Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 200


“Oh~ Big Brother Gamabunta is so handsome and big!”
“Wow, big brother also played a role?”
There are small toads who skipped the previous chapter and directly snatched the latest update to read. So when he saw Gamabunta, he couldn’t help but exclaim!
When they heard Gamabunta name, many toads came over.
So handsome!
Gamabunta is the boss of these toads, both strength and momentum are the strongest.
Seeing the essays in the comics that are stronger than reality, they are not too envious.
“Look at me, summoning jutsu!”
A little toad jumped onto the sleeping Gamabunta, with two forelimbs resembling a knot, and then quickly patted Gamabunta back like in the comic.
“Idiot, don’t…”
“It’s over!”
Everyone was stunned.
The little toad ate the swan meat and then floated to provoke the sleeping Gamabunta.
After being shot by it, Gamabunta wakes up dimly.
It didn’t know what happened, only that he seemed to be slapped on its back, and then he woke up from sleep.
“who is it……”
His deep voice was mixed with anger.
“Look, I, like Naruto, summoned Boss Gamabunta.”
The Little Toad didn’t realize the crisis but was very excited and proud.
A crowd of toads covered their faces.
They know that when Gamabunta was angry the consequences were serious.
Next second…
“Idiot, who told you to hit me while I was sleeping, I want to kill you.”
An angry roar spread throughout Mount Myboku
Jiraiya, who was training with Fukasaku Sage in the distance, also looked dazed. And thought: ‘What was the situation with Gamabunta roar, I didn’t provoke him!’
Fukasaku Sage looked at the comic, glanced at Jiraiya, and said calmly: “Take care of yourself first, your disposition is in chaos again.”
Jiraiya also hurriedly adjusted his disposition and let his shaky self sit on the stone slab again.
Fukasaku Sage lying on the stone pillar.
Since he got used to the kind of chair that can rock back and forth in the illusion, this kind of hard stone become uncomfortable to him.
“I don’t know when that kid can finish it… Forget it, continue reading the comics.”
It took out the next volume.
It’s not easy to draw comics, but it’s really fast if you just look at it. He read Naruto by its third volume in less than an hour.
Fortunately, there are many more.
Fukasaku Sage looked at the manga that was higher than it and felt a sense of satisfaction in his heart.
“Although I don’t know why the Great Toad Sage dreamed of that little kid, the comics are indeed good things. It’s really cool to read them all at once.”
If it wasn’t for Mount Myoboku to be special, it even wanted Kurama Akabane to open a comic shop on the mountain.
But when it was really opened, Mount Myoboku had no money to pay them.
It’s embarrassing to get a free manga once, and it would be too much for them to ask to fund a shop.
It seems that there is only one choice: A trade.
Fukasaku Sage thought in his mind, what can they trade with humans, to get more comics.
Worm cooking?
Go back to discuss with that kid.

