Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 97


The princess looked very happy and left the stands without a hitch.

Akabane and Tsunade followed her behind, staring at each other and then sighing helplessly.

“Hey, what’s your name, by the way?”

“Shut up. For what purpose am I telling you !?”

When leaving the stands, this girl’s character drastically changed.

If previously the princess was well-mannered and polite, now she looked like a fierce and terrifying demon who took the form of a human.

Then she asked excitedly: “Are you a person named Akabane?”

“Um …” Akabane didn’t know how to answer. He just nodded.

Tsunade is currently trying hard to contain her anger.

“I always thought that someone who creates comic books is a bald old man because I feel like he must be thinking about a lot of problems every day, and I never care about his daily life!” The princess was jumping up and down, babbling.

At this time-


There was a loud voice from somewhere. The princess, Akabane, and the many guards in the stands became alert when they heard that loud voice.

Akabane saw Tsunade was clenching her fists against a large tree beside the road, and the tree fell into two pieces.

The princess became afraid, trembling, and her eyes widened at Tsunade.

“Sorry, a bug was flying, I was afraid it would bite, so I beat it to death,” Tsunade said with a smile.

“Uh … no, it’s okay.” The princess stuttered.

He was terrified to see Tsunade – with such a thin and weak body, how could she have such terrifying strength?

“Oh, yes. So what’s your name?” Tsunade asked again with a smile. This time, her tone was gentler but looked even scarier.

“Erika, just call me Erika.” Seeing Tsunade’s smile made her shrink even more.

This girl is too scary!

Grandpa, I want to go home soon…

“Looks like they seem to get along.” Mito Uzumaki smiled and ignored the drama below.

She knew that whatever happened, Tsunade would not lose.

“As usual … the strength of the Senju Clan is terrifying.” Daimyō sighed softly.

He already fully understood the dignity of the Senju Clan power from previous generations. After Hashirama and Tobirama died, now the Senju Clan has Tsunade as their heir.

Plus those Ninjas…

“In Konoha, inheritance has nothing to do with bloodlines.” The Third Hokage seemed to have something to say.

What Daimyō thought was very simple. He believed that Konoha was strong because he had Senju and Uchiha, and he did not know the current generation of Konoha. Even ordinary ninja could have extreme powers.

The purpose of the Third Hokage to invite him to this event was to communicate and negotiate, but on the other hand also to show the strength of the current generation.

“Yes, even though the old generation is dead, the Will of Fire will continue to be passed on to the next generation.” Daimyō let out a complicated sigh.

“Konoha is part of the Fire Nation. Konoha is a state asset that is feared by other countries.” Mito Uzumaki said.

When the three elders started chatting deeper, on the way down the mountain, Erika didn’t get her grandfather’s attention, and she suddenly became embarrassed.

She couldn’t believe Daimyō didn’t hear him because the sound was so loud.

“Let’s go, Erika. I’ll show you around. It’s nice here.” Tsunade said with a smile.

“Okay, let’s take a walk.” Erika nodded and stepped forward. She didn’t dare refuse Tsunade’s invitation.

From the start, Akabane was only watching from the side.

It was obvious that Erika knew Tsunade’s identity, and she deliberately provoked her.

However, there is a saying that the weak must follow the wishes of the strong. No matter how hard Erika tried, she couldn’t help but obey Tsunade’s request.

Tsunade’s appearance now shocked him even more.

Despite her harsh and straightforward methods, she managed to keep the Third Hokage and Daimyō from interfering.

Tsunade did this on purpose, and she did it correctly, not careless and full of anger.

“This may be how she fights.” Akabane thought to himself.

Now what Akabane thinks about is how Tsunade will make this two-faced princess become cured.

After descending the mountain…

Seeing the route, Akabane felt that Erika might go bankrupt today.

Sure enough, in front of them was Shinku Yūhi.

Shinku Yūhi is a drawing artist too. Unlike Jiraiya, he doesn’t have a dirty mind, so he just needs to go to a comfortable place and start painting.

If it weren’t for Tsunade, people wouldn’t come to him.

“Hey, apparently, there are other people who are good at drawing here too!” Erika was shocked.

“Look, I’ll invite you to have fun.” Tsunade smiled brightly.

Shinku Yūhi finally finished her first drawing, then she looked forward to greeting the people in front of her, but she was surprised at someone.

