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Crazy Leveling System Chapter 124: Heavenly New City


Yi Tianyun took a ride in the black dragon’s back, so that he can arrive at the Heavenly Borders Continent quickly. Once he came across the oceans he could see the Heavenly Borders Continent in the horizon. he could sense the strong spirit in the atmosphere even though he hasn’t entered the Continent. 

He finally understood why the continent is so much powerful than the Earthly Borders Continent. In a way, normally ones would go to the Heavenly Borders Continent using the boat, as flying mount is so rare, and flying with skill in general has gotten far in higher cultivations level. 

Many sects from the Heavenly Borders Continent is migrating to Earthly Borders Continent in the past, Jade Palace being one of them. This occured because the high competitive environment in the Heavenly Borders Continent. 

There is too much skirmish happening there so that there is no other choice but to go away from the heat if you want to survive. For this reason too, Heavenly Borders Continent didnt have any First Level Faction, the minimum here is Second Level Faction. Although that being the case, Second Level Faction also must have many spirit core cultivator for them to survive. 

Since Yi Tianyun have Black Dragon in his arsenal, he uses the black dragon to cross the sea. The black dragon draws many onlookers’ attention on the ground because a dragon is one of the most powerful creature in the cultivation world, not only that, but nobody ever heard of mountable dragon before. A commotion begins to arise down there, as they began to murmur while looking at the dragons above them in awe.

“Look, that, that’s a Black Dragon!”.

“Yes, it’s really a Black Dragon. I didn’t expect anyone to take Dragon Clan as mount!”.

“This is incredible. How did it happen? The person riding it seems to be very young?” They said to each other. 

Yi Tianyun who rides the Black Dragon in question completely ignore them. he knows that the dragon would attract onlookers but he didn’t care, he needs to arrive at the Heavenly Borders Continent quickly. He doesn’t have time to think about others at this point. 

Based on his calculations, the Profound Azure Mansion would attack in 2 or 3 months. That is if they could pinpoint that Jade Palace already relocated into Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins. But he needs to think for the worse, bringing him time to cultivate in this continent for maximum of 3 months. 

With the current conditions of the Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins, there is no doubt that Profound Azure Mansion would be able to break through the gate if they get the information about Jade Palace’s evacuation. 

Since he wears Hundred Transformations Mask, he doens’t need to be afraid to blowing his real identity. When he lands in the continent he felt the abundance of spirit power in the area, at the very least there are 3 times more spirit here than Earthly Borders Continent.

“It’s no wonder that so many people chose to come to this continent for cultivations. The cultivations environment is much better here.” Yi Tianyun said as assurance to himself. 

But, because of so many cultivators reside here in the Heavenly Borders Continent, it is common for conflicts to happen among the cultivators here. 

Earthly Borders Continent in comparison is more peaceful than here. Before he lands he already look over as to where he would go next, and he sees a city not far away from the shore. He needs to get to the city first, as it is important to obtain informations, and plus that he didnt know where the Demon Beast would be. So all he needs to do for the start is to have information about the place in general. 

Although, he can always just fight others to meet the exp requirement faster, but he doesnt want to do this. although he alredy killed many people in Earthly Borders Continent he is not a murderer. he doesn’t want to kill if the other person didn’t provoke him. 

Soon he reaches the city gate and read the name of the city for the first time.

“Heavenly New City…” The name of the city is engraved boldly on the top of the gate. It is to state the fact that the city is controlled by a strong person or faction, at the very least the leader would be the Spirit Core if not more. 

After that, Yi Tianyun stroll down into a queue in front of the gate. He sees that the guard asking for some gold as a toll to the city. After waiting for a while, he’s finally close enough to hear the guard speak from his position.

“Are you new here? you need to pay 10 gold for you to get in!” the person in front of him look at the guard with confusion. The guards sighed and points his finger to the sign near them.

“You can’t read? this is stated here that you need to pay 10 gold to get in!” The cultivator only frowns looking at the sign, and unwillingly gives 10 gold into the guard’s hand. 

Soon it was Yi Tianyun’s turn, and he immediately turns in the entry gold into the guard’s table. That amount of gold is doesn’t worth that much for him, because he knows that the gold is supposed to be his own safety and protection fee. 

There is a rule in the city, there is no fighting allowed, the protection fee also make sure that everyone on the city didn’t come across any demon beast, also the protection from robbery and such. 

As this Heavenly New City located so close to the sea, there is no doubt that this place is meant for the beginner that come from Earthly Borders Continent. This city is supposed to be the city where the new cultivator can cultivate safely, and then with this place as a base, they could always venture deeper to the continent as they see fit.

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