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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 46. Matchmaking


“Akabane-san, if I’m not wrong, the Kurama Clan has the disadvantage for having a weak physique, right? and you know, the Uzumaki Clan was outstanding in the physical area… humm how about it?”

Shikai Uzumaki enthusiastically promoted his clan’s excellence, “Can you imagine Akabane-san.. the Genjutsu specialty of Kurama Clan combined with the Sealing Jutsu of my clan…?”

“Ho ho ho… the descendants will be a top grade…”

Hiruzen laughed with a strange smile while also teasing Akabane.

Genjutsu and Sealing Jutsu!?

This is a good idea, and including the vitality of Uzumaki Cl…

“Wait, no! if we talked about the potential, it looks tempting, but I don’t want to marry anyone right now!”

Akabane shook his head quickly.

He can’t accept their proposal, even if it gives him a lot of benefits, Akabane simply can’t agree.

“Maybe you want to take a stroll, the girls of our clan are well known to be the cutest, don’t you agree?”

Shikai wouldn’t stop halfway.

“Hey, hey hey, now that is too much!”

Tsunade had changed of expression. Her eyes moved back and forth between Akabane and Shikai

“No! once I said no, it means no!”

Akabane said firmly but looking almost about to cry.

“hehe, I do think that the Uzumaki’s girls are pretty cute too…”

Orochimaru said it shamelessly.

Don’t agree with him, Orochimaru!

Akabane glanced at Orochimaru with a murderous aura.

Shikai turned his head and said with a smile: “Hahaha, finally someone agrees with me, please find someone you would like to marry.”

“Hey, what about me!?”

Jiraiya rushed from the back. But he just wants to see a lot of pretty girls without any intention to marry them.

Shikai glanced at him without saying a word.

“Hahaha, okay.. let’s take the joke slide aside.”

Hiruzen knocked his smoking pipe on the table, and the situation was suddenly quiet.

After a few seconds, Shikai felt a bit strange.

Isn’t this Uzumaki village?

Then why does it feel that Hiruzen is in charge here!

After a moment of silence, the Third Hokage said: “You can send some of your clan’s member to Konoha, I can volunteer to speak with the Daimyo on Uzumaki Village’s behalf.”

Shikai didn’t answer, but he didn’t need to point out the meaning

Konoha wanted to help, but it was extremely difficult to be afraid.

“It’s pretty good to be able to keep some of our bloodlines…”

Shikai Uzumaki sighed, “Kazama just said that you have also brought a lot of comics?”

“Yes, Shikai-sama.”

Kazama stood up nervously.

“You can use the small house by the gate as the storage, and I will send someone to arrange your accommodation.”

“Thank you Shikai-sama.”

Kazama ecstatically thanked him.

Akabane felt that this old man was in a hurry and was about to sneak away quietly.

Then he didn’t expect Hiruzen would call him “Akaba, you will accompany me to stroll around the village.”


What the hell!

Akabane looked suspiciously at Hiruzen. He must have to plot something.

“Sensei, how about us?”

Tsunade’s tone was a bit jealous.


Hiruzen said indifferently, “I will assign a shadow clone, and you can hunt the hiding invaders around the village.”

Killing is something that a ninja will experience sooner or later.

Although they killed a few Chuunin last time, they might have been injured because of Sakumo and Murasaki’s assistance.


Orochimaru looked excited.

Now he is more interested in fighting than strolling in the village.

“Hmph, I don’t need your clone’s assistance, sensei! I can get rid of the invaders by myself.”

“Huh again, acting like a fool.”

The atmosphere, which was a bit dull before, quickly became lightened with a few words from Jiraiya.

Tsunade was in a bad mood, then just let it slide.

After watching them leave, Akabane asked confidently, “Shikai-san, sensei, where are we going to ?”

“We will visit my house first.”

Your house?

Akabane stared at the patriarch Shikai, and then guessing that it might become a blind date with his daughters!

Konoha Village, Anbu Headquarter.

“Danzo-san, I brought you the 2nd volume of Akabane’s comic.”

Danzo’s subordinate gave him a copy of the Naruto volume 2.

Danzo took it. There is no cover for this book. It was stolen from the printing.

He glanced at it and then asked, “How is the examination of the Jounin that was sent by the Hokage?’

“Hidden Mist’s Jounin, he was proficient on the silent assassination, but lack on talent, so he was sentenced to do a suicide mission.”

The Anbu reported the information that he found one by one.

Danzo tapped his finger on the desk and asked after thinking for a moment, “Is there no deeper information?”

“Not yet.”

“Then, keep on monitoring!”

After giving the order, the Anbu disappeared, and Danzo opened the comic.

In the dark underground space of Anbu HQ, there was only the sound of flipping paper.

He scanned it. The content of the first few chapters was swept away, and he gradually stopped when he reached the 9th and the 10th chapter.

“In the Land of Waves, Konoha’s exam system is so strict, how could there be mistakes on the grade evaluation?”

Danzo sneered, closed the comic, and then took out a map.

After analyzed it for a moment, he sat down and fell into deep thought.

The destruction of the Uzumaki Village is the main point, but if we can intervene in the Land of Waves, we can use it as a scapegoat…

There will be an inevitable war in the future, and Konoha will involve in it.

“The key is still in Uzumaki Village. The Uzumaki Clan is a valuable ally, and we can’t let them be destroyed, at least not now…”

Danzo was secretly plotting in his thought.

Afterward, he turned his attention back to the Uzumaki Village.

“Hiruzen, when you come back, the Uzumaki Village will be a battlefield.”

He is the Kage of Konoha. He can’t stay there too long, because soon that place will be a battlefield between villages.

“Let me introduce you to my beloved daughter, Tsukiha Uzumaki.”

Looking at the girl’s beautiful eyes, Akabane felt nervous.

He is really offering me his daughter!

But she is only six years old, isn’t that too much?

“Daughter, the comic on your hand, was drawn by Akabanii-san, do you like it?”

Shikai Uzumaki talked to her daughter while patted her head gently.

“Thank you, Akaba Nii-san.”

Tsukiha grabbed the comic and thank sweetly.

“Ah.. yeah… It fine..”

Akabane covered his face.

With such a small child, Shikai has a willingness to match those two.

“Well, Akabane, can you take care of Tsukiha for a while. Hiruzen and I want to talk about important matters.”

Shikai Uzumaki smiled treacherously.

“Yeah… I knew it…”

Akabane has helplessly accepted the request.

Tsukiha was very well-behaved. She sat down, holding the comic, and read it quietly while staring at the drawing.

At the age of six, she already recognizes most of the words.

Akabane stared at her for a few seconds, feeling a tingle in his heart.

To be honest, even though Tsukiha is still young, her facial features are pretty. As far as the loli state is concerned, she may be a little cuter than Tsunade.

Tsunade is slightly better in terms of appearance, but her brute strength and gambling addiction are really not compatible with Loli.

Tsukiha is different.

Cute small face, round eyes, red ha..

“Cough cough cough!”

“What’s wrong Niisan, is your throat itchy? I’ll pour you some water.”

“Ah, no, I’m fine. You can keep reading.”

Akabane hurriedly denied it while driving away from the dangerous thoughts in his mind.

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