She didn’t recognize the person who stands between Akabane and Tsunade, but she knew that this person was a princess. It could be seen from the clothes she was wearing.

“Shinku, this is Erika’s daughter. She wants to buy your painting. Hey, choose a painting that you think is good.” Tsunade introduced Erika to Shinku and then offered Shinku’s painting.

“Huh? No, I’ll give you…” Shinku Yūhi was shocked. She never thought that she would benefit from this.

“No, no. You deserve money from this …” Erika refused the gift and took the money out of her pocket, then casually handed it over.

“Uh, I don’t have money for the change.” Shinku Yūhi said shyly.

“It’s okay. You can have the change.” Erika said lightly.

Erika doesn’t think much of a small change… It can be seen that facials cost a lot of money.

However, seeing Shinku Yūhi’s work of art-filled Erika with ecstasy.

I thought Tsunade would prank me, but it turns out that this painting is worth buying. The quality of the picture is no less than the original work!

“Shinku Yūhi’s paintings are ranked second among paintings by people I’ve seen, and of course, the quality of the paintings isn’t bad,” Akabane said with a smile and raised his eyebrows.


“Akabane-niisan, then who is the first?” Shinku Yūhi and Erika asked together with curiosity.

“Ah, that’s Mito Uzumaki,” Akabane said.

Mito Uzumaki does have a lot of talent, and all of his talents are at a terrible level, one of which is drawing.

She can even manage a team, design, and lead an event professionally, even though she just learned a few days ago.

“What?” Shinku Yūhi was stunned, while Erika became even more curious.

I didn’t expect Mito Uzumaki to be that great. Erika could only sigh in regret.

“Let’s go. I’ll take you to the next place. There are many beautiful and exciting performances in this comic exhibition. ” Tsunade said excitedly.

Akabane looked in a direction. When viewed from this route, the next place is Jiraiya.

Why is this being so problematic? Women are scary…

“I can see it already. It looks like someone is painting up front too.” Erika said.

“Yes, this person is named Jiraiya,” Tsunade said indifferently.

“Jiraiya, huh? That name sounds like the name of a strong person. ” Erika is looking forward to it. Beyond what she thought, it turns out that Konoha has a hidden dragon and tiger. It turns out that apart from Akabane, there are many other expert painters here.

Tsunade sneered and said irritably, “Just go and see, if you like the painting, you can buy as much as you want.”

“Very nice!” Erika is still a little happy. This time, she doesn’t need to spend the money. At least Jiriaya can now learn to respect the wishes of consumers.

Erika gets into the crowd, and she struggles to get in until she is caught between the crowd, and she just finds out that most of them are men.

But she didn’t really think about it, and she still wanted to see another beautiful work of art by a master painter.

“Isn’t this a bad idea?” Akabane was getting worried.

“Leave it alone. There aren’t many good birds in the Daimyō Residence.” Tsunade pursed her lips without sympathy.

“No, I mean Jiriaya, can he draw well?” Akabane sighed.

Akabane could already imagine that Jiriaya’s painting would be destroyed.

Of course! I mean, this is Jiraiya!

“Ah … what do you do, put … put that, no, my painting, my painting!”

“Who asked you to paint these messy things? Here’s money for you. From now on, you have to stop painting!” Then Erika walked out of the crowd after she had expressed her annoyance at Jiraiya.

“Hey, you stinky flat-chested girl. Did you ask that person to draw?”

“It has nothing to do with me. Don’t blame me!” Tsunade waved her hand in annoyance.

Jiraiya looked at Erika, immediately approached and persuaded her.

Looking from her clothes, she was a princess.

“Go on, don’t come here again.” Jiraiya waved his hand and didn’t want to see them again at all.

Seeing Jiriaya ‘s behavior, Akabane felt sorry for him with all his heart – work in art is full of waves and storms.

Of the thousands of words that were in his mind, Akabane was just…

“Keep going,” Akabane whispered.

Jiraiya didn’t feel anything, but he wanted to cry when Akabane said, “Keep going.”

“Keep going.” Tsunade patted his shoulder, then waved at Erika for him to follow.

Jiraiya became angry while gritting his teeth.

This guy now looks like a master raising a dog and telling it to bite everyone he hates, but he doesn’t even dare say anything.

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