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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 238


But Sakumo knew that his curiosity wouldn’t be answered so he didn’t bother Akaba
Forget it, just read Naruto…
Sakumo rubbed his hair a little irritably, then threw the two comics to the ninjas underneath, and started to read the Naruto update by himself.
But at this time, many genins had already read the plot so they began to talk.
“Don’t you think that Duy looks super alike like Guy and Rock Lee?”
“Duy you stand over, let’s compare!”
“No, I want to train, I want to train, I…
Might Duy was reluctant, but in front of the vast sea of genin, he could only be pulled over and compared.
At first, most of them didn’t recognize it, because Might Duy’s dress and hairstyle were a little bit different from Guy, so they didn’t pay much attention to this point.
But after getting acquainted for this period of time, they realized that Might Duy seemed to be very similar to this Jonin Guy in the comic.
Not only that.
“Speaking of which, both Duy and Guy have the surnames of Might, and he may be from the same clan as Might Duy.”
Akimichi said.
The more they look at it, the more familiar it becomes because these three are almost printed in a mould, except for the slight adjustment of the facial features, there is almost no difference.
“Of course, I am Konoha’s Green Beast of prey Might Duy!”
Duy shouted as he put on Guy’s posture incomparably.
Although the names are not the same, they are exactly identical!
With big white teeth, thick eyebrows, and strange characters, should I say that they are worthy of being a father and son?
Akabane who was on the sidelines, secretly complaining.
“Speaking of which, Akabane, since you know medical ninjutsu. If you are allowed to perform this kind of operation, how many odds of success do you have?” 
Sakumo couldn’t help asking.
After the last battle, he went to learn about the ninjutsu that slashed his muscles with just one stroke. It was a rather difficult medical ninjutsu, which was created by Akabane.
For the time being, only Akabane knows this kind of medical ninjutsu that can be used in combat.
This shows that Akabane’s medical knowledge is quite high.
“Probably… 10%?”
Akabane touched his chin and didn’t feel that his answer was anything to be ashamed of.
If an ordinary medical ninja wants to restore this kind of injury from its original state, I am afraid that the success rate is less than 1%. and it is quite remarkable that his level can reach 10%.
Sakumo was stunned for a moment and then understood what Tsunade’s medical skills meant.
That is the highest medical standard!
Even with her medical knowledge, there is only a 50% success rate, which shows how dangerous this operation is!
Choosing to become a ninja means fighting with death!
“Thinking about it this way, Guy is really quite remarkable. He probably treats Rock Lee as his own child and even wants to die with him if the operation becomes a failure.”
Sakumo was deeply moved.
Akabane nodded, Guy, treated Lee as if he were his child.
And Lee did not disappoint him, he has been working hard, even if he can’t fight for a few days.
At the beginning of Naruto, he was able to open the fifth door, and at the end, he could only open the sixth door, far away from the seventh door, let alone the eighth door.
After a while, everyone had already read all the chapters.
Sakumo said with a light cough, “Very good. I have a new plan for today’s training. Everyone needs to throw a kunai 500 times. If the hit rate is less than 60%, they will run 200 laps. Start!”
The training ground suddenly uttered a miserable wailing, especially the roar of Nara Shimi, and his face was pale-this kind of training is completely a punishment for him.
A silent prayer for them.
Akabane secretly “prayed”, but then thought that in the future, it is not just them, but the people of the Hatake clan might also have to live a dire life due to Sakumo.
What a miserable life.
But when he thought of Kakashi wearing a stern face and even wearing a mask, and saying, “Go and run around Konoha five hundred times!”
Well, that’s weird deja-vu.
Within a few seconds, everyone started training, one by one to the training ground to throw kunai.
Sixty percent hit rate.
This requirement is not high, but not many can do it when they are going to throw five hundred times. How can ordinary Genin stand it?
Fortunately, they have undergone a lot of devil training during this period. If it’s before they undergo a baptism, three or four hundred times would be enough to make them useless for a day.
Akabane sat here and watched for a while. Basically, most Genin can meet this requirement.
Although Might Duy has a success rate of only over 40%, he can bear it with his physical strength. Well, before he reached 500 times, he already started running consciously.
In short, Sakumo training seemed harsh, but in fact, it was based on his knowledge of all the genin here.
“It’s done, time to go back…”
Akabane clapped his hands and prepared to go back to relax. Recently, after drawing the LogueTown, One Piece can update as usual and not as explosive as before. He can let his clone do the rest for him and take a good rest.
He was getting up and preparing to leave, but as a result, just as he walked around the periphery of the training ground and passed by the door of the research room, the snake from Orochimaru suddenly climbed onto him.
It glanced at Akabane, and then said, “Akaba-kun, I didn’t expect you to be here. If it is convenient, can I invite you to Konoha Hospital?”
“Konoha Hospital?”
What is Orochimaru doing there, and there is a snake here specially, is it coming to the preparation department for him?
