Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 231


“Hokage-sama, I beg you, please don’t let my son repeat grades anymore! If he repeats his grade again, my child’s future will be ruined.”
Uchiha Ensho begged while crying.
The preparation department is completely closed, but the expelled Genin, and also the Anbu group with the medical squads that were on-site will still leak some news.
It was from this that he got the news that he knew his child had chosen the wrong one again.
Hiruzen was speechless and didn’t know how to answer.
Although he is the head of the Reserve Department, Akabane is the executor. In a sense, he has no right to interfere in these matters.
Besides, Uchiha Ryo hasn’t been kicked out.
In order to take care of the emotions of a Jonin father, Hiruzen did not say it too directly. After thinking for a while, he said: “Ensho, now that Ryo has not been expelled, it is enough to prove that Akabane’s original intention is not to eliminate him… You can look at this, this is your son’s report he handed in.”
Uchiha Ensho was taken aback for a moment and took the letter.
He opened.
Obito, Kakashi?
After a few glances, it seemed that Obito is from the Uchiha Clan, and his son’s letter seems to be a story about the origin of Kakashi Sharingan.
This is really interesting.
Uchiha Ensho was curious. He wanted to know how Kakashi’s eyes came from before, but Akabane didn’t describe it in detail in the comic’s description, but only mentioned it’s a gift from a teammate.
From the letter, Obito is Kakashi’s teammate, and he is from Uchiha’s, and at the same time, he is also the fourth generation Hokage disciple…
No, it shouldn’t be a Hokage disciple at that time.
Uchiha Ensho thought secretly in his heart and then sighed softly. That’s right if Obito really becomes a Hokage disciple, it means that Uchiha will be gradually divided into two factions by the Hokage lineage, and they will not face extermination in the comics.
And it seems that Obito died.
He didn’t see the real plot, he just guessed it based on his son’s words, as the pieces are not complete.
As for the specific content of the report…
It’s nothing more than the feelings of being in groups, being partners, fetters, and thinking that you should integrate into the group.
Before the change, Uchiha Ensho would certainly dismiss these remarks.
But today is different.
Uchiha has already integrated into the village, and his attitude toward the outside world must be changed. It would be good for Uchiha if his son could reverse his attitude and integrate into the group as he said in his report.
Therefore, after reading it, he bowed deeply to the Third Hokage: “Thank you very much.”
“You don’t have to thank me, as I didn’t do anything that great. I also hope that Uchiha can join Konoha’s collective as soon as possible.”
Hiruzen leaned on his chair.
Recently, the guards have developed rapidly and achieved gratifying results. The patrol business has expanded from Konoha to four villages and eight towns around Konoha.
Of course, this is Uchiha’s credit.
Uchiha Ensho respectfully said: “Yes, we will strengthen mutual cooperation.”
“Last time I heard that you asked Akabane to rent a dream tapir as an auxiliary training, how is the situation recently?”
“Very good, it’s just…”
Speaking of this, Uchiha Ensho seemed hesitant to speak.
Hiruzen originally just asked casually, but seeing his expression, he immediately became interested and sat upright as if listening to the play.
Uchiha Ensho thought about his wording and said: “They seem to be fascinated by One Piece recently.”
Hiruzen froze for a moment and did not understand the meaning of this sentence.
“It’s about the training in their dreams. The dreams they create are all battle scenes in One Piece. So their Ninjutsu has not improved, but their physique and swordsmanship have improved a lot.”
Uchiha also has family swordsmanship.
After the establishment of the guards, Uchiha also taught swordsmanship. Now many foreign guards have also mastered some swordsmanship. With the help of dreams, everyone’s swordsmanship is advancing by leaps and bounds.
However, this is not the effect the guard head originally wanted.
Hiruzen froze for a moment, then laughed happily and said: “Maybe you can talk with the Hatake Clan, and let them send some people who can use kenjutsu in secret and let them participate in dream training together…
Uchiha Ensho’s eyes lit up.
Everyone in the Hatake clan is good at swordsmanship. However, there are few people who want to learn Kenjutsu.
If he can recruit Hatake people or trade some swordsmanship through this, both Uchiha and the guards will benefit greatly. He was excited for a while and then quickly calmed down.
The Dream Tapir training came from Akabane. This time the conditions shouldn’t be too high, otherwise, if the Hatake Clan went to Akabane after disagreeing on their terms, they would be left with nothing.
Konoha Street.
Sakumo came back from a mission and prepared to buy some comics on the way.
And the result……
When he was walking on the street, a bunch of people came all the way to watch and follow him, and some even pointed at him.
Although Sakumo was expressionless, he was very confused. He didn’t know what was going on. 
He went to the comic shop. And found many people gathered at the comic shop and some were asking about the “Kannabi Bridge Battle”.
“Will there be a comic about the battle in the Kanabe Bridge and also about White Fang?”
“Catch your boss back and ask him to update. He hasn’t updated the comics for more than ten days. Let him come back to draw the death of white fang and also the battle on the Kannabi  Bridge!”
These spectators are obviously the parents of the Genins, who have received their own children’s opinions.
