Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 39. One After Another


“We finally came back.”

Luckily on their way back, no one ambushes them. It seems the trouble only happened on the border with ninja from the hidden mist.

At the moment he saw the gate, Akabane burst into tears.

The past few days for him were almost felt like hell, and he finally returned to Konoha safely. He thought that he had to take a vacation after this.

With the Kurama Clan’s trait of having a weak physique, he might succeed in getting a day off.

“Now that you have safely come back to Konoha, team 7 will disband for the time being.”

After Danzo’s shadow clone said that, he disappeared instantly.

The three of them looked at each other confusedly. There’s an instant joy on their faces. Even the calmest person like Sakumo had a slightly moved on his expression.

“Ahh, I finally can take my holiday..”

As Akabane was talking, he was interrupted by Murasaki in the middle.

“No, in our best interest, I think you should start working on your comic again, Akaba-Kun.”

Murasaki was serious and didn’t give Akabane a chance to finish his sentence.”

“That’s right. I want to see the next chapter.”

Sakumo also wanted to urge the next chapter as he wants to see his future “son.”

“Urgh, please, I need to rest..”

“But, you can also use your clone to do the work, right?”

Murasaki shrugged, then waved goodbye.

“Just don’t forget your comic.”

After experience killing for the first time, Sakumo had a sudden change of composure, which made Akabane shudder.

“Hey! My clone consumed a lot of my chakra too!”

Akabane was helpless, and no one believed this. After all, he just told them that he had killed a group of elite ninja singlehandedly.

After parting aways, Akabane saw Tsunade at a corner of the street.

She just ran over; her expression was perturbed. The moment she saw Akabane, she tried to hide her expressions and remain calm.

“Oh, Have you just come back from your mission? I haven’t seen you for a few days. “


Tsunade, your good manner was terrible.

Akabane murmured silently in his heart, but considering that Tsunade was his friend, he replied kindly, “Well, I just returned from my mission.”

“I envy you. My team was only doing chores for these three days.”

Tsunade sighed, feeling very disappointed.

She thought that she would immediately take a tough mission on the first day, fighting with some evil ninja from some hidden village, but the reality was she hasn’t even taken the C-level mission yet, let alone leaving the village.

“Don’t mention it. Running back and forth was exhausting, but you are free to take my place anytime..”

Akabane was expressionless, and he was angry when he talked about Danzo. The other teams started from the low-level mission, but they had to kill children and women on their third day.


“Ahh… I’ll think about it again…”

Tsunade was obviously understood about Danzo’s nature and definitely didn’t want an exchange place with him.

Even in this period, Danzo was well known with a bad reputation.

Akabane didn’t hate Danzo, but his philosophy didn’t match with him after spending a few days under his wing.

He looked a little gloomy, and he walked down the street to his house, Tsunade followed behind, as if she had no other thing to do.

The way Danzo trained his disciples was way too cruel, which makes Akabane more depressed.

“By the way, when will you release the next volume? It has been five days by now, and you haven’t released any new volume.”

Tsunade remembered that her main purpose wasn’t yet stated.


Akabane felt more and more depressed.

“Also, don’t forget to leave me a free chapter.”

Seeing Akabane didn’t respond and just kept walking, Tsunade shouted from behind.

He waved his hand weakly and left her behind.


Akabane needs to finish the next volume as soon as possible. Otherwise, the fans will non-stop asking him. Not to mention, Mito alone is enough to put him on the edge.

The Hokage’s Office.

“Groups of Ninja suddenly appeared in Uzumaki Village. They destroyed all our business and chased after us even after we passed the border!”

The caravan’s leader was brought to Konoha by Danzo, slowly explaining the current situation, while there was the Third Hokage, Danzo, Koharu Utatane, and Homura Mitokado.

This is Konoha’s current highest rank of leadership.

“Where do these invaders come from? Didn’t the village took any action?”

Homura’s face was solemn, and at the same time, very puzzled.

Uzumaki Village has always been Konoha’s main ally, and they knew how powerful the Uzumaki clan is.

This is a village of people who has extremely high talents. A small scale of invaders can’t destroy it.

“There were too many of them! I didn’t know their origin. There are too many invaders, and they can’t tell the origin. Even after the village mobilize their army, it still not enough, they were outnumbered.”

The caravan’s leader smiled bitterly.

He got seriously injured and was treated by Konoha, otherwise, he wouldn’t survive.

“So, you asking us for aid?”

The Third Hokage wants to clarify his intention. He said it while breath a cloud of smoke from his pipe.

“Yes, please help us, Hokage-sama, help the Uzumaki Village get rid of the invaders.”

The caravan’s leader knelt and pleaded bitterly.

“Does this request came on behalf of Uzumaki village?”

Danzo said coldly.

“This…this is, of course, for the sake of our village..”

The caravan’s leader had cold sweat on his forehead and looked anxious.

He must have hide something!

Danzo easily read his mind.

The Third Hokage smoked a few cigarettes speechless. Then, Homura had to speak: “Kazama-san, we don’t want to hear lies, please answer honestly.”

The four of them knew that this man hides something from them, and they wouldn’t be deceived easily.

“Homura-san… I…”

“Still won’t tell the truth?”

Danzo opened his eyes and burst out a murderous aura.

“Danzo, don’t treat our guests like that.”

The Third Hokage stopped immediately and then smiled gently and said, “Kazama-san, I think this request didn’t come from Uzumaki village themselves but instead from you, right?”

“Uh.. hmm…”

Kazama looked pale and frightened, his legs trembled.

“Since this wasn’t coming from Uzumaki village themself, we can’t help, I’m sorry.”

Homura shook his head with regret.

“Wait! But…”

“Kazama-san, since you just got here, feel free to stay here for the time being, but there is no way we can take your request officially.”

The Third Hokage apologized.

Kazama had an ugly face, nodded hard, and left the office.

The remaining four people sat back again, remain silent.

“If it is not an official request, we can’t risk our ninja to aid them. But…”

Homura said half a word, then hesitated to finish the sentence.

It would be a suicide mission to send their ninja there, but they knew that Uzumaki village is their most important ally.

“Let’s observe him for now. There might be another plan to settle this.”

The Third Hokage got up, sighed lightly, and left.

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