Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 61


Ouch! The feeling of being watched.

Akabane sensed Daimyo’s gaze and immediately felt that they must have talked about him at some point.

“Nii-san, they seem to be watching us…”

Tsukiha whispered.

Not only the daimyo but also the guards around him.

Akabane’s eyes swept around, seeing the children of the Uzumaki clan surrounding Tsukiha and the truck wrapped in red cloth, and he became more sure of his guess.

I was being gossiped!

What temporarily stay, what to temporarily change of surname…

His blood was boiled, but at this time he has reached the point where there is no turning back. Seeing Tsukiha’s uneasy eyes, he took a deep breath: “It’s okay, Hokage-sensei introduces us to your majesty. You are guests from the Uzumaki village.”

“Oh, is that so…”

Tsukiha is the daughter only of the patriarch of the Uzumaki clan, and thus she held the title of princess of the Uzumaki clan.

This set of words made sense, plus Tsukiha trust Akabane wholeheartedly, so she didn’t ask any further questions.

Soon everyone saw Hiruzen get off the carriage and stood aside.

Not long after, the daimyo drove away to the Temple of Fire- the two seemed to have reached some sort of understanding, so each headed to their respective destinations.

“Let’s continues our travel.”

Hiruzen cut back and said lightly.

Akabane followed behind and remain speechless, there were so many children around, it was not the time to ask those unnecessary things.

The two retained some sort of tacit understanding, and it wasn’t until they were outside the Konoha’s territory that the party gradually relaxed.

Here, they are save from any threat. No villages dare to break their truce after the First World War Ninja.

Even if the current Konoha still recover from the recent loss.

At this time, Akabane walked to the front and asked in a low voice: “Sensei, what is exactly your deal with Shikai Uzumaki?”

“Well…we just need to make sure that the Daimyo got some benefit from our plan, to gave him some sense of guarantee.”

Hiruzen walked ahead and said slowly after exhaling the smoke from his mouth.

“So, you sold me?!”

Akabane gritted his teeth.

“To put it simply, yes. As I said before, as a guarantee.”

Hiruzen said with a smile.

“But you aren’t left empty-handed, don’t you? Do you still remember the specialty of the Uzumaki clan?”

“Huh? Could it be that…”

Akabane’s eyes gleamed.

“Well, you guessed it right, sealing jutsu.”

Hiruzen sternly said, “The price of the Uzumaki clan is the sealing jutsu.”


Akabane took a breath. This is one of the most important traits of the Uzumaki clan to settle down. They were willing to hand it over.

But when you think about it, this is their way of surviving from this conflict.

with the sealing jutsu and the Uzumaki bloodline, even if their hometown will be destroyed, they can rely on Konoha as a save haven for a couple more years to grow another Uzumaki clan settlement.

This is their best way to retain their bloodline.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but admire the patriarch.

“Your Kurama clan’s Kekkei Genkai is exceptional, but when you letting your Kekkei Genkai take control every time, you know what will happen… that kind of monster.”

Hiruzen said slowly.

“Well, it’s actually because of the overwhelming pools of chakra, coupled with abuse of ability, resulting in split personality.”

Akabane said of his own understanding, “In a certain sense, it can also be regarded as a demon.”

“Yes, But if there is a sealing jutsu to control it, the main problem of your clan will be greatly alleviated.”

Hiruzen finished the remaining sentences.

Akabane understands what he means. Any family has its own secret ninjutsu. Konoha has the power to learn their characteristics, abilities, but not the power to plunder as their own, otherwise, it will be treat as a threat to all of the clans.

The predecessor of the “Uzumaki Clan” has only a dozen children, but this would mean nothing without intermarriage between the clans.

This is a well-thought plan for years to come between the two patriarchs of Konoha and Uzumaki Village.

Akabane hates this feeling, but he has to admit that this gives him benefit and there is no harm to gain.

Just accept the marriage that is…

“You are really wise…”

He gritted his teeth and sent a “praise”.

“Ahaha, its nothing.”

Hiruzen happily smoked his cigarette, ignoring the hidden resentment in his words.

Akabane slowed down, and when he passed Tsunade, he heard her whisper: “What are you talking about, what deal that sensei made Akaba?”

“Well, you can ask him yourself.”

Akabane sighed, not knowing how to face her, and returned sadly to Tsukiha’s side.

Tsukiha was too young to understand whats happened, but she could felt that Akabane was upset, so she doesn’t want to ask anything.

After they reached the gate, Akabane eased his emotion, it was only the change of surname. and when the time came, it would be fine if mom and dad took him as their goddaughter.


“Everyone, This is the front gate of Konoha Village, take a look…”

Hiruzen turned around and pointed to the door to the children.

“Hey, that sign looks like ours.”

“The one in the middle is also an Uzumaki.”

“It turns out that Konoha Village is the same as the one drawn by Nii-san.”

These children brought their comic books, and they had always wanted to see Konoha with their own eyes.

Seeing the huge common between Uzumaki Village and Konoha made them felt nostalgic and homesick at the same time.

Although they might need to take some time to truly integrate into Konoha, it will make Konoha to them feels like home.

More than that, all the children looked at Akabane and asked about the meaning of the signs.

“The mark of Konoha was set by the first Hokage, symbolizing the inseparable friendship between Konoha and the Uzumaki clan.”

Akabane smiled and said, “In fact, the first Hokage’s wife is the elder of your Uzumaki clan.”


Even Tsukiha was a little surprised by that fact.

“It’s true, my grandma’s real name is Mito Uzumaki.”

Tsunade said triumphantly.

“It turned out to be like this.”

“Nee-san’s grandmother…”

“Does granny Mito has red hair like us?”

“Is she good looking?”

The children quickly merged into the topic.

This is also the reason for choosing children.

They are pure and flawless, although they have thoughts, they are easily changed and influenced.

“We are going to meet grandma now when the time comes… Don’t be a surprise.”

Tsunade had a mysterious smile on her face.

To these children, she was very likable, because she knows very well that they can’t go back to their village.


The children are always worry-free, Akabane sighed in his heart, but at the same time, he was a little nervous.

As Tsukiha’s “guardian”, he was ordered by Hiruzen to go together, and they were about to meet Mito Uzumaki…

I didn’t realize it until now, but this is going to feel awkward…

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