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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 94


“Sakumo has succeeded in developing that Ninjutsu?” Akabane returns to the tiki manga and is shocked when he hears the news that shakes his mind, destroying his predictions.

“Someone from the Hatake Clan told me that he was successful, but it seems that as a result of the extreme training, he is now unconscious and being taken to the hospital for rehabilitation and treatment.” Kasumi Kurama said.

“He was taken to the hospital?” Akabane’s eyes widened.

This kid is trying hard and pushing himself too hard to develop this Ninjutsu…

When Akabane and Sakumo talked about Chidori, Akabane hoped that Sakumo could develop it as much as he could. What’s the point of mastering strong Ninjutsu if you don’t have a healthy body.

“Yes, reportedly, he used Chakra for Lightning Release too much.” Kasumi Kurama explained.

“So like that, take it easy,” Akabane said casually.

To perform Chidori, Lightning Release Chakra will continuously stimulate the user’s body, so using Ninjutsu like this continuously will cause certain damage to the user’s body.

And the damage caused by Ninjutsu cannot be restored quickly.

However, because Akabane was very worried about his friend’s situation, he immediately went to the hospital to see Sakumo’s situation.

When he arrived at the hospital, he wasn’t the only person visiting Sakumo; there were Third Hokage and Danzō.

Hey, are those two here already?

“Third Hokage, Sensei…” When he just arrived, Akabane was confused by the presence of these two people.

What really happened? This shouldn’t be a big problem!

The Third Hokage smoked his smoking pipe and understood Akabane’s feelings. Shaking his head, he said: “Don’t worry, Sakumo has regained consciousness. We are just afraid that the Ninjutsu he uses has too many side effects. Let the doctor check his condition.”

“Yes.” Danzō understood and waited.

“So like that.” Akabane nodded. I’ll wait for him to wake up again with these two old men.

After learning of his friend’s state, Akabane naturally knew that Chidori did not cause much damage to the user’s body. Still, for the Third Hokage, this new Ninjutsu needed to be identified.

He will write down the complete data about Chidori on the Scroll of Seals after knowing the side effects.

“Gentlemen, the lab results are out. Sakumo Hatake is in good health. Within a few hours, the damage caused by the Lightning Release Chakra will heal naturally.”

Hearing this news, the Third Hokage became relaxed.

At the same time, Danzō was silent and looked into the room, then looked at Akabane and asked: “Didn’t you decorate the place with Mito-sama?”

“There are several programs that need to be discussed with you and the Third Hokage first,” Akabane said.

“Oh?” The Third Hokage stared at him for a moment, then raised his smoking pipe and asked, “What program?”

“Currently, the program structure we are compiling is like this …” Akabane explained the programming and performances at his Comic Exhibition event and explained the plot in more detail.

The Third Hokage thought for a moment and agreed with Akabane’s program layout: “Good since Damiyō was also present at this event, the event should be interesting. I agree with your suggestion. If you need help, just talk to me.”

“I’m glad you agreed right away, and one more thing, I want you to play Zabuza.” Hearing the Third Hokage’s approval, Akabane was very happy, and he immediately made another request.

At first, I didn’t know how I should ask this, but now it looks like the Third Hokage has opened his hand.

“Well …” The Third Hokage looked doubtful.

Playing Zabuza, he said?

He remembered that Mito Uzumaki played Haku.

He thought for a moment, the Third Hokage took a smoke pipe and said, “During the event, I have to accompany Damiyō until the last program. So, I’m afraid I don’t have much time for that. I think Danzō can replace me.”

“Uh-oh, I’ll be very busy too.” Danzō glanced at him coldly while refusing.

Actually, Danzō didn’t know why the Third Hokage refused, but there must be something that made him feel reluctant to play him. He was very sure of this.

“Using Shadow Clone is fine too,” Akabane said with a smile like Mito Uzumaki.

“He’s right, using the Shadow Clone, it won’t affect you to accompany Damiyō,” Danzō said with a sneer.

