Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 83


The next day in the morning, Akabane was summoned to the Hokage Residence by the Third Hokage. After waking up, he ate breakfast and headed straight there.

What is it?

“Tsunade said you were going to hold a comic exhibition?”

The Third Hokage asked while smoking a cigarette.

“Yes, the plot for Nami’s country has been completed, and the time is just right,” Akabane replied.

“I see, I’ll permit you to hold the Comic Exhibition, and I’ll give you a free space. But I hope you can waive the entry fee.” Said the Third Hokage with the smoking pipe in his hand.

“Regarding that, you must ask Tsunade directly.” Akabane did not dare to agree immediately.

I already entrusted everything about this Comic Exhibition to Tsunade. When she found out that I waived the entrance fee without consulting her, I was afraid she would use her fists to destroy my shop.

“I hope everyone who likes comics can come on to the show. I think this is a good decision.”

The Third Hokage gave him a sensible suggestion, “Also, Daimyō seems to be coming to the event as well.”

“Daimyō too? You’re just teasing me!” Akabane was shocked in disbelief.

Daimyō’s residence is quite far away, what would he do at regular events?

“I’m telling the truth.”

The Third Hokage stopped talking and didn’t continue.

“Did you invite Daimyō?

Akabane understood everything right away.

The Third Hokage took advantage of this event to restore ties with Daimyō, so he invited Daimyō and would turn the Comic Exhibition into an official event.

For Akabane, this offer had both advantages and disadvantages, but it was different from Tsunade’s.

“It won’t hurt Tsunade either, don’t worry.” The Third Hokage calmed down.

“Okay then, I’ll go first.”

Hearing this offer, Akabane didn’t know what to do. The more he thought about it, the worse he felt, then Akabane felt that he should leave the Third Hokage immediately.

However, the Third Hokage immediately knocked on the table with his smoking pipe, sighed, and said: “No need to hurry, you are not allowed to go yet.”

“Then just say what you want.” Akabane felt helpless.

Initially, he aimed to create this event to unite all comic fans, showcase ninja culture, and promote new comics. He did not think that the Third Hokage would want to take advantage of this event.

“I heard from Danzo that you used Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique to protect Konoha Village?” The Third Hokage said with a smile.

“Would you like me to use it on Daimyō to ease the pain, and use this Demonic Illusion as a fantasy game?”

Akabane immediately understood what the Third Hokage meant.

“Yes.” The Third Hokage nodded.

“It’s really easy. I want to find shinobi who are skilled in Genjutsu in Konoha. Then I will teach them.”

“But I didn’t find it, so I called you.”

Sarutobi Hiruzen felt sad, and he thought that the majority of Konoha’s population was not as good as this child. This is not an easy task for a Hokage.

According to Danzō’s experiments, no one in the Anbu could do it.

“Fine, but I have a condition.”

Since people who have talent like me are very rare, I will not give them away for free.

 And since the income from the event I’m going to host is lacking, I’ll look elsewhere.

“What conditions do you want?” The Third Hokage looked at the table and continued: “Don’t overdo it.”

“In the next Chūnin Exams, I hope I can ride the caravan,” Akabane said.

“It’s Kazegakure, right?” The Third Hokage thought seriously, and he knew that there weren’t many caravans from Konoha to Kazegakure.

He paused as he measured the profits he was getting, and finally, he agreed to Akabane’s condition: “Okay, I’ll book it for you.”


Unexpectedly, my wish could come true, but it seems I forgot something.

When Akabane comes out, he meets Tsunade.

“Hey, what did that old man call you for?”

Tsunade approached and asked in a low voice.


Akabane’s face stiffened, and he looked at Tsunade awkwardly.

“Must be about the Anbu, right?” When Tsunade looked up, there was ninjutsu when she lifted her head three feet. The old man was watching them from above.

“Don’t feel stiff like that. What’s going on?”

Tsunade was a little worried, “Can’t he just accept it and come back to normal?”

“No, that’s not it. On the contrary, he supports this event.” Akabane coughed.

“It’s okay. I just understood it when I walked in and asked.”

Tsunade smiled and said proudly of her work, “I’ve found most of the characters, and everything is ready!”

“Well then, now I’m going back to the shop to discuss the details, maybe Yamano-san has sent a new comic.”

Akabane said and waved goodbye.

The atmosphere at the Hokage Residence was not very pleasant. If it’s been there too long, something will get troublesome. Akabane didn’t want to be there long.

Kurama Akabane said it for an excuse.

“Okay, we’ll talk about it later.”

Tsunade was not afraid but energetic.

Akabane sighed slightly.

