Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 233


“Those who break rules are trash, but those who abandon their comrades are worse than trash!”
Hiruzen froze for a moment.
Then he couldn’t help sighing, put down the comic on his hand, and leaned on the chair to meditate.
Mitokado Homura rushed in from the door, holding the comic book in his hand, and saw the Third Hokage lying on a chair.
“Don’t make a fuss, sit down first.” 
Hiruzen pointed to the chair near his desk.
The comic’s general plot, in fact, he can see it almost from his hindsight, so he is not too shocked or surprised.
But this consultant Elder is different.
He hasn’t seen the review of the children about the story, so the shock in his heart can be imagined at first glance.
As a ninja, what everyone else feels most is the choice of Obito and Kakashi. The two characters almost represent their two options when they encounter this problem.
However, as a senior, they are not thinking about personal issues, but more high-level benefits.
“This kind of thing cannot be left freely. Once Ninja is used to breaking rules, who will follow the mission and rules? In that case, the entire Konoha will be completely messed up! If that happens, then who will hand over commission to our Konoha!’’
Mitokado Homura is enraged and extremely worried.
White Fang is portrayed as a positive hero, but if everyone breaks the rules in the future, who will still abide by the rules?” 
Hiruzen passed a cup of tea.
Mitokado Homura took a sip and continued: “Let us ban this book, prohibit the spread of topics and establish the authority of the ninja rules!’’
“Homura, what you said all makes sense. But I just thought that if someone has the same status as White Fang and encounters the same things and the same choice, his ending may the same as White Fang,”
When Hiruzen said this, his heart was full of emotions.
What is the status of White Fang in the comic?
His prestige is above the Three Sannin, even the Hokage recognizes him. If there is no accident, he is the best candidate for being a fourth Hokage.
If a person of this status does something that breaks the rules, not only people like Mitokado Homura will not let him go, nor will Hokages competitor.
The death of White Fang was not accidental or cowardly, but the product of various factors and conflicts.
Mitokado Homura wanted to open his mouth, but he didn’t know what Sarutobi Hitori meant, so he shut up and waited for Hiruzen to say what he meant.
“You can go back first, we will discuss this matter later.”
Hiruzen leaned back on his chairs, and he didn’t decide what to do for a while, he was still thinking about how to choose.
Mitokado Homura hesitated to speak but stopped and said nothing more.
In his opinion, there is nothing to be tangled up about this issue. The village will directly take action, confiscating all comics and suppressing everything.
Looks like he has to find Danzo…
Danzo wanted to have an opinion on this matter, and he had come to see the Third Hokage or Akabane long ago. Anbu is his own, so how can he not know what Akabane is doing.
Mitokado Homura went to Anbu and asked Danzo himself about this matter.
But for his anxiety, Danzo has only said sentence–
“Homura, that’s why you are just a consultant and Hiruzen is Hokage.”
Mitokado Homura of course was very angry.
In the past, Danzo was the most enthusiastic and active about these things, but now he finds how Danzo changed and looks at what he said, he even used Hiruzen as an example of who he hated in the past! 
This is absolutely wrong!
He was furious and wanted to talk to Utatane Koharu, but Utatane Koharu was busy researching the medical system. How can she deal with these trivial things?
As a result, Mitokado Homura has left on his own again.
Regarding the content of Kakashi’s story, the ninjas in the village had a lively discussion. In addition, they have not stated their opinions, so everyone does not take them seriously. They talk about their views on ninja rules and partners from the perspective of ninja in the comics.
After Mitokado Homura hit a wall everywhere, he seemed to be abandoned by his mates and didn’t take any more action.
Akabane didn’t know these things at first, but Sakumo mentioned it a few days later in the preparation department, only to realize that his new work was almost cut in half the other day.
But what makes him more concerned is, why is this man looking for himself all day long with three short blades?
“Akabane, you haven’t updated One Piece in a long time.”
Sakumo said while twirling his weapon.
His talent in the short blade is really strong, and now, he can even control the third blade with double blades as the same as playing acrobatics, but anyone who underestimates this third blade will definitely lose miserably.
For example, Gekkō Yewu.
The reason Sakumo was pestering Akabane again was that Ye Wu was completely defeated by his three swords-even if Ye Wu’s initial sword clone had initially achieved results, she was still defeated.
He took a deep breath and told himself not to breathe.
“Oh yes, it’s not a rumor. The comic of Naruto hasn’t been updated for more than 20 days. Update it soon, or I will ask you to become my training partner.”
Sakumo sat on the tree boredly.
Akabane’s forehead blue veins jumped wildly.
How did this man become so shameless, he clearly wanted to practice his short blade by himself, but in the end, he still needed all kinds of reasons to remind him.
“Also, when will there be new…”
“Boy, I have tolerated you for a long time, come let’s fight, who is afraid of whom!”
With a loud noise, under Chakra Enhanced Strength, the tree trunk of a tree was directly smashed and fell down.
Sakumo was stunned for a moment, and then his eyes gradually brightened: “I didn’t expect you to learn Tsunade’s strange powers, let’s fight…”
After saying that, he jumped from the tree, the short blade in his left hand bent like a bow, and ejected the suspended third blade.
In the next second, before Akabane could react, Sakumo already caught up with the short blade he ejected and kicked on that blade to float again, before landing quickly.
Using the hand-to-hand combat for a while, Sakumo’s speed is even faster, and in the blink of an eye, he already has the advantage over Akabane.
But After the blade passed, Akabane’s body turned into a spray.
Water Clone.
“what’s going on?”
The Anbu and the Chunin instructors rushed over when they heard the sound.
“It’s nothing, Akabane and White Fang are in a spar.”
Ryosuke sat on a tree in the distance, looking at the excitement, “Let everyone come over. You can’t see this level spar at all times.”
