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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 202


This time they were very efficient, and within an hour, everyone had discussed which ninjas were suitable for learning battlefield first aid.
At the same time, ninjas who are good at medical jutsu, such as Koharu and Tsunade, have begun to study.
What technique is suitable for the battlefield?
It is quick to work, easy to learn, and best for everyone to master.
No one has developed such a technique yet, so the simplest chakra stimulation treatment can only be modified and simplified—that is, the healing technique.
of course……
Not only the R&D team, but when the practice methods, principles, and simple treatment techniques of the healing technique are all compiled into a book, the temporary transformation battlefield first aid ninja is also gathered.
Time is urgent, so everyone’s choice of ninja is simple and straightforward.
The most demanding medical technique is Chakra Control ability, and among ordinary ninjas, those who have strong Chakra Control ability are undoubtedly those Genjutsu-type ninjas and mental manipulation ninja.
For example, the Yūhi Clan, Kurama Clan and Yamanaka Clan.
In fact, the first batch of first-aid ninjas was selected from these three families, plus some civilians, who were good at Chakra control, to form the first batch of battlefield medical teams.
When Akabane got the news, it was already the next afternoon.
This day, he was speeding up the update, and the result was very gratifying. In just one day, he and his shadow clone drew a full ten chapters of Naruto.
With this, the plot has officially reached the prelude to the Konoha Destruction plan——
The plot in the comic arrives on the eve of the duel between Sasuke and Gaara. Although Konoha’s collapse plan has not yet officially opened, a lot of the foreshadowing can be seen, not to mention the plot of the Hyuga clan before.
“This part seems to need to be sent to the Third Hokage for review…”
Akabane fell into thought.
Since the Third Hokage repeatedly emphasized this sometimes ago.
If this time he ignores his instructions again. Even if he is valued by the Third Hokage, he will still become irritated.
‘I should send it. If it doesn’t work, I can only change it. Anyway, it’s not a big problem.’
He picked up the comic and headed towards the Hokage Building.
At this time, Sarutobi Hiruzen is really busy. As the Third Hokage, who is known as the ninja Court Academician, although he doesn’t dabble in Medical-Ninjutsu, but he has a certain understanding of it.
He may not help much in the research and development of medical ninjutsu, but he is good at summarizing and simplifying the techniques.
So Akabane went to the office and didn’t see the Third Hokage at all.
To assist in researching medical ninjutsu, he moved his office to a small building near the hospital.
As a last resort, he can only use his perception ability.
After a few minutes, he finally found the so-called small building.
This is no longer a small building. It is just a temporary shed. Outside the shed, many ninjas are practising medical techniques. There are sheep and small animals such as mice and rabbits.
Needless to say, looking at the tragic condition of these rats and rabbits, you must know that it must have been sent from Orochimaru, while Tsunade, Utatane Koharu and other ninjas who are good at Medical-Ninjutsu are in charge of the guidance.
“Huh, Akabane?”
Tsunade looked up and saw Akabane holding two volumes of comics in his hand, which looked strange.
“What happened?”
Turning her head, Utatane Koharu frowned slightly.
Akabane bowed slightly and then pointed to the Third Hokage office.
The female elder nodded and motioned for Akabane to pass.
Knowing that she had destroyed the atmosphere, Tsunade quickly apologized and then continued to do her own thing.
Before entering his office, Hiruzen already knew Akabane had arrived.
Although he is not a ninja with perception expertise, as a Hokage, his sense ability cannot be underestimated. In addition, with his Crystal Ball Jutsu, he has been paying attention to ninja medical training, so when Akabane arrived, he already understood his purpose.
When Akabane entered the shed, Hiruzen drank and asked, “Are you looking for me for anything?”
“There are parts of the plot of the comics that you need to read.”
In special moments, unnecessary etiquette can be omitted.
Therefore, Akabane did not salute, but took the comic directly and put it on the temporary desk of the third Hokage.
Hiruzen took it over, and then he looked shocked–
“Unbelievable, you drew 10 chapters in one go!”
“What are you talking about?”
Akabane is somewhat helpless, he finally worked hard on painting this, but after submitting it, he immediately encountered such remarks.
Thus, there was a burst of hearty laughter in the office.
But after a while, Hiruzen could not laugh anymore.
Because the Clan and family division system of the Hyuga clan is bloody exposed in the plot. This is not slander, but a reflection of reality!
In the separation of the family, there are many ninjas who are unwilling but helpless and can only obey. As Neji said, their fate seems to have been destined by nature.
Seeing this, Hiruzen fell silent, knowing why Akabane had sent it here especially.
“You child, really…”
Hiruzen has a headache.
If it was before yesterday happened, he might not hesitate to let Akabane correct it, but yesterday, Akabane gave very important suggestions about the medical ninja problem, and these ideas are all from Akabane’s comics.
If he limits these, I am afraid that the spirituality of comics will disappear.
He put down the comic with a headache and rubbed his temples. These problems do exist in the Hyuga clan, but they have been maintained for hundreds of years. Wanting to change it is not something that happens overnight.
Every new generation may have the determination to change their tradition at the beginning, but when he enjoys the conveniences and benefits of the Clan family, no matter what pressure and persecution, he will gradually obey the destiny of the clan family.
Just like Hyuga Hiashi.
Maybe for a moment, he has all kinds of family affection in his heart, but when Neji shows hatred for the clan and its children, as the main family head, he will not hesitate to do it.
As for Branch House.
They can only choose to obey or die freely.
Hiruzen was silent for a long time, unable to make up his mind to agree or disagree. In a sense, the comic did not explicitly oppose this system, but only described the situation of the family branch house through the role of Neji.
“Your previous plot has clearly drawn Neji’s hatred of the Main House. And if you don’t draw these, the problem is even greater, so just do it this way.”
After considering it for a long time, he finally agreed.
Regardless of the presence of these two volumes, when Neji beat Hinata with bruises in the previous qualifiers, he already showed his strong hatred for the Main House.
However, the Hyuga family did not express their views on this, which shows that they are also in a wait-and-see attitude.
In this chapter, Neji’s attitude remains the same, but the truth about the clan is revealed, but instead explains everything in front.
It happens that the Hyuga Clan is quite unruly lately.
With the Uchiha clearing their inside, they took refuge in the village, and obtained power after the reorganization of the guards.
So this time, the Hyuga clan also reached out for power. Although it was not a big problem, for Hokage and the higher-ups of Konoha, this approach made them very uncomfortable.
They didn’t give the power they seek, so they plan to grab it.
With Hyuga’s approach of snatching, a warning is not a bad thing.
After Sarutobi Hiruzen understood this section, he picked up the comic again and continued to look down.
The most sensitive point of this chapter is the plot of the Hyuga family. Many other plots are foreshadowing. Hiruzen turned to the front pages and reviewed it.
Until the last chapters, he fell into deep thought again.
As the Konoha destruction plan approaches, there are more and more clues in the plot——
Before the trip, Baki met Kabuto and after that killed Gekko Hayate.
Dressed in disguise and entered the venue.
A series of psychological activities by Baki, made Kankuro voluntarily surrender.
This series of clues is enough to show that Hidden Sand Village is cooperating with Orochimaru to work on Konoha, and Gaara, as Jinchuriki, is a very important part of it.
He thought to himself.
If the Konoha can think of directly dealing with Jinchuriki. Will Hidden Sand Village directly dispatch Jinchuriki to grab the site?
In that case, the plan to unblock Jinchuriki will be invalid, and the ninja lurking in the Land-of-Rivers are basically unable to resist Shukaku’s power.
Although the Land of River is chaotic, the environment is very good, and it can definitely improve the barren status of the country of the wind.
By then, the Land of Wind will undoubtedly be stronger.
Hiruzen hesitated for a while and asked, “Akabane, how is the sealing jutsu on your side, have you mastered them?”
“Not very good, to be honest, it’s hard to learn.”
Akabane said honestly.
“So… forget it.”
Hiruzen shook his head and handed the comic back to him.
Sealing Jutsu is indeed quite difficult to learn, if it is just a simple sealing technique, then most people can master it.
But if it’s a Sealing Jutsu for one-tailed beast…
This is not a job Akabane or Uzumaki Tomiko can accomplish.
“Then I will leave first.”
Akabane excused himself.
He also had to go to Yamano Izumi place to print the comics as soon as possible and redeem the medical ninjutsu as soon as possible.
Hiruzen nodded, still thinking about Shukaku’s problem in his mind.
There are only a handful of masters with the sealing ability in Konoha, and they can’t dispatch Uzumaki Mito, so the only way is to dispatch a sealing team from Anbu.

