Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 78


“Okay, that’s it for today.”

Akabane got up after packing up his tools, ready to leave.

“Ah? That’s it?”

“Do you want to do one more?”

Some of the Root questioned in disappointment.

Although the illusion is terrifying, they can see the horror of the battlefield and making significant progress within two sessions.

“You are too presumptuous.”

Danzo said coldly.

“Calm down, everyone. If we don’t rest now, the illusion could permanently harm our mental state!”

A man in the Root explained.

Akabane glanced at him, knowing so well about illusion ninjutsu, he seemed to be from the Yamanaka clan.

Even their weakest memberl still could handle another session without any trouble.

But hard-working is just not Akabane’s style.

Then he waved his hand and went to the cave.

After entering the cave, a figure appeared.


Akabane looked back thoughtfully, He saw Danzo was still at the training ground.

“Our deal here is over, you don’t have to come again.”

“Yes, Sensei.”

Akabane nodded, the main purpose of the training is to overcome their fear of death.

Now that the goal is achieved, of course, there is no reason to continue.

“But… If you’re interested in becoming my successor…”


Akabane refused without hesitation.

Danzo nodded, then the clone disappeared.

After passing through the cave, his footsteps gradually slowed down, and he looked back at the cave where the training ground was.

The Root now is only a bunch of living dolls.

To overcome the fear of death is to gain no fear of sacrifice.

“It’s none of my problems either.”

Akabane closed his eyes, cast aside the thoughts in his mind, and returned to the village.

When passing by his comic store, Akabane saw someone copying and drawing in front of the door.

“Jiraiya? No, it seems not.”

He thought of Jiraiya for the first time, but it was not Jiraiya’s figure from a distance between the crowd of onlookers.

Who is it?

He was initially got curious.

“It’s very good!”

“Yes, it looks a lot like it.”

“He seems to be from the Yuki clan.”

Akabane overheard the voice coming from inside.

He curiously looked for the source, but he was only ten years old and couldn’t see what the boy was drawing.

After pondering for a while, Akabane jumped onto his roof.

Akabane looked down and saw a boy sitting in the crowd with a drawing board and drawing paper in front of him, and the pen in his hand moved quickly.

He didn’t draw lewd things, but it was Kakashi’s portrait.

“A Yuki’s boy huh?”

Akabane was impressed, and immediately remembered his name.

This guy is in the same class as himself, and he has a 

strong chakra control and decent genjutsu prowess.


Makoto Yuki shook his head and tore off the drawing on the drawing board.

Some people could understand it, and couldn’t help but ask: “You draw much better than someone called Jiraiya, but why did you tear it off?”

“It’s a different thing.”

Makoto shook his head, with a trace of confusion on his face. He took drawing with passion. So, he couldn’t ignore a simple mistake.


Akabane had to admit that this guy is better than Jiraiya.

“You are just copying, you don’t have your own style.”

“Copy? My own style? “

Makoto Yuki was baffled for a while, and he didn’t quite understand it, but then he suddenly thought—where that voice came from?

“Akabane-sama, what are you doing there?”

His employee doesn’t need to look, he can tell Akabane’s identity by his voice.

“I just… need some fresh air..”

Akabane replied snappily.

But Makoto was deep in thought.

just copy ……

“Draw your own picture, and I suppose you think that drawing can enhance the construction of your own illusion, but to build a solid and perfect illusion, the prerequisite is that you are mentally strong enough.”

Akabane rare being patient, and with that explanation, Makoto only becoming more confused.

Everyone looked at Akabane from below.

Makoto then took a deep breath and said: “Can you build a perfect illusion?”

“Almost, it’s okay for you to work harder.”

After Akabane finished speaking, Akabane with both hands cast an instantaneous jutsu.

In the next second, he disappeared into thin air.

So fast!

Everyone was shocked-that Akabane who was only ten years old was so talented.

“Woah you’re so talented Akaba!”

Makoto was stunned for a long time.

“I see, Akabane, thank you!”

“Makoto Yuki…”

“If he has the will, he will learn my skills and become a great cartoonist.”

Akabane showed a bit of joy just to think about it.

Maybe we can work together to make anime!

The more he thought about it, the more he felt it was a great idea.

Of course, he can do this himself.

But using illusion to maintain animation and games, such work is boring, and he can’t enjoy it.

What’s the point of that!

Therefore, Akabane couldn’t be happier when he saw that some other than him was interested in drawing.

“I really look forward to it, I hope he can hone his skill soon…well, I lend him a hand.”

The more he thinks about it, the happier Akabane becomes.

That drawing talent in Konoha is rare!

He was walking while thinking, but he had already arrived at his front door without realizing it.

Just outside the door, Tsukiha had sensed it, and ran out from inside: “Akaba-Nii is back!”

“Tsukiha is really amazing, you noticed me so fast!”

Akabane knelt and patted her head.

“Amazing indeed…”

His father sighed with some worry.

She could potentially become a great weapon of war if she got into the wrong hand.

“Okay, let’s go.”

Akabane walked inside and greeted his father, then returned to his room upstairs.

Shadow Clone Jutsu!


This time Akabane could perfectly summon two clones.

“Clone A is responsible for chapter 26 to 29, Clone B starts from episode 30.”

“Waittt… what about you!?”

“Afraid not, I’ll do some work on my own.”

Akabane replied irritably.

With that being said, the clones still weren’t convinced.

I do really miss the simple, hardworking, and non-rewarding clone who I used to work with.

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