Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 262


“Uncle Ensho, are we going to the border of Fire Country?”

Akabane has a headache.

Because there is no mark on the Land-of-Water, their entire group can only walk to the Land of Fire border, and then take a Ship to Land-of-Water.

But this is just a show, why does his supporting role have to go so far!

“Can your Flying Thunder God Jutsu transfer us there directly?”

Uchiha Ensho tilted his head.

Using the Flying Thunder God Jutsu needs an imprint. Although Akabane has been to the Land-of-Uzumaki, it was all a long time ago.

“Not right now, but don’t you have my kunai on you?”

Akabane smiled.

As long as Uchiha Ensho reaches the border, he can fly directly over.

Although it will consume a lot of chakras, there are a lot of chakras stored in his Yin Seal, so there is no need to worry about not having enough chakras.

“No way.”

Uchiha Ensho was silent for a moment and decisively refused this rude request.

Let them run, but this guy will teleport directly at the end?

It’s beautiful to think about, especially when he sees his three tribes panting, and he is not tired at all, obviously, he is much better than his three companions in terms of physical skills.

Uchiha Ensho saw through everything, he wanted to start to talk directly, but considering this guy’s cautious personality, he finally forcibly held back what’s on his mind.

Akabane often lags behind in the distance, but after a while, he will use Flying Thunder God Jutsu to come to them.

Uchiha Ensho was uncomfortable at first, but for a better life…

I will endure!

“Speaking of which, is it Land-of-Uzumaki over there?”

Teleporting to the side of Uchiha Ensho again, Akabane activated his perception ability and felt a strange feeling.

Akabane frowned slightly.

This feeling……

“Yeah, the Land-of-Uzumaki is now a land of ruins and has become the Hidden Mist ninja site.”

Uchiha Ensho sighed heavily.

The so-called if the rabbit dies, the fox grieves, today it is the Uzumaki family, maybe tomorrow it will become the Uchiha family’s turn.

Without giving him much sad time, Akabane directly summoned his little dream tapir.

And with the little dream tapir Secret jutsu blessing.

His perception is clearer.

That’s right~

This feeling is highly likely to be Black Zetsu!

“Is your mission urgent? If it is not urgent, can you let me go to Land-of-Uzumaki to have a look first?”

“Uh, that’s fine.”


As soon as the voice fell, Akabane disappeared from his position.

At the same time, he opened the system panel and exchanged the nearly 10,000 points accumulated during this time into ten mental power attributes.

With the Ten points increase in his mental power, the feeling becomes a little clearer, and he can even determine where this strange feeling comes from.

There was no one around, so Akabane directly opened his Mangekyo Sharingan, created an eye from the illusion, and then materialized it to the distance.

On the tree far away from Black Zetsu, a “fruit” with eyes grew.

In the next second, Akabane “sees” him.

He is dressed as a Hidden Mist ninja, but he is wearing a cloak on his head, it seems that he does not want to be exposed. Because his eyes are between the real and the illusion, even Black Zetsu cannot detect it immediately.

More than that, Black Zetsu seemed to be leading the two children at this moment.

At the same time, Akabane immediately cancelled his “eyes” when he saw him.

Hey, they are coming here!

Akabane described his Mangekyo Sharingan and saw Uchiha Ensho follow from behind in the next second.

“what happened?”

“It’s nothing, but I sensed a remnant from the Uzumaki clan, but there is a very dangerous Mist Shinobi over there.”

Akabane said solemnly–of course, he himself didn’t know what level the Mist ninja was, he just “looked” through the metamorphosed third eye for less than a second.

“Let’s go and see.”

Uchiha Ensho thought about it for less than a second and decided to take a look over there.

When he came out this time, everything was the second task, and his main mission was to perform a play for his three clansmen who were more talented and thinking incorrectly.

So it doesn’t matter who the opponent is.

“Let’s go.”

Akabane didn’t know what Black Zetsu was doing here, but he was very happy to see him having troubles, especially this guy sneaking in to fool the Children from the Uzumaki family, which would make him unconsciously think of Uchiha Madara’s Rinnegan eyes.

Is Madara awakening his Rinnegan early?

He doesn’t quite understand.

The four of them were very fast, and it didn’t take long to get close to the location of Balck Zetsu and the two children from the Uzumaki family.

Black Zetsu sensing them looked this way.

This presence… This is the abnormal kid from the Kurama clan!

“My lord, has something happened?”

“It’s nothing.”

Black Zetsu grabbed one of them.

These two are young people with good aptitudes that he has selected, but the child from the left still has the higher aptitude. In case they really catch up, if there is no other way, he can only bring the child from his left and run away!

So he can’t bear to lose it.

Black Zetsu who sensed them approaching them was thinking about whether to fight head-on or escape…

Even if he seized a puppet to become his body, there is still a high probability that he is not an opponent.

“Rebel Ninja from Hidden Mist, let go of the children from the Uzumaki Clan!”

Uchiha Ensho said after they arrived.

Both children are red-haired; they are descendants from the Uzumaki family.

Behind Uchiha Ensho, the other three Uchiha arrived one after another, but they did not see Akabane, as he was hiding not far away.

An Uchiha…

Black Zetsu glanced at them, and then his hands made a hand-seal, and a cloud of fog instantly spread.