Their focus is not on their children, but on the situation of the battle between White Fang and the Kannabi Bridge!
However, looking for Kurama Yunlang and asking him to let his boss update the comic is tantamount to asking blindly.
“Everyone, everybody… I don’t even know what these are, and it’s useless for you to ask me.”
Kurama Yunlang stood on the stool and shouted loudly. And when he saw Sakumo standing outside, his eyes lit up and said, “Sakumo, look it’s Sakumo!”
Calling me?
Sakumo was stunned, and the crowd turned around in the next second, staring at him for several seconds.
“Don’t say it, it’s really appropriate to look at the name White Fang.”
“I remember your short knife is called White Fang.”
“Konoha White Fang sounds pretty good, but why did you commit suicide? You shouldn’t kill yourself!”
Many of the group of people are good ninjas, and they also have intersections with Sakumo.
Now all of them look like monkeys watching and having fun.
As the person involved, Sakumo didn’t even know what they were talking about.
Konoha White Fang?
What the hell are they!
But although he doesn’t know what happened, he knows who caused the matter-during the time he was on the mission, Kurama Akabane must have done something.
“Sakumo, you go and ask Akabane, what is the story of Kakashi, White Fang, and Obito? I’m going crazy with so many asking me about it.”
Kurama Yunlang said.
After he said that, he pointed to the idle ninjas around him. The war had just ended, and everyone had a good vacation, otherwise, there would not be so many idle people coming to block the door during this time.
Sakumo had a headache as he glanced at them and said, “You let me as a victim ask?”
“Aren’t you teammates, good brothers?”
Someone laughed.
Shumao shook the white fang around his waist. And started walking. He really should ask for an explanation. At least he had to know how he committed suicide.
Akabane’s location is not difficult to find, he should be at his house, comic shop or the preparation department.
And since he is not in the comic shop, and it’s currently afternoon, he shouldn’t be at home so the preparation department is the only place.
The periphery of the preparation department has been enclosed by barbed wire, but it is not difficult for Sakumo to get in.
As his identity is – Danzo disciple, Akabane Brother, and also one of the Konoha New Generation fastest-rising ninjas.
Is this status ineligible to enter the Reserve Department?
When he entered the Preparation Department, he immediately spotted Akabane resting under the shade of the tree.
Akaba who sense his presence was first surprised and then got flustered  and planned to find a place to hide, but he forgot that Sakumo had nin-dog.
“Akabane, you can’t run, I’m faster than you, and I have Kenma looking for you. Squat on the tree over there and don’t walk, I’m here.”
After Sakumo finished speaking, he walked forward quickly.
His speed is indeed not superficial, and he rushed to the place where Akabane was sleeping lazily in just a few seconds.
Since he was discovered, Akabane didn’t bother to run.
What happened is not a big deal anyway. Didn’t he just make a short video and accidentally play White Fang’s suicide?
It is not the touching friendship between Kakashi and Obito that a group of people discuss the most, but the fact that Konoha’s White Fang chose to end his life by suicide.
Because it’s too cowardly, completely unlike Sakumo’s style.
The result was that the positive energy of friendship did not spread, but Sakumo committing suicide got all over Konoha.
It’s hard for me to do it too!
Akabane thought about the excuses in his heart, but before he could think of an excuse to explain, Sakumo had already arrived in front of him.
He stood up and confronted Sakumo under the tree. After thinking for a long time, he could only say: “This is the… plot, do you understand?”
“What do I understand, I know that I died in one of your plots, and I was pointed out on my walk today.”
Sakumo talked about what happened to him today.
100% turn head rate and various sayings “White Fang is dead” and “White Fang suicide”. At first, he didn’t know that White Fang was himself, but when his name was uttered-
Konoha White Fang, Hatake Sakumo.
“In fact, between the execution of the mission and the teammates, and ‘you’ choose to save ‘your’ teammates.”
Akabane explained briefly.
Sakumo had a headache, who can understand it directly and throw that kind of conclusion?
 He made a halting gesture and said, “In your own words, don’t say these useless things. Go back and draw them. I don’t have a sense of the picture just by hearing it. Do you understand that this is the plea of the people?”
The people’s demands should be fulfilled, so what can he do?
Akabane thought for a while since so many people wanted to read it, it didn’t matter if this chapter was broadcast in advance. By the way, he could also redeem Flying Thunder God Technique. And if that happens, he would not be afraid of his opponent ganking him in the future.
Also, if he created the technical formula coordinates, then it’s not going to be a pain in the ass if he wants to go to a place like the Hokage Building, Comic Shop and the preparation department!
Just think about it made his lazy bone for once active!
Sakumo who was still thinking about the plot finally couldn’t help but asked again while raising his short sword: “Did I… really committed suicide?”
“This…According to the plot I set, it is indeed like this.”
Akabane was ashamed.
It seems that suicide is indeed very incredible for the current Sakumo.
But this is how Kishimoto painted, what can he do?
“Draw it for me tomorrow, otherwise I will ask you to practice Three Sword Styles, do you hear me?”
Sakumo said, opening his pouch.
In addition to the two most commonly used short sword, he has another short blade on his side.

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