Before long, a group of Genin all ran over.
At this time, the battlefield changed again.
Sakumo harassed Akabane’s location with the third sword, and at the same time summoned his nin-dog to assist in the fight.
With lightning speed, Akabane has no time to use illusion.
In the next second, when Sakumo slashed over, Akabane pretended that it was too late to dodge, and after receiving the blade forcibly, he lightly pressed his left hand to Sakumo’s body, and then slammed him quickly.
Even if his power was controlled, this punch still sent Sakumo a dozen steps away. If Sakumo hadn’t used Chakra to protect his body in advance, he might have been hit hard.
More than that, he could feel the pain in his arm muscles, as if he had been cut off.
On the other hand, at Akabane’s side.
The Yin healing effect was activated, and the wound left by the blade quickly recovered.
“You’re really strong, and difficult to get around.”
Sakumo took a breath and prepared to stand up and continue fighting.
However, he obviously wanted to control his right foot to stand up, but what happened was it was his left hand that moved!
This is the effect of Chakra Scalpel: Destruction!
“What’s the situation?”
“It seems it’s from his punch, but the effect is so strong!”
Sakumo’s movements were strange, and everyone immediately realized that something wrong-he seemed to be temporarily unable to adapt to his ability to move.
“You have already lost.”
Akabane quickly took out the Chakra drawing board and paintbrush.
In just over a second, the illusion takes effect.
In the blink of an eye, several strands of Sakumo’s hair were cut off.
The illusion disappeared.
Sakumo couldn’t adapt for a while, so he moved ridiculously over there, but after ten seconds, he gradually mastered the rhythm and stood up with difficulty.
Everyone was a little shocked, especially the ninja in Anbu.
The strength of Sakumo, their comrades-in-arms, they were the clearest of if since they fought with him on the war in the Land of Uzumaki, but when he fought with Akabane, he was almost killed directly under the same combination.
Although Akabane took advantage of the information range, it was enough to see that Akabane’s strength was extraordinary.
Several Anbu looked at Sakumo worriedly, fearing that he would be hit hard.
However, he was not lost, instead, he smiled happily and said, “It seems that you’re working hard.
What kind of technique does that punch just now?”
“It’s the combination of Chakra and Chakra Scalpel which are all medical ninjutsu.”
Akabane walked to his side, and after he made a hand seal with his hands, he treated him with Mystical Palm Technique.
“Can you fight with medical ninjutsu?”
Sakumo was a little surprised.
He had heard about the reorganization of the medical system and knew that Akabane had done a lot, but it was the first time he heard of medical techniques that could be used in combat.
“Of course.”
Akabane answered, and then took his Chakra back.
And all his muscles are repaired.
“Do you know this fighting ninjutsu?”
Many onlookers were also curious and poked the medical staff who were originally going to treat Sakumo.
“Chakra Scalpel, I have heard from Master Tsunade. But I have never heard about or see that kind of medical ninjutsu. It may be the ninjutsu that Akabane-sama just developed.”
The medical staff shook their heads and then stared at Akabane intently.
Such a skilled medical technique deserves to be Akabane-sama who developed the battlefield medical technique…
They haven’t seen Akabane use medical techniques before, but they just saw today that the people who can develop this ninjutsu are really not ordinary people.
“Wait, don’t unlock the effect of your medical ninjutsu, I want to adapt to the effect of this technique.”
Sakumo refused Akabane’s continued treatment and then kept moving in ridiculous poses.
The technique itself is not terrible.
Just adapt to a period of time, or manipulate the chakra to fight the chakra that affects the nerves.
However, in conjunction with Akabane’s illusion, this short period of one or two seconds is enough to be very fatal. In addition, he just cut Akabane with his short blade, but the blade wound was quickly recovered…
This combination of brute force and weird ninjutsu combat is really daunting. Your own attack may not be effective, and the opponent will just end it with a punch.
If you want to fight this guy in the future, you must not get close.
“Okay, during this time I’m going to retreat and start painting, so don’t bother me every day.”
Akabane has been so entangled in the past few days. He doesn’t know what made Sakumo from a cold boy to being so shameless now, but to avoid the other party’s entanglement, he thinks it is better to continue painting.
Not only that, but he also had to find something for Sakumo to do.
He thought about It and got an idea in his mind.
“Don’t worry, I won’t bother you until I come up with a tactic that can defeat you.”
Sakumo shook his head.
He is not discouraged, but he understands that the gap between the two sides is not small. For example, he has no power to resist the illusion of the Kurama clan. He has tried mental confrontation. But the result was his opponent is a scourge, and he is as weak as a chicken.
Although self-coma can escape from illusion, he doesn’t have the way of awakening in an instant like Orochimaru. In the end, he is still completely defeated. After all, if an enemy is in a coma, Akabane only needs to come over and make a punch.
This battle has had a great impact on everyone, especially those genins who watch the spar.
Obviously, everyone is about the same age, but their strengths seem to be very different from each other, not to mention Akabane, even Sakumo can kill them all.
No wonder they are already an upper ninja, and they are the lower ninja…
“By the way, I’m going to retreat and paint, so you can help me teach the genin in the preparation department. Seeing that you have taught well the other day, it is much better than me.”
Without waiting for Sakumo’s objection, Akabane turned his head and said directly to Ryosuke and others, “From today onwards, Hatake Sakumo will be your temporary training instructor, do you understand?”
Everyone responded excitedly.
Compared with Akabane, Sakumo is more popular with them. This has nothing to do with strength, but Akabane’s abilities seem to be beyond everyone’s grasp. On the contrary, Sakumo has only been teaching for a day and they have benefited a lot.
Sakumo is at a loss, and for some reason, he has become a temporary mentor?
The key is……
Only one second after the order was announced, Akabane was gone.

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