This young girl was very energetic before reality softened her feelings…

“Forget it, I’ll go back and rest for a bit, and I have to find Shinku Yūhi.” Akabane sighed.

No one from the Anbu knows.

In Konoha, apart from the older generation of the Kurama clan, I am afraid that only the Uchiha or Shinku Yūhi have a strong Genjutsu Technique.

Finding someone with strong talent is not easy!

She sighed slightly, her eyes looking around.

The Yūhi clan is small in Konoha Village. Akabane returned to the house a few blocks from his shop to find Shinku Yūhi’s home.

“So there?”

Akabane looked around and saw Shinku Yūhi on the roof of his own house.

The little boy stood in a high place and observing everything from above, and he watched everyone passing by.

He’s watching.

Shinku Yūhi looked down and finally found Akabane on the way.

With Akabane’s size being only ten years old, it would not be easy to find if not looked at him carefully.

Then, Akabane ran and climbed the wall.

“Akabane, huh? Are you looking for me?”

Shinku Yūhi asked after seeing Akabane running towards her.

Indeed, he studied people’s emotions and expressions.

“Yes, do you remember what I said earlier?”

Akabane said with a faint smile.

“Yes, mental reinforcement, control, and finer illusions.”

Shinku Yūhi nodded and said.

“It seems you understand what I mean. Do you want to see my illusion?”

“Huh? Is that all right?” Shinku Yūhi looked at Akabane with a look of surprise on his face.

As someone who likes to research Genjutsu, Shinku Yūhi certainly wants to know a perfect illusion.

“Then, let’s move places,” Akabane asked with a smile.

“Okay, then let’s go to my house.”

Shinku Yūhi said politely and immediately opened the door.

Akabane followed suit, and the two of them entered the house.

After sitting down, Akabane tried to explain the method first: “The purpose of Genjutsu is to disrupt the flow of the opponent’s Chakra and make it stuck in our illusions.”

“Good.” Shinku Yūhi nodded.

“I have learned Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique. I can see fear and can see a terrifying sight of the person under my Genjutsu. I have studied and understood how to disrupt the flow of Chakra. Based on that, I control and change the flow of Chakra, and create an illusion that I can control myself … “Akabane explained slowly.

Of course…

Talking about research, it’s actually just using the Chakra exchange method.

Shinku Yūhi thought hard, and then asked sadly, “I’m afraid this Jutsu requires the Kurama clan’s Kekkei Genkai to be performed perfectly, right?”

Kekkei Genkai Akabane is a plus of this Genjutsu. Without the Kekkei Genkai, it will not affect the five senses.

“If you talk about perfection in illusion, then it really is.” Akabane is not evasive, “but at this point, I believe you are qualified to do so.”

In fact, it’s not just the Kurama clan’s Genjutsu that can affect the five senses.

For example, in this Genjutsu, Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique.

As long as he can master this Genjutsu in its entirety, he will definitely be able to overpower the opponent’s five senses one day. A strong person who has the blood of the Kurama clan can turn illusions into reality.

This is the essence of their Kekkei Genkai.

“I see. Let’s immediately try to practice it.” Shinku Yūhi nodded excitedly.

“Very well, then I’ll use a technique …”


Shinku Yūhi immediately fell into an illusion.

He saw from a distance. There was a colossal fox monster roaring upwards.

What is that?!

Shinku Yūhi was shocked. As she tried to take a closer look at the fox beast, she was continuously releasing energy bombs, each attack leaving tremendous damage.

Even though he knew that the fox beast was not really in his presence, it was all genuine.

For a moment, Shinku Yūhi felt that what he saw was real.



With a loud thud, the fox beast’s ball of energy headed towards his side.

The terrifying Chakra gathered and destroyed everything instantly. Shinku Yūhi felt pain all over his body. After a while, he opened his eyes and saw Akabane in front of her.

The Genjutsu cast on him has been canceled.

Shinku Yūhi was terrified. If Akabane used his Kekkei Genkai, Shinku Yūhi would die.

Because for a while ago, Shinku Yūhi felt like he was going to die.

Once the one receiving this Genjutsu believes that he is experiencing reality, the success rate for turning the illusion into reality will inevitably increase.

Of course, Akabane didn’t use this technique.

“Remember and think carefully. You are very talented in Genjutsu. I am not praising you. I am telling the truth.” Akabane smiled faintly and stood up to leave.

“Thanks, Akabane.” Shinku Yūhi feels energized and motivated.

I wouldn’t have achieved that if I only attended school lessons. I don’t think that Akabane is a person with a warm heart. Extraordinary!

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