Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 55


“There are always ten Chuunin in this hideout. We’ve taken out six of them. The remaining four will fight back anytime soon. We’d better retreat quickly.”

Orochimaru’s voice was a little hoarse.

Even though the three of them are undoubtedly geniuses from their generation, but in terms of real combat experience, they are far behind their enemy.

Being able to kill Chuunin and solving exam problems are two different things.

“Next, listen to my instructions.”

Akabane’s face was solemn as he ran to distinguish his position.

The three of them quickly retreated, and at the same time, they paid an intense focus towards their surrounding. In their mist, both the Jounin and Chuunins could deliver a fatal blow.

“Turn to the right and attack.”

As soon as the voice fell, Tsunade instantly struck out, striking the enemy’s right side with a punch.




That piece of wood was blasted out by her huge force and put the enemy in trembled.

“That was too terrifying!” The attacked Chuunin was baffled.

Is she a Gennin?

Orochimaru flew out shurikens, and at the same time, his hands formed seals.

Wind Release: Gale Palm!

Gale Palm itself is not powerful, but it became devastating when combined with the shurikens

The gale palm was turning into a storm of steel blades.

He used it not to kill the enemy but as a distraction.

The three of them fought and ran, and it didn’t take long for them to manage a safe distance.

But suddenly, a figure swiftly approached.

The leader, Akima Takaichi.

Against a Jounin like him, there is no room for chit-chat.

Because if they let their guard down just a millisecond, it could become a window for the jounin to attack, so Akabane has no time to command his team, but-

Fire Release: Fireball Jutsu!

The flames counterattacked instantly when Akima’s mist came over.


Akima was shocked and was too late to dodge, and he got a direct hit by the huge fireball.

Fireball Jutsu is only C-Grade ninjutsu, but the power that was released was tremendous.

Akima couldn’t figure it out.

How did he able to master two elements that good?

And how did he able to saw me through the Hidden Mist Jutsu!

This is impossible!

He was going crazy just to think about it, but he has another problem, he was hit hard by the fireball.

“Water Release: Great Waterfall!”

Ninjutsu that needs a lot of Chakra, and at the same time was very difficult to use, but when he hadn’t finished his seal, he suddenly felt his Chakra stagnate.

What happened!?


This kid can also use Genjutsu!

When Akima thought of the previous shadow clone, he realized everything in an instant—the shadow clone belongs to this kid!

Underestimated, his opponent made him paid the price.

Then he tried to dispel the Genjutsu.

However, he found that he had failed.

“How is it possible, this Genjutsu… was from the Kurama Clan!”

He couldn’t believe it, and he felt dreed, but then a sharp pain spread throughout his body, and the Genjutsu suddenly dispelled.

In the next second, he saw that a kunai was planted on his chest.

“I told you not to come back…”

Akabane panted, eyes bloodshot from the intense consumption of his Chakra.

It only happened in a few seconds, but so effective and deadly. And it was revealed that he had escaped from the fireball. It was just an illusion from the beginning.


Akima’s eyes widened, but Akabane had already escaped, avoiding being dying to fight back.

Soon after, he breathed his last breath.

But after his death, the mist still won’t disappear.

“You…you…you killed the leader!” The remaining four Chuunin couldn’t believe it and looked at the leader who was lifeless on the ground

There is no way he is a Gennin!?

Even Orochimaru and Tsunade were equally shocked by Akabane’s action.

Genjutsu, fire, earth, Akabane had already mastered it all. From his power level, he had already surpassed a Jounin!

“wasn’t that enough for a proof?”

Akabane’s eyes were red, like a madman.

Even if he used the four hundred points accumulated in the system to exchange 8 points of Chakra, and successfully used the five sense control on Akima at the end, he was still unable to turn all the Genjutsu into reality damage.

Otherwise, based on his character, it would never be possible to fight him hand-to-hand.

The four of them were terrified, and who knows if the other two have another terrifying ninjutsu?

They don’t dare to bet. They still want to live a little longer.

Because if they died, their village wouldn’t be bothered to take revenge.

For them, they were all alone in this.

“Go, go!”

Seeing the four of them ran away, Akabane gritted his teeth and did not faint, but took Orochimaru and Tsunade away steadily step by step.

Orochimaru looked back, his eyes unwilling and resentful.

What he hates is not the enemy, but instead himself that became farther behind Akabane.

There is no doubt he is the genius of our time.


Orochimaru smiled slightly, Akabane’s Kekkei Genkai cannot be compared, but any other element can be learned by anyone.

Tsunade was a little worried but also felt uncomfortable.

She has no problem fighting against Chuunin, her strength and Chakra were unbeatable, but if she is fighting against a Jounin, she understood how powerless she was.

Your strength alone is not enough!

The words of the Third Hokage echoed in her ears, and she truly understood the meaning now.

Akabane’s specialty is Genjutsu, but did he only knew Genjutsu?

That’s what Tsunade used to think, but now she realized that Akabane had been trying to make up for his shortcomings.

Their gap is too big.

A thought flashed through both of them at the same time.

“Hurry up and take me away…”

Akabane’s Chakra was so consumed that it made his head felt like it about to explode. And his head was like an explosion. And after barely supporting himself for a while, it was difficult for him to even walk, let alone retreat.

Orochimaru and Tsunade immediately held his hand, urging him to escape to Uzumaki Village with the instantaneous Jutsu.

Before they knew it, Akabane had passed out.

“What’s the matter?!”

On the way back, they soon ran into Hiruzen, who hurried over.

Because he trusted the abilities of Akabane, Orochimaru, and Tsunade, he did not arrange any backup, but he could see Akabane’s clone sent back the captivated Chuunin, and he knew something was going to happen.

“Sensei, It was my fault. I was too impulsive and arrogant!”

Tsunade blamed herself. Without her reckless acted, Akabane wouldn’t need to fight the Jounin.

“Akaba said we shouldn’t go, but I…”

Orochimaru was half silent.

He knew that Hiruzen could guess it from the beginning, so he didn’t say much.

“You are too reckless. You think that the enemy is just going to watch when you destroyed their hideout!? thinking that your life is long?”

Hiruzen was furious and immediately went to check Akabane.

At this time, there is no medical ninjutsu, but as a ninja doctor, he knows a lot, and he knew some medical skills.

After checking, he heaved a sigh of relief and said, “It’s just that his Chakra was exhausted, so he will be fine after taking some rest.”

“Carefully tell, what’s going on!”

Hiruzen put on Akabane’s back and scolded with a red face.

“We planned to use the Akabane clone to separated the Jounin with his allies. At first, the plan was successful, but then the enemy seemed to react and returned to the mountain… We were hunted down. Fortunately, Akabane was able to identify the enemy’s movements in the Hidden Mist Jutsu. Otherwise, we would survive this far.”

Tsunade said back and forth, still in trembled.

After hearing this, Hiruzen interrupted and asked, “You have cleaned up the traces of the scene?”


Orochimaru’s expression was dull, and then he shook his head dejectedly.

“For a Jounin, these are flaws. They can track you back at any time and kill you all.”

Hiruzen said with a sneer. “In your eyes, what is Jounin?”

At the same time, he secretly rejoiced.

If Akabane had not mastered the third element of Chakra, perhaps they would all be dead by now.

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