Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 125: Star Pavilion


After entering Heavenly New City, Yi Tianyun found himself in the middle of bustling streets. Most of them are cultivators, although their cultivation is not that high.

Relatively speaking, it is much safer here, but without money, it’s impossible to stick around here. Becoming Heavenly New City’s resident is the simplest way if you want to leave and enter the city at will.

Becoming Heavenly New City’s resident is actually pretty simple, all one need to do is assist with the  Quest at Heavenly New City. For example, picking Spirit Herb, slaying a demon beast, or even a wanted criminal, and earned contribution point upon completion.

After accumulating a certain amount of contribution point, one can exchange it for lifetime residency, and other things. It’s basically the second currency in this city. With sufficient contribution points, one can even exchange it for Earth Level Martial Art, but of course an abundant amount of contribution point is necessary.

However, Yi Tianyun does not care about this. What he needs right now is information.

He went straight to a shop and took out a piece of gold, and casually said: “Give me the details of Heavenly Borders Continent.”

When the shopkeeper saw the gold, his eyes sparkled: “OK, a moment!”

He immediately turned brings out several miscellaneous books, containing the most detailed information of Heavenly Borders Continent.

Yi Tianyun took it and have a quick skim, and there is quite a lot of information inside. The most important things are marked, for example, the power balance, topography. The price is quite cheap too.

After skimming it for a while, Yi Tianyun frowned. The information about Dangerous Zones is included in the book but, it’s not detailed.

It’s like saying that a knife is very sharp, but not mentioning who made it, what it’s made of, etc. He can’t just go to Dangerous Zones with this amount of information.

“Is there any detailed information about Dangerous Zones?” Yi Tianyun asked to the shopkeeper.

“About that, that kind of information is only available at Star Pavilion, you can obtain more information there.” The shopkeeper locks his palms and look apologetic because Yi Tianyun gave him one gold while the book only costs 2 silver.

“Star Pavilion, seems like no choice but to go there.”

After hearing what the shopkeeper said Yi Tianyun finally realizes that Star Pavilion has a similar status here to Rain Pavilion. It has a variety of things to sell, including information. Here you can buy everything and even deliver a message to cultivator.

But of course nothing is free, everything has its price, given the right price cultivator can obtain almost anything there.

The Star Pavilion has branches throughout the Heavenly Borders Continent. And it’s quite influential in this continent, equal to a Third Level Faction, so no one dares to mess with them.

With such influence they decided to open pavilion branches and treasure houses, and thanks to their reputation the business runs smoothly.

Immediately, he turned to the front of the Star Pavilion and looked at the towering pagoda in front of him. He was amazed upon seeing it, the reason is because of its material. Profound Iron!

A material used to forge High Grade Spirit Tool is used to create a pagoda. Not only in Heavenly New City, but also in other cities, as a symbol of the Star Pavilion.

This pagoda is almost like a fortress. Average cultivator won’t be able to break through the door.

“Star Pavilion? why not Star Tower?”

Yi Tianyun chuckled and walked inside. When he entered, the guards stared at him. Their cultivation base was Eighth Level Spirit Refinement. But that’s all, they just stared.

After entering, he can see Core Condensation Expert walking around, probably another guards. Yi Tianyun couldn’t help but sigh, and in this area, the cultivation’s average level is higher, and the cultivation is easier to notice.

“What can i help you with?” The female Cultivator next to him greeted him, smiling, any guests coming here will be welcomed with the best smile.

Her cultivation is not high, only Second Level Spirit Refinement, in the First Level Faction, she would’ve become a promising disciple, but only as a poster girl here. This is the gap between the regions.

Yi Tianyun glanced at the good material in first floor, but he none of them piqued his interest.

“I want information.” Yi Tianyun said all of a sudden.

“Yes, please come with me.” The female Cultivator took him upstairs, to third floor and took him to the innermost room, an old man with his eyes closed inside, even when the door is opened he’s still not waking up.

“Deacon Huang, there’s a guest.” The female Cultivator whispered.

This Deacon Huang woke up, the moment he opened his eyes he immediately turn his eyes at Yi Tianyun, and smiled after a good look: “Good brat, young and calm, is this your first time coming to Star Pavilion?”

“What is this?” Yi Tianyun squinted.

This Deacon Huang cultivation is at Fifth Level of Core Condensation, which is relatively high.

“I can’t see your exact cultivation is, but i know you’re not some average cultivator. You contain your aura, and i’ve never seen you around here,so i’m sure you’re not a resident here.” Deacon Huang smiled: “Am i wrong?”

In just a short while, this old man seems to figure out a lot about Yi Tianyun already.

“How about both?” Yi Tianyun smiled lightly while evading the question: “I want to buy information, where is the Dangerous Zone populated with many Demon Beast with Core Condensation level!”

He casually asked without hiding anything, that’s how Yi Tianyun approach this case, how the old man responds is none of his business.

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