At Konoha’s gate, recruitment is almost over.
“Damn, that guy didn’t come back, in the end, we took care of the mess, he really likes to be lazy.”
They thought that Akabane will come back after leaving but, even his silhouette couldn’t be seen this afternoon.
 The problem is–
The shadow clone left behind does not seem to be so motivated. Although it is not lazy, it does very limited things.
Sure enough, it was its shadow clone, similar to the main body.
Shimi sighed softly.
“Hey, Akabane, you have to treat us after we go back. Last time you treated Hayate Gekko so badly, I haven’t counted it with you.”
Ye Wu returned tiredly.
She is responsible for the recruitment of actual combat training instructors. The most difficult and tiring one is.
“It’s the main body problem, but thinking about the money he has that he doesn’t care, it should not be a problem treating you guys.”
The Shadow Clone expression was indifferent as if these things had nothing to do with him.
“Damn, even after eating, I have to go back to train.”
Ye Wu handed the information to Shimi, and then said, “This is everyone’s information, and the rest is up to you.”
In terms of data analysis, he is indeed better than the others, and it is for this step that Shimi participates in the job fair.
Gradually, all the information was handed over.
And it is a Thick pile of files.
This is still the result of screening. If all the original data are here, Shimi is afraid that it will be impossible to finish the work until his sudden death.
“Thanks to everyone today, it looks like it’s over.”
At this time, Akabane arrived.
He calculated the time and rushed over when he felt it was almost time.
Shimi glanced at him and was unable to organize the information.
“In the evening, I invite everyone to dinner, and when the preparation department starts, I will give you some extra benefits.”
Akabane said.
“Forget about eating, later we will come back to join the preparation department, so have mercy on us at that time and we will very grateful.”
A group of Genins have no interest in eating at all.
Although the barbecue is very delicious if you don’t have the strength, who knows what is going on in the preparation department in the future?
It would be a shame for them to be surpassed by Genin, who graduated this year.
“Yeah, I have to go back. Iwamaru hasn’t been taken care of by me for a day, so I don’t know what happened.”
Inuzuka Ishi stretched.
Although they are all working errands, they are equally tiring all day.
The group of genins didn’t have the nature of staying any longer and soon dispersed. Only Shimi, Gekko Yewu, Shinnosuke and Akabane were left here.
“Today, there are quite a few strong Jonin, many of them have been on the battlefield. I can’t figure out how to choose them. It’s only up to you to discuss them.”
Ye Wu raised her sword, the meaning is self-evident.
Today’s training got suspended due to the recruitment, so she has to go back and make up for it, so she won’t continue to accompany them here.
“Thank you.”
Akabane bowed and thanked her.
Although it was a job that was exchanged for Stealth Foot, if they were not for friends, Ye Wu would not be so dedicated.
Ye Wu waved her hand and left instantly.
“Akabane, you haven’t come to me for a long time. Even if you ask me to do things for you, you have to go through my father too asked me about it. Are you that afraid that I will create new weapons and abuse you?”
Shinosuke was triumphant, and as he spoke, he took out a strange weapon from his waist.
Yes, it is indeed a pan.
The appearance is quite unpretentious, without any fancy lines, but in terms of material and workmanship, this is a very strong Chakra weapon.
Shimi’s eyes widened, with a shocked expression on his face: “The Third Hokage-sama will let you mess around and make such precious materials into… a pan!”
“It’s not a simple pan!”
Shinnosuke was furious, all of them were like this, and they didn’t understand his genius idea.
Chakra perfusion.
In an instant, the frying pan became earth-yellow, like a rock, and as Chakra was poured, it continued to expand, eventually reaching ten times its size.
“Look, it can be offensive and defensive, and even…”
With a wave of the pan, countless soil thorns flew out.
If you use such an attack when defending, it is indeed quite unexpected.
Shimi took a look, then lowered his head and continued to sort out the information. From the effect, it was indeed a good weapon, but the selling point was so different.
“Hey hey hey, what is your expression, do you look down on the great weapon I have worked hard to design?”
Shinnosuke put Chakra away and yelled in annoyance.
“No, I was just stunned, I hope you won’t be in a half-century footsteps.”
Akabane wishes sincerely.
In his previous life, there is a man called fifty-five, but because of the frying pan, it has taken the road of self-destruction. Shinnosuke did not understand what he meant and he was content to experiment with his new weapons.
Seeing that no one is paying attention, he sadly put away the pan and said: “Speaking of which, how do you plan to arrange training?”
“Use my Virtual game to simulate various scenarios for actual combat training.”
Akabane explained.
Those Genin student strengths are not that strong. At first, there is no need for large-scale online operations, but since his spiritual energy consumption will not be too much, he will let them experience it.
As for large-scale group Illusion…
With the ability of a dream tapir, as long as a group of relatively strong ninja provide him with mental energy, the consumption of illusions can be reduced to a tolerable range.
“I’m also a Genin, I should be able to enter the Reserve Department too!”
His eyes lit up after he heard the way of training.
Illusory simulation training has been implemented on the previous root team, and later he uses the Virtual Game of guarding the village of Konoha and it’s also the same as the Survival in the Dessert they play on the Dand Village.
Although he hadn’t experienced the first illusory training program, he still played the survival in the desert. Although it is extremely difficult, it is quite fun.
“It’s not possible since you have a lead Jonin.”
Akabane refused mercilessly.
“Is there no other way? I can’t accommodate it…”
“You are so strange, what’s so good about the preparation department?”
Shimi felt it very strange.
The preparation department is a place where very inferior ninjas would stay. How could an elite like Shinnosuke enter the preparation department?
“Oh, by the way, apart from these, there will be some special events from time to time, such as weekend animation education, etc. Relatively speaking, it should not be too boring. If I can do it, I have special arrangements.”
Akabane was talking about some of his plans.
The more he listens the more excited Shinnosuke become. Many projects feel very fun just by listening to Akabane. It must be fun to join the preparation department.
He also knows very well that these are all impossible for him to join.
The nine Genins who participated in Chunin Exams some time ago were all well-known figures in the same session. Among them, although Shin Yūhi had the worst strength, but he was also snatched by various departments.
So as the son of the Third Hokage, If Shinnosuke had to shrink in the preparation department with the rest of the Genins, it was not only the faces of the nine ninjas from the chunin exam who will be lost, but also the face of the Third Hokage.
“By the way, since you are good at Earth-Style, after completing the mission ordered by the village, you can come to the preparation department as much as you like when you have free time. Of course… it is definitely not for you to have fun for allowing you to come, but I will assign you as a temp teacher to train Taijutsu and correspondingly when there are anime education and other activities.”
Akabane said with a smile.
“What exactly are the animation education activities?”
Seeing Shinnosuke being interested, Shimi sighed lightly.
It’s Akabane’s habitual tactics luring a poor soul, when Shinnosuke was interested, he had no turning back from his clutch.
Shimi coping method was very simple, turn in his head and ignore them, not thinking about what Akabane said, just taking care of his own affairs.
Obviously, Shinnosuke doesn’t have his concentration.
“Animation education, as the name suggests, turns the plot of comics into magic so that students can feel the thoughts and meanings the character want to convey in the plot. It is a part of ideological education.”
Akabane said.
“Oh~ it sounds interesting, okay, okay, I agree.”
Shinnosuke became interested in an instant.
Shimi shrugged his head, not surprised by the result.
However, compared with the blank and boring preaching like in the Academy, letting the students blend into the characters of illusion, feel the emotions and thoughts that the characters of the plot must convey, and then understand the truth of the plot is really interesting.
Think about it carefully, this kind of education is indeed better.
“This guy, it looks like he’s not really lazy.”
He sighed lightly and continued to sort out the massive amounts of information in front of him.

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