusiastically.
“You are actually interested in human things.”
“Although what was painted is a boring struggle between humans, it is really interesting to look at…
The child named Orochimaru is not honest, so call him in next time and let him have good torture!”
She stretched out her tongue, her face suddenly turned into a snake spirit turning into a hideous and terrifying existence.
Tagorihime indifferently said: “Even Manda hasn’t fully grasped the power of Senjutsu even more how that kid unless he finds it himself, he won’t even have the qualifications to come to Ryuchi Cave.”
“Don’t say that, Manda shouldn’t find such a stupid partner.”
Ichikishimahime tumbling in the air holding a comic book.
Manda was also invaded by the dream anime of the dream tapir, but its nature is not interested in these comics at all. If it were not for Ichikishimahime and the others, it would not bother to give Orochimaru this shameful order.
“Who knows, but Manda seems to be very hungry.”
Ichikishimahime twitched her lips.
The status and strength of the snakes in Ryuchi Cave are also between high and low. Among them, the white snake Sage is the highest, and the three snake fairy are responsible for the trial. They have trained the power of Sage Human Transformation, second only to the White Snake Sage.
And she as one of the White Snake Fairy is much stronger than Manda.
As for Manda…
In the ordinary snake clan, its strength is indeed very powerful.
Ichikishimahime in the form of a small loli turned around. She was not interested in writing round eyes. She just looked at it casually until the “Orochimaru” appeared in the comics.
“Hey, this Orochimaru…the painting really looks like our snake clan.”
Ichikishima Hime moved to the side of Tagorihime and instantly showed her the comic.
Tagorihime glanced at it.
Just looking at the appearance, it fits the aesthetics of the snake tribe, but unfortunately, it is humankind.
She retracted her gaze and said: “It’s nothing worth to be addicted to human creations.”
I heard that Konoha has other comics besides this naruto, next time asked Orochimaru to offer the other book as a sacrifice…. But it’s so troublesome as I have to go through Manda first.”
“Ahh~ Why is the person named Akabane, not my summoned blood contract partner? So I can directly summon him to Ryuchi Cave and draw comics for me, without using these methods.”
Ichikishima Hime sighed regretfully.
Once the psychic blood contract is concluded, it is difficult to change it unless the other party blood contract is killed.
Although the dream tapir frontal combat power is not strong, it has a set of harassment methods, and it is difficult to find the place where they live. So for the time being, even the White Snake fairy can’t and the position of the dream tapir family.
Just forget it.
Looking at the remaining half comics that have not been read yet, she was a little bit reluctant to finish it, and after reading it, she would live a boring dormant life again.
After reading a chapter, she glanced around and found that Tagorihime had gone.
“Che, it seems that I am not the only one who likes it, although she said she despises it, she still took the other copy.”
Ichikishimahime secretly complained in her heart.
There are four of the give sets of comics that was brought here, and although the other two said that they were not interested in it, but the other set still disappeared.
Is it possible that it disappeared just because they were staring at it?
Don’t be funny!
She spits out a snake language and continued to read the comics. This little thing is really good to pass the boring time.
It didn’t take long for the dozens of comics to be read.
Although there is not much feeling in the plot, she only felt that it was too little, she just read it and it was already over.
 She fell down listlessly.
Before the change, she would sleep directly regardless of other things, anyway, for the snake, sleeping was also very enjoyable.
But now it’s different.
Having seen the entertainment in the world, she can no longer satisfy herself by sleeping even with a thousand years of sleep.
“Let Manda do some more, it’s not enough.”
It didn’t take long.
Orochimaru received another letter from Manda.
Want comics?
He was going crazy, they are a cruel snake clan, how could they suddenly become like this.
Such a big snake has no hands, how can a small comic book be opened, is it possible for a bunch of snakes to lick it with their tongues?
Besides, it takes two or three times a day, which is too frequent.
Who can stand it!
So he had no choice but to go out in person and come to the comic shop.
This time he won’t care about what kind of comics. As long as Akabane’s comics are available, he will pack a copy and use summoning jutsu to summon the snake that serves as the middle messenger and let it take it away and send it to Manda.
This time there was no movement for a long time.
So Orochimaru is no longer so irritable and is ready to go back and continue his research after calming down.
Akabane was very distressed and didn’t even dare to come out to comfort him.
After all, at that time, in the final analysis, he let his summoned dream tapir play a wave of dream advertisements.
Although he won’t know who is in love with the comics, there are only so few snakes who can order Manda like a lackey.
So he can’t afford to provoke them.
“I’m sorry Orochimaru, I will give you a few more ideas later for your research. I’m sorry about this time.”
Akabane apologized silently in his heart.
After that, he drew three updates of One Piece, and ready to take a breather, but suddenly at this time, Jiraiya also came in a rush.
“Brother Yunlang, give me ten sets of Naruto comics.”

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