Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 239


“Katō Cheng is just one example. In addition, there are many ninjas with severed hands and severed arms. They have lost the ability to make a hand seal and hope to be able to rehabilitate.”
“My first idea was creating a Sound Wave transformation like Zaku Abumi in your comics, but then I thought that it was too simple, so, during this period of time, I developed the ninja armguard.”
Orochimaru took out a design drawing and handed it to Akabane.
Akabane took it, pretending that he understood, and nodded while contemplating. Finally, pretending that he understood, he handed it back to Orochimaru and said, “It’s a wonderful design.”
“Do you think so too? I blended into the slashing wave and the sound of piercing, and referred to the puppet technique of the sand hidden village so that they can use the chakra silk thread to manipulate the mechanical fingers. Although it is not as flexible as a normal hand, it is competent.”
Orochimaru is proud of his design.
Akabane couldn’t help nodding after hearing this—it turned out to be like this.
“It’s a pity that the technique of spiritualization.”
Utatane Koharu sighed.
It is called Forbidden Jutsu because it is extremely difficult to master, and it is easy to encounter various dangers during training.
Kato Cheng trained mainly with the second Hokage supervision and help.  And it resulted in the creation of the soul-imprisonment, jutsu, so if they want to nurture a second ninja who can use spiritual jutsu like Katō Chen, it’s definitely going to be difficult.
“What are you talking about, being alive is better than everything in life, aren’t they?”
Tsunade said angrily.
How can you be more worried about ninjutsu than the ninja himself!
Had it not been for the protection of his companions, instead of losing hand, Kato Chen would surely die on the battlefield!
Even though Utatane Koharu has a higher status than Tsunade, at this time, she is also oppressed by Tsunade’s imposing manner.
She felt that Little Tsunade really had the potential to be a Hokage in the future, at least she is quite aggressive, and no one dared to object to her when she roared.
of course……
If she really becomes a Hokage, I am afraid it will be a headache for her as a consultant.
Utatane Koharu thought about it and quickly followed suit to help solve Katō Cheng arm installation problem.
The biggest difficulty in treating Katō Cheng is his arm.
The arm was not cut off all at once, but due to the enemy’s ninjutsu, part of the nerves in his hand shattered. Without treatment, even if a Ninja Tool is connected, the arm cannot move freely.
 At present, in the neurological field, only Akabane, who has exchanged all kinds of miscellaneous medical knowledge, can understand a little bit about the subject. 
Tsunade and Utatane Koharu have never tried this kind of medical treatment.
Akabane leaned forward and took a closer look.
It can be seen that Konoha spent a lot of precious liquid medicine for Kato Cheng this month to maintain the vitality of his arm.
However, if the internal fracture is not properly connected, the remaining arm will still gradually become necrotic.
Fortunately, I have exchanged a lot of knowledge, otherwise, I will make a fool of myself this time.
Akabane thought in his heart.
He observed it carefully and then reached into the liquid medicine jar.
Some muscles were twisted before. Although Tsunade and the others helped repair them, the nerves were connected in a very complicated way, which was incorrect.
He condensed the Chakra scalpel and carefully cut open the wrong parts.
This requires extremely high Chakra control and positional judgment. If Akabane didn’t have a strong enough perception and knowledge from his system exchange, it would be impossible to master this kind of surgery.
of course……
Even if his knowledge is half-hearted, they are much better than the two on the side. As they don’t know how to do it at all. They can only observe carefully on one side.
Tsunade was nothing. She mastered the Chakra scalpel, so she could understand Akabane’s therapy, but it was not the same for Utatane Koharu.
She is not as talented as Tsunade. Although her foundation is high, it is all the old medical knowledge from the past. The new chakra scalpel, Mystical Palm Technique and so on are all made from scratch.
Although she learns quite slowly, she is better than Mitokado Homura who is lichen the Konoha from his position.
“You can’t directly use your arm in a short time. You have to rest for at least three days.”
Before long, Akabane moved his muscles and bones.
It is a bit laborious to maintain a posture for treatment. After finishing the treatment, he has some backaches. The most important thing is that he performed the surgery for the first time. Although the operation itself is not too difficult, it does consume considerable energy.
Fortunately, it was a success.
However, in the eyes of the other three, they thought it would take at least an hour to complete the operation, but it only took less than ten minutes before and after.
This is already quite fast.
“How many more are you going to treat together?”
Orochimaru pointed upstairs.
“Wha- there is more?”
Akabane was taken aback for a moment. He thought there was only this one, and the rest was something they can do themselves…
“Ah… There are several people like Lee, whose bone fragments have been slinked into their flesh, and our medical level is not enough to complete such a treatment.”
Utatane Koharu said embarrassedly.
“Like Rock Les? I can’t do that either.”
Akabane is dumbfounded, do these three people regard himself as Tsunade in his comic!?
“No, it’s not that serious. I can assist you in the treatment. No matter how difficult it is, it will not be more difficult than this one.”
Tsunade answered quickly as she pulled him up.
To be honest, she had never expected Akabane’s medical techniques to be so mature and superb, and even more meticulous than her.
