Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 122: Calm


With the giant eagle as their means of transportation, they arrive at Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins entrance rather quickly. With a wave of his hand, Yi Tianyun successfully opens the door of Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins. 

This scene makes the elders and Shi Xueyun a little bit stunned as they immediately realize that Yi Tianyun have a complete control of the ruins.

“Stop standing around, come in!” Yi Tianyun shouts as the elders are still in shock. Shi Xueyun only smiles and proceeds to enter the ruins following Yi Tianyun and not long after her, the three other elders come following up.

“We really can go in!” the three elder mutters to each other as they still can’t believe that they really can enter this place again.

“How did you do this, Yi Tianyun?” Shi Xueyun asks. 

“It’s a rather simple story, when I was looking for martial art in front of Smelting Trial Stone Tablet, I solved the puzzle inside it and with it I receive the inheritance of the entire place. In a way, everything in here is mine, and there is one other person that has control over the place, and he is the old man Xuan.” With a wave of his hand, Yi Tianyun summons Old Xuan and the old man appeared in front of them with a smile. 

The sudden appearance shocks everyone else, they notice that the old man in front of them is not a real person, but rather an illusion.

“Young master brought some people this time, I welcome you all to Heaven Immersing Ancient Ruins.” Old Xuan said in welcoming manner. 

They all nod at Old Xuan, doesn’t know how too properly respond, and Old Xuan also give off intense presence causing them having a hard time to relax.

“Heaven Immersing Ancient Ruin doesn’t have any treasure anymore, as you may know. But, as a cultivation place or as a sanctuary, this place is perfect. We need to immediately move the disciples here, as Jade Palace is not safe enough for them to cultivate, and this place is a much better cultivation environment. There is absolute no way that Profound Azure Mansion can enter this place even if they happen to get information about us evacuating here.” Yi Tianyun said with a smile covering his face.

“Just like that, we abandon Jade Palace? This is a tough choice, we have to think very clearly for making the decision.” Shi Xueyun said, breaking the silence. After a while, all elders seems to arrive at the conclusion they need, they all agreed to use this place as a fortress against Profound Azure Mansion, rather this than being annihilated. 

They would never agree to surrender to Profound Azure Mansion, if they do, Jade Palace is the same as gone. Compromising this kind of thing is nothing more than giving up! 

For Yi Tianyun, the one reason he will not let Profound Azure Mansion wins is that he doesn’t want all the female disciple of Jade Palace to be bounded to Profound Azure Mansion’s disciple. Furthermore, he doesn’t want to give up his beloved aunt to Profound Azure Mansion Lord!

“There is absolutely nothing to worry in here, there is no other way to enter this place other than with my permission. And with this place’s environment, the disciple can cultivate with better efficiency.” Yi Tianyun said, and Shi Xueyun quickly added: “After our strength is good enough, we will surely come out and at that time, there is no way they can look down on us anymore.” 

This time, there is no way for them to fight Profound Azure Mansion, Yi Tianyun wouldn’t be able to defend everyone by himself. The elders surely understand this too, they need to be stronger for their own sake and for Jade Palace.

“Now, it’s best for us to accommodate the Jade Palace disciple to move here, and make sure that all we need is enough for a couple weeks.” Shi Xueyun said confidently. All the elders quickly nod and prepare themselves to accommodate the entire disciple before it’s too late.

“Aunt, I need to go somewhere for a while.” Yi Tianyun said to Shi Xueyun as he already said what he needs to say to the others.

“Go where?” Shi Xueyun was startled, with Profound Azure Mansion ready to attack anytime, Yi Tianyun still risk going outside.

“I still don’t know, but I can’t stay here. I can’t breakthrough in here.”

Yi Tianyun said very confidently. Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins is good, but he can’t absorb experience in this place, or this place wouldn’t hold. The last time he uses his Absorbing Stars Great Technique, this place is shaken like an old house on the verge of collapsing. 

The Great Array of Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins has been somewhat broken, in his current level there is no way that he can fix it. He needs to be at least in Divine Rune Master level to even consider fixing it.

“Yi Tianyun…” Shi Xueyun is very much reluctant to let Yi Tianyun go, but she can’t find the word to say her feelings.

“Aunt, don’t worry. I will be back soon enough.” Yi Tianyun said while knowing Shi Xueyun’s concern. He quickly pulls out his Hundred Transformations Mask and wears it on his face. His face instantly changes into someone else.

“Look, do you still recognize me?” Yi Tianyun said cheerfully.

“How? I never saw this kind of treasure before. This is truly amazing!” Shi Xueyun said with awe. Her previously solemn attitude suddenly brighten seeing Yi Tianyun’s item.

“With this item, you don’t need to worry about me. There is no way they could recognize me.” Yi Tianyun said cheerfully. The Hundred Transformations Mask is the perfect item to use when there is a lot of enemies searching for you!

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