Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 59


If Jiraiya hadn’t asked “Whose work” but instead a little firmer like “Your drawing”, Akabane also asked not “whose work”, but a little firmer “your painting,” Akabane would have been unable to deny it.

Now, he pretended that those lewd drawing wasn’t from him and sat there quietly eating seafood.

“This drawing technique, oh…what a waste of talent, I’ve searched along the riverbank, and only able to collect these pieces.”

Jiraiya treated the remaining pieces like a treasure.

“Ahh, what are you going to do with what stuff?”

Tsunade asked while looking disgusted.

If it hadn’t been for Akabane to remind her to restrained, she would have rushed over to tear that page instantly.

“You wouldn’t understand such art. This is the pinnacle of art and a reminiscence of genius to pursue learning.”

Jiraiya explained it fluently.


Orochimaru was speechless at his shameless teammate.

As a fellow of the same genre, Hiruzen sighed lightly, pointed to the table, and said, “Eat up now, or else Akabane will eat it all by himself.”

“Don’t say nonsense Sensei, I only eat two shrimps.”

Akabane didn’t dare to put another word with Jiraiya, if he knows that Akabane still had the remaining pages, he wouldn’t be able to come back alive to Konoha.

“It’s alright, you can eat everything.”

Hiruzen pretended not to hear him, otherwise, the topic would never end.

“You beast, I’m starving too!”

Jiraiya also shouted as expected, and quickly put the topic before behind him.

While everyone was eating, they felt something weird.

Tsunade’s hands were full, she eats messily.

What the hell?

Akabane was stunned, looking at the shrimp shell she spat out, very heartbroken.

It is an insult to eat like that!

“Well, why everyone looking at me?”

Tsunade asked

“Come on, eat. This is so yummy!”

“Ahh, No its nothing, I’ll ask them to fry up some more.”

Hiruzen didn’t dare to interrupt her.

I haven’t seen her eating before, but now it looks too terrifying. I feel sorry for those shrimps.

“Sorry, I just haven’t got a decent meal these days.”

Tsunade realized that she was eating too much, and bowed her head shamelessly.

After a non-stop training all day, she was exhausted and everything that she ate was to replenish her Chakra, or so she said.

Akabane had seen this before when he read the comic, but it turns out that the reality is completely different.

He silently picked up a few shrimps, crabs, and such.

According to what he knew, before he could finish eating his few meals, there was probably no more food on the table.

Glancing at them, Orochimaru and Jiraiya didn’t know how serious this situation is, and they were eating slowly, without any thought of saving some food from Tsunade’s reach.

Within seconds, two of them were staring at the empty table.

Then, the three of them stared at Akabane in a daze-because until now, there are still two uneaten crabs remaining on Akabane’s plate.

“Okay, Tsunade, but there is still another way to replenish your Chakra other than eating…”

Akabane guarded his crabs with an alert looked.

She just ate too much too fast to replenish her Chakra, and after all, they weren’t in hurry, so she doesn’t need to worry about it.

But, I still want to eat!

He was deceived by Tsunade for a while and almost forgot about it.

“Ahh, stingy…”

She didn’t force him, and her Chakra almost fully charged again, thus it wouldn’t matter if she waited a little more.

“New dishes are here…”

The chef brought them some more foods still hot from the fryer.


“Tsunade, spare us some this time!”

“Even Sarutobi-sensei hasn’t eaten yet.”


Akabane had finished his meal, but witnessing this scene, slightly moved his emotion.

This meal is their last supper in Uzumaki Village. Tomorrow morning, they will have to hit the road again.

Although there were twists and turns, their journey to this village gave them some good memory.

But Akabane felt a bit sad because his comics weren’t sold out, it probably because of his readers was only from children, and after all the comic depicted mainly on Konoha, and villager here didn’t feel much familiarity with “Naruto”.

This makes his points increased not as much as before, which is almost the same as when the first book was released.

Akabane sighed secretly, and then think about his current 100 points and the 4,000 points ninjutsu on the list.

There is still ahead of me huh…

“Just to think all the work that I need to reach 4000 points gives me a headache.”

In Naruto, the comic solely focused on Konoha, and rarely described other countries.

Akabane thinking hard, he thinks that he needs a pen name. After all, he is an independent illustrator here and might be the first one, thus he can’t affiliate himself with any village or else he could be suspect as a spy or some kind of conspirator.

more than that, I have to come up to distribute it into another country, such as a water country.

“Just finish up your meals and then take a rest, Akabane will stay for a while to tell you about Tsukiha.”

Hiruzen was smoking his cigarette, and waited until his students finished their meals to call Akabane.”

“Oh, I hope it’s not something sketchy.”

Tsunade sneered, then went back to her room.

I wonder…

Jiraiya also muttered secretly after glancing at Akabane and Hiruzen, and couldn’t think of something.

“Ah… don’t think about it too much, it’s just an official business.”

Hiruzen’s face blushed. Since he exposed the telescope, he has no confidence in front of Tsunade Akabane.

Akabane kept his eyes and thought to himself, not interjecting into such a topic.

“Ok, sensei we will leave first.”

Orochimaru bowed, turned, and took the lead to leave.

After the three of them left, Hiruzen was silent for a moment, and then said “Tsukiha will temporarily reside in your house from now on. I hope you can take good care of her.”

“No problem, I’ve promised her that I’ll give her the best life possible.”

Akabane said without hesitation.

“Shikai is not at ease right now, with the current situation of this village, he wouldn’t be able to visit her for the time being. Thus he privately gives the Kurama Clan some benefit through you, and the gift will be delivered tomorrow.”


Akabane was shocked hearing that.

It sounds like you’re going to give a marriage proposal to my parents!?

“Are there any other than Tsukiha Uzumaki?”

“I have told Tsunade about a few children, and the other three were accepted by our clan.”

Hiruzen said.

“Then I don’t have any problems, is there anything else? I want to meet my bed as soon as possible.”

Akabane yawned, feeling sleepy.

“Um… Akabane, I wonder what is the content of that painting before?”

“Sensei, I don’t know anything about it, maybe Tsunade knows something?”

Akabane smiled and denied it.

Although Jiraiya probably didn’t notice it was Akabane who wrote it, as a teacher and a Hokage, he can see clearly through Akabane.

He must find another way to see the pages without getting caught, especially from Tsunade.

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