Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 123: Abnormal Experience Overlay


After Yi Tianyun showed the Hundred Transformations Mask to Shi Xueyun, She’s a bit relaxed. After he calmed Shi Xueyun down, Yi Tianyun proceed to go back to Jade Palace and immediately throw himself into forging and refining tools and pills. Which later he sells for Crazy Points. He really needs all Crazy Points he can get to make sure he can level up his martial arts again. 

‘Peak Grade Spirit Tool, selling price of 5,000 Crazy Point, confirm?’


‘Third Grade Pill, price 3,000 Crazy Point, confirm?’


‘Peak Grade Spirit Tool…’

“Crazy Points, I need a lot of Crazy Point!” Yi Tianyun says as he sells everything. At least he needs to level up Dragon God Bloodline, as he knows that leveling up Crazy Mode would be asking too much. After all that fiasco he opens up his status windows to see his own progress.

Host: Yi Tianyun

Level: 30 (Peak Core Condensation)

Experience: 1887532/8500000

Crazy Point: 298728 

Prestige: 230 

Cultivation Technique: Dark North Divine Art, Dragon God Secret Art, Xuan Tian Divine Art

Ability: Absorbing Stars Great Technique, Blood Fiend Soaring Heaven

Weapon: Frost Fist, Blood Fiend Divine Spear, Sword of Endlessness, Chaotic Heaven Sacred Axe

Armor: Deity Armor, Shadow Cloak, Chaotic Heaven Divine Armor, Chaotic Heaven Battle Boots

Divine Ability: Crazy Mode, Luck Aura

Bloodline: Dragon God Bloodline

Adornments: Forging God Hammer, Power Bracelet, Power Ring, Power Belt, Blood Fiend Bracelet

All items: Recovery Pill 18, Gift Pack Level 31, Life*1, Bad Luck Divine Pill, 5 Times Experience Card, Blast Divine Pill

Treasure: Purple Fire Divine Furnace

Title: Guardian

Fire: Immortal Fire

He realizes that he still has a long way to go to breakthrough to Spirit Core, he sighs as he feels so powerless right now. 

There is nothing he could do, as of now, killing monsters is not going to cover the exp required to level up in such a short amount of time, and he has limited amount of resources for forging and refining. 

The material he used before already depleted, he needs a new batch of materials but he knows that it’s gonna take a while before the new batch from Rain Pavilion is delivered. 

He thought of the Exp card, but the it’s just too expensive, is it worth it if he chooses to buy it? He thinks to himself.

As of now, he looks over to Dragon God Bloodline and sees that he has enough Crazy Points to level it up. He immediately choose to do so. 

“Level Up, Dragon God Bloodline!”


‘Successfully Levels Up Dragon God Bloodline into Level 3!’

‘Next Level Up Cost: 500.000 Crazy Points’

The level up process costs 100.000 Crazy Points, which is still an absurd amount of points in Yi Tianyun’s perspective.

“I still have 200.000 Crazy Points left, and there is nothing else i can level up with this amount.” He sighed again, feeling defeated. He thought over his earlier plan and immediately makes up his mind. 

“It seems that the only thing I can do with this amount of points is to buy the Experience x 10 Card. I believe it costs 50.000 Crazy Points for one card, with this amount of Crazy points I have now, I can buy 4! It has to be worth something.” He immediately opens up the Crazy Points Shop and immediately proceed to buy 3 cards. 


‘Not enough Crazy Points to buy the exact amount of items’

Yi Tianyun was a bit shocked by the system message, He was very sure of his math! He changed the amount of card he will buy into 2. 

The purchase is successful, but once again he is baffled by Crazy Point Shop’s ridiculous system. At first it costed 50.000 for Ten Times Experience Card, but now it costed 150.000 Crazy Points!

“What the hell is this! This is a rip off! This is not fair!” Yi Tianyun keeps on cursing the system, he feels cheated! He continue to check the system for explanation, and he immediately finds it in the cards detailed information.

‘Consumables, Purchase will double the product prices. No limit prices.’

“This is an absolute bullshit!” He curses out loud, as he feels very annoyed at the system of his Crazy Points Shop. 

He choose to go back to Heaven Immersing Ancient Ruins for now. He wants to at least be there for his aunt, and see what else do they need, and then he will go out again to level up. As he arrives at the ruins, he can see that the disciple face is adorned with awe and surprises, they always dreamed to cultivate in the ruins. 

They all already heard about the Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins to be blessed with abundance of cultivation energy. So they expect to at least enter one time for them to speed up their own cultivations. Now, the fact that they could enter sp easily makes them shocked!

After he sees that he’s no longer needed in the area, it is time for him to leave. 

“Aunt Xueyun, it is time for me to leave. I will be back soon, and the control of this place is already shared with you, so you could control who can enter and leave the ruins as you please. You are basically the second owner, if you need anything I believe Old Xuan would be glad to help you.” Yi Tianyun says as he walks toward the gate. 

“You be careful out there, you hear!” Shi Xueyun says sternly. Yi Tianyun looks at his aunt and smiles at her and than he walks out of the gate to go levels up on his own. 

After leaving the vicinity of the ruins, Yi Tianyun proceeds his plans on leveling up in Heavenly Border Continent. This continent is a different continent as he is on right now. 

This continent he is currently resides is called Earthly Borders Continent, and this place didn’t have any faction above Second Level Faction. The Heavenly Border Continent is much different as the continent houses a large number of Third Level Faction and Profound Azure Mansion is there too. 

He chooses the Heavenly border Continent for his level up purpose because the continent houses a strongerer Demon Beast than the one in this current continent he is on. He needs a higher level demon beast to level up quickly!

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