But the next second, he was drawn into the illusion.

But Black Zetsu was very calm. He glanced around, and there was nothing here, and he couldn’t find anyone or anything.

Judging from the composition of the illusion, this jutsu is an illusion of the Kurama clan, and the caster never thought of harming him with an illusion, just delaying a second or two.

He quickly emptied his consciousness and plunged himself into a “coma” state-this was not difficult for Black Zetsu who was a consciousness.

In less than a second, Balck Zetsu broke free from the illusion.

Then run!

There is no need to hesitate, one vs five, he is not a fool.

Returning to his original form, he once again recovered the characteristics that were difficult to perceive and sense. Incidentally, he wrapped the child in his left and also shielded it.

Akabane wanted to chase after him, but Black Zetsu’s presence was difficult to distinguish. In addition, he ran extremely fast and had a child in his hand. Before he could catch up, Black Zetsu had already disappeared from his perception range!

He slipped away…

He was a little unwilling, but he could only sigh softly and accept this fact.

Black Zetsu is indeed too difficult.

As for the Mist Ninja Rebel that Balck Zetsu possesses, he was directly defeated by Uchiha Ensho, and he didn’t even have a chance to use his Mangekyo. After all, this Mist Ninja was not strong, plus with four of them, it was easily crushed.

The Rebel fell Mist was very depressed. When he woke up from sleep, he came here inexplicably and was beaten by four ninjas from the Uchiha.

But Black Zetsu is the one who was very depressed after he got away.

Although he got away after abducting a child, he still lost his body and it is temporarily inconvenient for him to show up next to the child. So he has to find another one.

In addition,

He seemed to have brought the wrong child and brought a little food.

So before leaving, Black Zetsu left a message to tell the child that he should live first.

After he got one, he didn’t plan to continue working for the time being, instead, he planned to return to Madara to look around first.

But when he returns to Madara’s hiding place…

“Where is Madara!?”

He is gone!

Black Zetsu went to the woodsman’s house where Madara often bought the comics at the foot of the mountain.

There is an inexplicable pile of money at the door of the woodcutter’s house. Without knowing what to do, Balck Zetsu was holding the money while looking around.

“If Madara doesn’t plan to come back here anymore, damn… It’s that hateful kid’s fault!”

“If there is a chance, I must kill him, otherwise there will be endless troubles.”

Black Zetsu cursed in anger.

Regardless of Akabane’s misplay or deliberate collision, he has already threatened his plan!

But if he kills Kurama Akabane, there won’t be comics anymore… but compared to saving his mother, he wouldn’t hesitate to kill him just to revive his mother!

He began to search for Madara’s trail.

It took more than half a day to find the traces of Madara from the direction leading to the Land-of-Water.

Black Zetsu was confused as to why the Land-of-Water became Madara’s destination.

Although Land-of-Water is isolated from the world and won’t be found by the people of Konoha, it is also not attractive.

Madara who was still fusing Hashirama’s cell going to the Land-of-Water? What is happening!?

Could this guy be ignorant?

Black Zetsu was very tired and felt that he had become a father looking for his child who was hiding for a long time and suddenly ran away.

Madara is the most important part of his plan. So he has no choice but to follow Madara’s route to follow the other side’s whereabouts.

Akabane knew nothing about the situation here.

They are taking a Ship to the Nation of Water as planned. The two sides are separated by a relatively long distance. There were not many ships going back and forth. But recently, due to “Grandline”, many Rogue-ninjas and wandering Samurai head to Land-of-Water.

As a result, there are many more ships on the seashore.

Along the way, Akabane heard a lot about the “devil fruit”, because many of the wandering ninjas who went to the water country on the same ship as them, their goal was this “devil fruit”.

A forged devil fruit, but so many people are so obsessed with it, and they rushed to Land-of-Water from all over the world?

It’s ridiculous.

This is still an imitation, but if it is genuine, wouldn’t everyone be crazy.

In fact, there are a lot of devil fruits in Akabane’s list that can be exchanged, first the rubber devil fruits of Luffy, and then the rustle fruits that appeared in the latest plot.


He doesn’t know if he can only take one devil fruit like the people from One Piece world, so Akabane didn’t try eating one.

In case he can only eat one, taking it rashly is equivalent to confirming the ability. He hasn’t thought about what ability is better for the time being, so he has not considered it.

Looking at his shop panel.

The cheapest one above is the whisper fruit that appeared in the “Thousand-Year Dragon” special episode. It only costs about 500 points.

With Akabane’s points, as long as he wants to exchange them, he can redeem them immediately.

Five hundred points are not much for him anyway.

Akabane continued searching and found that there is another devil fruit that is relatively cheap, and that is the Bull devil fruit.

This fruit can transform the eater into an adult bison, possessing the speed and impact of a bison. But in the world of Naruto, the power of bison…

Even so, it is still stronger than Whisper Devil Fruit, as it needs a thousand points.

The two devil fruits add up to only one thousand five hundred points.

Akabane thought for a while, and a plan was formed in his mind. He exchanged the whisper fruit and planned to sell it.

Of course, this is not over.

After it was sold, he would catch the buyer secretly, and let him go to the sea to bathe, and see if the devil fruit’s weakness was still the Sea Water and do some experiment after…

What a perfect plan!

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