Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Narutos World Chapter 56


“Don’t think about going out anymore; just stay in the village and reflect on your attitude!”

Just after waking up, Akabane heard the good news.

Don’t go out; it’s too dangerous to go out!

After facing one Jounin, it forced him to used the fireball jutsu, which was his trump card, and spent the remaining 400 points to exchanged it into Chakra for compensating the ninjutsu.

Which means he must save up from the beginning again.

In the time of the Great War, there were many elites, and the battlefield was brutal.

Akabane had thought about it, but then dismissed the idea.

It took him a long time to get a break.

“Sensei, but Jiraiya…” Tsunade was anxious.

They couldn’t go out now, and they have failed to find Jiraiya but instead risking their own life by attacking the invader’s hideout.

“We have reached an agreement with the Uzumaki Village. Next, there will be ninjas from Uzumaki Village to help find Jiraiya.”

Hiruzen said coldly, “Tsunade, you are a very talented girl, but I don’t want you to die so young. Your life is as precious as any other life.”

“Umm yeah, Sensei, I understand.”

Tsunade lowered her head, reflecting on her action before.

“Sensei, please train us more, please!”

Orochimaru’s voice came afterward.

Akabane did not move while lying on the bed, but his mind was full of thoughts.

These two children were hit hard by their childish act.

But it is also a good thing since now they understood their mistakes and reflected on it, they will grow more responsibility next time, this is a good lesson to learn.

“Very well, I am very pleased that you all have reflected. First of all, Tsunade. You need to learn to control your Chakra, emotions, and strength.”

“Orochimaru, you are excellent in all subjects. You’ve mastered your ninjutsu well enough, and with your intelligence, it would be a perfect combination. But now you lack powerful and effective attack ability. Your next goal is to learn vacuum wave, Wind Release: Vacuum Wave.”

The first element that Orochimaru had learned was wind, so the goal given to him by Hiruzen is to continue to strengthen his foundation.


Orochimaru had another idea.

He didn’t tell Hiruzen because he knew that he wouldn’t agree to it.

“Next is Akabane, get up, I’ll say a few words with you alone.”

Hiruzen turned around and came into the house.

“Akaba’s awake?” Orochimaru was stunned, and then quickly ran into the house.

Tsunade ran in quickly behind him and saw Akabane was still lying on the bed, showing no sign of recovery.

“Ahem, Sensei, I just woke up.”

Akabane sat up with a guilty conscience.

The alertness of Hiruzen was too high. He controlled his breathing rate and breath slowly as if he was still asleep, but Hiruzen could see it through.

“Heh, don’t underestimate a Hokage like me.”

Hiruzen sneered and then waved his hand to let Orochimaru and Tsunade leave them alone to talk.

Then he sat down next to the bed, smoking a cigarette, looking melancholy and silent for a moment.

Was he waiting for me to say something?

Akabane muttered in his heart but still said nothing.

For a while, the room fell into silence.

Hiruzen had no choice but to smoke, pretending to be choked, and then said gently: “Oh… Akabane, do you have any other opinions on the village?”

“Nope, what makes you think of that?”

Akabane replied immediately.

“You have five senses control, and you a high level of Genjutsu, surpassing anyone in the village.”

“You have a tremendous talent. You can master three elements of Chakra, and you can use the B-level ninjutsu like shadow clone when you were just a student at the academy.”

“Even your physique is among the top from the Kurama Clan.”

Hiruzen praised him continuously, making Akabane more and more clueless

What should I reply to that?

“But moreover, you never told us, and even more out of touch with everyone, who are you hiding it from? “

Hiruzen cut it with a sighed and looked melancholy.

“A Jounin is not an easy enemy to dealt with, even if he was careless.”

“Sensei, I…”

Akabane was at a loss for words, not knowing how to answer.

Are you hiding from who?

He couldn’t find the answer, maybe it was from Danzo, or it may be an unknown enemy in the future.

Hiruzen was smoking a cigarette, and continued: “I didn’t understand it at first until I read your comics.”

“Huh, my comics?”

Akabane was even more confused about what was Hiruzen tried to say.

Following that, he heard Hiruzen said, “In your eyes, we are the people in your drawing, and you are the author who draws the world into your comic. I know it is something that you cherish, but it will also cause you to lose something, your playtimes, your friends, or your training.”

“And I hope you can stop drawing comics for now, and focus on other things.”

At first, Akabane was shocked. He was thinking that his secret was being discovered.

But when he heard the second half of the sentence, the tension and fear within him calmed down a bit, and he said calmly, “Sensei…I may be just like you said.”

“It’s good to hear that.”

“This news might excite you. I will send you back to Konoha within a few days. Use it to spend time with your family.”

Hiruzen has done talking, smoked some more, and leave the room.

As he watched him leave, Akabane’s crazy beating heart gradually calmed down.

“Sure enough, Sarutobi-sensei thought that I had awakened the “Ido” because of my affection to the comic or whatever.”

“I must be more careful from now on.”

Akabane frantically reviewed himself. However, it was just a false alarm, some of what Hiruzan said was right.

He treated everyone around him just like a person seeing a painting. Thus he needs to work on it.

As now the agreement between Konoha and Uzumaki Village has been settled, everyone can go back home now.

The meaning of what Hiruzen said was to help him handle the situation with Danzo.

Danzo Shimura will never turn back, and he does things according to his will. Within the current situation, there is one thing that he might be doing now.

To engage his Roots.

The holidays are not easy to come by, so we should cherish them.

 Without any mission to attempt, Akabane finally got up to breathe in the fresh air while watching the training of Orochimaru and Tsunade.

 Of course, it’s mainly Tsunade.

 Akabane hasn’t grown his relation with Orochimaru recently, and they might clash along the way, but he was quite experienced with Tsunade.

The training venues of those two were different. Tsunade needs a larger open space to control her strength, and the Vacuum Wave that Orochimaru needs to learn needs some targets.

 After looking around, Akabane found Tsunade outside the village.

 There are fist marks all around her, but the control cannot be done as she wishes so that the fist marks vary in size.

Akabane lamented slightly. He didn’t know what happened with Tsunade in the original plot, so he thought that if she could control it, she can become the greatest medical ninja, but looking at her right now, she is still very immature.

“Orochi…Ah, it’s you, Akaba, you are willing to go out of the room.”

 Tsunade’s voice and expression didn’t show the slightest shock because she was really in no mood to make any jokes.

 “Ahh, so you thought that knowing me, I wouldn’t go out of my room?”

Akabane smiled disapprovingly.

 “I’m not in the mood to say this right now. Sensei asked me to train my control, but I got no clue…”

 Tsunade was frustrated, her Chakra control is not weak, but to control on storing her Chakra perfectly, a more refined technique is needed. For the time being, she is nowhere near perfect.

“I’ll give you some advice.”

 Akabane said while swiftly open his drawing.

 It didn’t take long for Tsunade to be affected by his Genjutsu and found herself in another world.

 Then, she saw a figure.

It was another her.

 When she was still amazed, she found that another she punched the ground repeatedly, making countless rocks flying around and looking very beautiful.

 “Look at the effect of this punch. How is it different from your own.”

 Akabane’s voice came.

 Tsunade leaned closer and looked closely at the effect of the, and soon she was shocked

there seemed to be no difference, but the crack in the ground from the impact of the punch was very uniform, and even the periphery suffered an equal amount of damage.

To achieve such a level it required a very frightening level of control.

That’s right. What Akabane showed her was the “Sakura Punch” she created herself in the future!

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