“Hmm… left this matter aside first, let’s see how Sakumo is.” The Third Hokage waved his smoking pipe and entered the patient’s room.

Danzō sneered at the Third Hokage and said to Akabane: “I’ll go first, don’t visit too long, let Sakumo rest.”

“Yes, Sensei …” Akabane bowed and accepted his suggestion.

Danzō nodded slightly, turned around, and headed for the hospital exit without any intention of entering Sakumo’s room.

After entering the room, Akabane saw Sakumo and his father, Kai Hatake.

Kai Hatake 70% looks like the adult Sakumo. Since he wasn’t on a mission, he was wearing regular clothes, but he still looked dignified.

“Akabane, I wanted to see you right away, but I never had the chance, and now I can finally meet you.” Kai Hatake’s mouth greeted Akabane and gave a kind smile.

“Uncle, I’m sorry for Sakumo’s injury …”

“It has nothing to do with you. He is just pushing himself too much.”

Even though Kai Hatake’s attitude towards his son is very firm, he feels proud to see Sakumo succeed in realizing Chidori.

On the empty chair, the Third Hokage studied a document, then put it down.

But he didn’t really think about it.

Zabuza, huh?

Haku is Zabuza’s subordinate. How can I play Mito-sama’s superior that would offend the First Hokage?

This kid is really digging a hole to set me up!

Although many Ninja in Konoha can use Water Release thanks to Tobirama Senju’s teachings, no one dares to play Zabuza.

But, who would dare?

I can’t possibly steel myself to give orders to Haku, who is actually Mito-sama.

The Third Hokage could only sigh helplessly. Basically, this was all Akabane’s idea.

At this time, Sakumo and his father came out of the patient room.

“Hey, Akabane, the Ninjutsu you imagined, I managed to master it, well, although not as strong as Raikiri …” Sakumo smiled happily.

Sakumo looked very excited. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have such a cheerful expression.

“Raikiri is an advanced Ninjutsu from Chidori, and it doesn’t have that much difference,” Akabane said

“Chidori? Really? When I performed this Ninjutsu, it sounded like birds chirping.”

The loud birdsong still ringing in Kai Hatake’s ears.

“Based on its destructive power, this Ninjutsu is ranked A.” The Third Hokage praised him authentically.

“You are amazing. You have succeeded in creating A-rank Ninjutsu!”

Even felt Murasaki felt envy, but he still felt proud. He just thought that he couldn’t keep up with the increase in his two teammates’ speed.

“Hehehe, Murasaki, don’t give up. This technique itself is not very good, and there are still many shortcomings. The Third Hokage half entertained and half reprimanded Sakumo.

Sakumo and Akabane understood this very well, so they both agreed with the words of the Third Hokage: “Well, indeed Chidori is an imperfect Ninjutsu ….”

Akabane did not finish his sentence.

Be able to bring the Ninjutsu theory into reality within two to three days. A person with talent, Sakumo has no trouble performing a Ninjutsu that suits him.

I’m pretty sure of that.

After seeing Sakumo recovered fully, the Third Hokage left the hospital.

Before he left, the Third Hokage said something to Akabane and then left quietly.

Akabane didn’t want to go into the details, and he encouraged the Third Hokage to look back. There will be no good results. Now the goal has been achieved, and his request is accepted.

The entire team was discharged from the hospital. Akabane spoke with Sakumo and Murasaki about the Comic Exhibition schedule and program.

In a performance show, what must be prioritized is a rehearsal.

The Third Hokage mentioned the rehearsal when talking about the previous character cast, so there’s no need to tell him anymore.

As there were still many people to tell, Akabane didn’t waste his time. After meeting them, he immediately went to Ryo Uchiha’s house to tell him.

There will be a rehearsal the next day. This kind of thing must be notified as soon as possible. Otherwise, I will be in danger. Who can face Tsunade, the Third Hokage, and Mito Uzumaki at the same time?

Luckily, I didn’t have to go to this rehearsal…

Akabane benefited greatly here. He was the one choosing the cast of the show himself, so he didn’t have to go to the rehearsal.

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