In this way, operations that were previously impossible to complete can now be performed.
Akabane was helpless.
Tsunade has spoken, is it possible for him to refuse?
He can only keep up.
Throughout the afternoon, Akabane spent the entire afternoon rescuing the dying and healing the wounded. The various intractable diseases were definitely not limited to disability, bone removal and other operations.
At the back, the hospital even issued Akabane a uniform and a brand name.
In the beginning, he refused. If he accepts that, he will be appointed as a medical ninja. but with Tsunade on the side, he can barely accept the position of “honorary minister”.
It wasn’t until the evening that Akabane left Konoha Hospital with Tsunade with a tired body.
But before he left, he also saw the research results of Orochimaru- he perfectly created the three abilities of Team Dosu, Supersonic Slicing Wave, Bell Ring Genjutsu, and also referred to the addition of Puppet Master Jutsu from institutions.
In general, it is definitely a very powerful transformation weapon, even surpassing the original version he made in the future.
Of course, this is also normal.
In the eyes of Orochimaru from the comics, all his subordinates are just tools.
And since they were his tools, why would spend a lot of effort to transform a chopstick into a powerful weapon?
The only thing that Orochimaru really cares about in the comic is the bloodline of Uchiha and their Sharingan.
But in fact, the current Orochimaru doesn’t like this kind of cold equipment now. He prefers to study life, but he is sincerely happy to see a ninja who has lost their qualifications to become a ninja again regain their ninja abilities because of his creation.
This is the feeling of saving lives and regenerating.
Mentally, Orochimaru is extremely satisfied.
Back home, Kurama Isamu seemed to have not gone to bed.
He lit a lamp, raised his head and glanced towards Akabane when he heard the footsteps, then beckoned him to pass.
“Father, it’s already late.”
Akabane sat down and saw his father reading his comics.
It seems that it was an update sent in the evening. The subordinates of Orochimaru painted on it came to Konoha, planning to recruit Uchiha Sasuke to go to Hidden Sound Village.
The plot after that has not been drawn yet, but there is no doubt that Sasuke defected.
“Ah, today the Uchiha guys have been talking about it for a long time, so I came back and read the plot.”
Kurama Isamu said half-jokingly.
“The Uchiha?”
Akabane was stunned for a moment, then came to understand, and couldn’t help but laugh a few times.
As Uchiha’s “single seedling” in Konoha, they did not expect Sasuke to defected, but for the current Uchiha, it does not seem to be a fun plot.
He thought for a while and apologized: “Did I cause you trouble?”
“No, everyone just ridiculed quite friendly. Speaking of which, many people in Uchiha have awakened their Sharingan during this period. Especially after the civil strife, and there are many more powerful three-tomoe than before.”
Kurama Isamu spoke up and raised the comic in his hand, and said while having a headache, “Today there is a ninja. Because he can’t believe that Sasuke will betray Konoha, he was so angry that his Sharingan has evolved from one tomoe to two tomoe…”
“There is such a thing?”
Akabane stared incredulously.
“Yes, I saw it with my own eyes. That kid was about fourteen or fifteen years old. He argued with me that Sasuke has such a good teacher as Kakashi and his teammates who love him, so he shouldn’t betray the village and talk about other nonsense. As a result, as he continued shouting his sharingan evolved from one time to two tomoe! “
Kurama Isamu sighed.
Uchiha’s people can evolve their Sharingan when reading comics, and their Kurama Clan also read comics, but why didn’t anyone awaken their Kekkei Genkai?
So Worry!
“What did the Patriarch of the Uchiha said?”
Akabane touched his head, but he didn’t expect that reading his comic would also promote Uchiha’s people. You must know that this would definitely double his comic sold to Uchiha a hundredfold.
“The old guy Yuan said that he is willing to spend a lot of money, and he begs me to ask you to draw more Uchiha’s plots, the more miserable and the greater the conflict with reality, the better.”
Kurama Isamu covered his face.
He was quite puzzled when he heard this request.
“Yes, this condition is very much his style.”
Akabane nodded slightly, without feeling surprised.
That Old Guy Uchiha Yuan, as long as it is beneficial to Uchiha’s survival, development, and growth, he doesn’t care about these matters of face, otherwise, he can’t pretend to be submissive in front of the elders for several years.
But the “Uchiha” in the comic is so miserable that there are only two people left. So how can he make it more miserable?
He can also make the two fight each other then both of them die in the battle, as a result, their bloodline did not pass down!
This kind of ending is indeed very miserable, but it is impossible to think about it. Uchiha’s family is all dead. Is it possible for Obito to create a world with only Rin, and by the way, create humans with Rin in that world?
Besides, Uchiha Yuan thinks of the emotional impact too simply. Only by first agreeing and loving, and then feeling the pain of loss, will the evolution of Sharingan be stimulated.
Simply creating a miserable plot will definitely not work.
“How do you think I should answer?”
Kurama Isamu has no opinion on this matter.
He sighed softly and said: “Leave him alone, that guy can be funny sometimes. It is estimated that this time he was a little bit demented by the advancement of their Sharingan due to my comics, so you can just ignore it.”

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