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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 93


After more than an hour of hard work, Akabane felt tired, and his Shadow Clone was canceled.

“Are these many posters enough?” Mito Uzumaki asked for confirmation.

“Of course, it’s not enough, but I’ve reached my limit,” Akabane said breathlessly.

Finally, Akabane found a way out of this condition. Mito Uzumaki wouldn’t force Akabane if he couldn’t last long.

Mito Uzumaki nodded slightly, paused for a moment, and asked: “Do you already have an arrangement for this event?”

As an elder and one of the workers on this project, she naturally asked this kind of question.

“For the opening program, there will be a Kakashi vs. Zabuza show, then after one hour the visitors have free time, and they can shop, and they will come back together for the closing program.”

“Will there be a special show at this event?” Mito Uzumaki nodded in understanding and asked again.

“I haven’t been able to decide which free shows to show at shopping time. It depends on my skills. When the closing ceremony ends, I plan to join the scene when Haku gets killed, and then I plan to …”

When he was about to finish his sentence, Akabane suddenly had a brilliant idea.

Hey, I can add a song!

For example, like the song ‘Blue Bird’.

“What are you planning to do?”

“I’m planning to add a song, but I’m afraid no one can sing it.”

Of course not, but with my memories and Genjutsu, I can produce it in an illusion form.

I obviously couldn’t find a suitable singer in this world.

Mito Uzumaki’s eyes suddenly lit up, and she turned to Akabane and said, “How about me?”

“Huh?” Akabane’s eyes were filled with doubt.

You’re too old to do this…

“You little devil, don’t look at me like that. Actually, I have a lot of talents that you couldn’t even guess.” Mito Uzumaki said softly and proudly.

“But I can only use Genjutsu to convey this song, can those in your body do it?” Akabane was a little worried.

“Don’t worry; this will work.” Mito Uzumaki said while stroking his stomach, and the Nine-Tails who were inside trembled.

Don’t you dare move!

Right now, Nine-Tails can still see the outside world. If Mito Uzumaki strengthens the seal, it would be the same as in a dungeon.

If it were Mito Uzumaki, that would be a plus point.

Akabane agreed to her proposal, immediately exerted the Chakra within his body, and immediately activated a harmless Genjutsu and no visual illusions; he just turned his Chakra into a song.

Mito Uzumaki closed his eyes and started listening to the melody.

The sound of this music is produced from Akabane’s memory, so it’s a bit unstable.

After a few minutes, his Genjutsu was stopped.

It wasn’t Akabane who canceled his Genjutsu, but Mito Uzumaki had deliberately let go of the Genjutsu.


She opened her eyes and tried to remember the song for a moment.

Shortly after.

“Habataitara … Modoranai to itte …” Mito Uzumaki began to sing a familiar song to Akabane.

When the song was being sung, Akabane couldn’t hold back his tears.

‘Blue Bird’, this song is full of memories!

After the chorus, Tsunade heard her singing and approached the voice.

She only heard quietly from outside the pavilion.

Tsunade was touched because she could feel the emotion in the song, not because of her grandmother.

Not long after, the song ended.

Mito Uzumaki said discontentedly, “Hey if musical instruments do not accompany it, this song is not very good.”

“Yeah, but it’s good enough.” Akabane did not intend to flatter this sentence.

“I think I have an old musical instrument in my house that can go with it.”

Mito Uzumaki smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I just need to remember the lyrics and the melody.”

It’s easy to have discussions with geniuses…

Akabane was envious, and at the same time, he saw a bush in front of him.

“Tsunade, what are you doing there?”

Mito Uzumaki smiled with her distinctive character, soft but actually black.

“Oh, Tsuna-chan is back; how do I sing?” Mito Uzumaki has been aware of it for a long time.

Tsunade wiped her tears and walked out of the bush.

Even though he was deeply moved, but he said…

“That doesn’t sound good at all.” Even though she previously shed tears, she still said that. She really couldn’t be honest with her own feelings.

Since the two people in front of her knew her true feelings, Tsunade shifted the topic by asking, “What is the name of this song?”

“Blue Bird.” Akabane said, “It tells about us having the freedom and shall to achieve our dreams.”

“The song titles are great, and they align with the meaning of the song.” Mito Uzumaki said with emotion.

Tsunade was dumbfounded, she thought this song was a song from her grandmother’s hometown, but it turned out that this song was Akabane’s song.

“Now that I think about it, again, this would be great for the closing ceremony.” Akabane smiled and added, “And I will add fantasy with Genjutsu.”

“I’m looking forward to it.” Mito Uzumaki smiled faintly.

Among the ninja in Konoha, the one with the most brilliant ideas and cunning minds was probably the boy in front of him.

But Akabane always makes her interested. Otherwise, her life will be even more boring.

“By the way, Tsunade, how are the others?”

“Most of the restoration work on the site has been completed, and it only needs to strengthen a few tunnels.” Tsunade was not cranky. She was really inspecting the restoration place.

“Then we can arrange a place that’s been restored, right?” Mito Uzumaki looked at Akabane, who was an expert in this field.

“For matters of layout, you can arrange it.” Akabane didn’t know much about the Comic Exhibition, so he didn’t have many layout requests.

Judging from Mito Uzumaki’s drawing style, her taste is not bad, and I can entrust her layout.

“So you aim to be lazy again, but … I love this job.” Mito Uzumaki smiled and continued, “Then what are you going to do?”

“Don’t talk nonsense. I don’t mean to be lazy!” Akabane was quick to argue.

Akabane had initially been intended to find a bed secretly, but when he remembered that he still had a lot of work to do, he immediately gave up his intention.

But, Tsunade clearly couldn’t believe it, her eyes filled with doubt.

“Since Daimyō is also coming, the show should go on very well!” Akabane explained immediately.

“All right, so how do you organize it?”

“First, I’ll go to Sakumo Hatake.” Akabane is very confident in Sakumo’s talent. As long as he had enough time, he was sure that Sakumo could develop his own Chidori and Raikiri.

Of course…

It doesn’t matter between Chidori or Raikiri; the difference is not that big in plain view.

If Chidori was present, Zabuza and Haku could appear with Kakashi in the final scene. If Sakumo doesn’t have time to learn it, I’ll help him.

“I’ll leave the work here to you.” Akabane waved his hand and immediately left the pavilion. He couldn’t last longer in that place.

“Grandma, I think he’s going to be lazy,” Tsunade said while curling her lips as Akabane left.

“Tsuna-chan, occasionally close your eyes, then your life will be more beautiful.” Mito Uzumaki said it with some purpose.

“Um … yes, Grandma!” Tsunade knew that Mito Uzumaki was sarcasm her secret gambling.

“Besides, aren’t your designs and layouts better than others, right?” After thinking for a moment, Mito Uzumaki started drawing.

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