Maybe there is also a snake in the comic shop.
Akabane touched his chin, then patted the snake’s head to show that he understood.
At Konoha Hospital, there are many disabled ninjas undergoing treatment. Although a month has passed, many ninjas should have recovered, but a large number of people fall into the category that cannot be recovered with conventional treatment.
These disabled ninjas, if there are no accidents, they will face “retirement”, and can no longer be ninjas and can only be an ordinary person.
If Orochimaru is also in the hospital, it may be due to the disability plan.
He just felt that Tsunade was also not in the research institute and if Orochimaru let him come. It is likely that some surgery or alternative treatment requires Medical-Ninjutsu’s assistance.
So Akabane quickened his pace.
The preparation department is a little far from Konoha. After all, it used to be a suburban base, not in a prosperous area.
He ran for a while, then used his perception ability to check his surroundings, and after confirming that there were no ninjas around him, he directly activated the Flying Thunder God Jutsu.
The coordinates of this section of Flying Thunder God Jutsu are at home.
After teleporting to his room, Akabane also crawled out of the window and then continued on his way in the direction of Konoha Hospital.
It is really convenient to have a Flying Thunder God Jutsu.
Otherwise, it would take half an hour to return to Konoha from the outside.
Wasting time is one aspect but the main reason is tiredness. So why should you make yourself so tired if you can relax?
He slowly rushed to the Konoha Hospital.
The snake of Orochimaru waited outside, and when it saw Akabane appear, it immediately climbed down from the eaves: “Akaba-kun, please come with me.”
“What the hell is going on, is there any research or surgery?”
Akabane asked strangely.
“A study is also an operation. A few days ago, a ninja applied to the village on his own, hoping to undergo a transformation and have the ability to return to the battlefield again.”
The snake clone of Orochimaru said, “Sarutobi sensei thought for a long time and decided to let me draw up a detailed and feasible plan. I have been studying this aspect a few days ago.”
“So that’s how it is, putting it that way, then did you make a detailed and feasible plan?”
Akabane asked.
“No, for the time being, a Ninja Tool can only be implanted instead, but the equipment is not a hand after all. After the equipment is modified, they will get an increase in certain aspects, but the overall ability will definitely decrease a lot. “
The snake clone continued.
“I understand, let’s go.”
Akabane followed the twists and turns to the lower level of Konoha Hospital-this was originally a basement, but now it has been transformed into a temporary medical room.
“It’s here.”
The snake clone took the road and disappeared by itself.
Akabane opened the door and walked in.
Orochimaru, Utatane Koharu and Tsunade are all present, and they seem to be discussing and improving the plan.
Seeing Akabane approaching, the three immediately beckoned him to pass.
“Hand modification?”
The medical room is very bright. In the centre sits a ninja who is about 30 years old. One of his hands is broken and he seems to be undergoing hand modification.
“His name is Kato Cheng. He is an Anbu Ninja nurtured by the Second Hokage-sama. He has a forbidden technique called Spiritualization. During this war, he was attacked and got his hand cut by his opponent from Kiri. With a new hand, we are thinking about how to maximize the preservation of his fighting strength.”
Utatane Koharu explained.
Akabane glanced in surprise. This is a technique involving the soul category. Only Katō Dan has mastered it in the comic, and he did not expect that this man named Kato would also know it…
Don’t tell me he is Dan’s father…
He pondered for a moment, then shook his head slightly. It was not the time to think about it, and he should worry about Kato Cheng’s hand first.
“Are one-handed hand seals feasible?”
Akabane thought of the one-handed hand seal that he had exchanged. This method can complete some of Ninjutsu’s hand seals with one hand. The art of transformation can be used with one hand, so it will not damage Kato Cheng’s fighting strength too much.
“I’m afraid it won’t work. This kind of technique, hand seal and chakra use, is very complicated and cannot be done with one hand.”
Orochimaru said with his voice a little hoarse.
“His lost hand has been damaged by Mist Ninja and it is impossible to recover. According to my analysis, we can only give up the art of spiritualization and install him with a Ninja Tool arm that can be controlled by Chakra Threads.”
Tsunade said firmly.
Ninja arm?
It seems to be the latest design of Orochimaru, and it is really a technology that will save the Ninja world.
Akabane pondered for a while and said, “I agree with Tsunade’s plan. Our medical standards simply cannot allow him to grow a new hand. We will install the ninja arm first.”
“Even you, can’t do it…”
Utatane Koharu has some regrets. She thought Akabane could have a better way, but it seems she can only give up first.
 How can you say that, am I almighty?
Akabane murmured secretly in his heart.
This level of medical treatment cannot even be done by Tsunade at the pinnacle of later generations.
Otherwise, she can just cut off Lee’s leg and connect it directly.
Although Naruto’s hand was later connected due to Senju Hashirama’s cell, it is clear that Kato is not qualified to accept Senju Hashirama’s cells, even more so because there is no research on Senju Hashirama’s cells at the moment.

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