Leaving the temporary office shed, Akabane hurriedly sent a clone to the factory, and at the same time opened the system panel to check if there were more ninjutsu exchanges on his list
Although it’s only the Third Hokage who read the comics it may be possible to make ninjutsu appear on the list.
Opening the panel, the points directly increased by four to five hundred, and more than that, when he opens the exchange list, the Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms, Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven, Mystical Palm Technique, etc. were directly refreshed at the top.
It Succeeded!
Akabane took a deep breath and checked the points required by the Mystical Palm Technique.
A-level, five hundred points.
“It’s not too much, redeem.”
Akabane did not hesitate.
With more than 500 points now, the daily income was doubled, and he can exchange it easily.
Redeem instantly!
A huge amount of memories flooded into his mind, and these memories were all how to use and the precise control of the Mystical Palm Technique and the amount of chakra used.
Mystical Palm Technique is different from ordinary medical techniques. Excessive Chakra input will not only fail to have a therapeutic effect but will destroy the circulation in the opposition’s body and cause coma.
Even though he had these memories of the Mystical Palm Technique, it did not mean that Akabane had mastered vast medical knowledge.
He is only very experienced in the use of the Mystical Palm Technique, but medical treatment is not just as simple as using the Mystical Palm Technique to recover. Although Mystical Palm Technique is powerful, it can only cope with some diseases. The real illness is very complicated.
And he needed to learn all kinds of medical knowledge to be called a master of Medical Nin.

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