Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 25: Low Price Trade


『Ding! Quest Activated: Help the Rain Pavilion to suppress the Wind Pavilion』

『Reward: 5.000 exp, 100 favorability with Zi Yuwei, 500 gold, and 10 Prestige.』 

After coming in, Yi Tianyun received a quest. He didn’t expect it to increase prestige as well. As for who Zi Yuwei was, it goes without saying that it was definitely a person affiliated with the Rain Pavilion.

“These quests just keep coming, there are too many random quests!”

His eyes lit up, he could get even with the Wind Pavilion, and he would get rewards. Why not? He felt that he could gain several levels just by sticking around. At this rate, when enters the Heavens Immerse Ancient Ruins, he would have reached a level of cultivation that would allow him to defeat everyone!

The shopkeeper that was attending to them was extremely shocked by the number of swords Yi Tianyun brought out, Spirit weapons were not cheap, especially middle-level one, it would fetch a good price!

“Sir, please wait a moment, I will contact Pavilion Lord…” The shopkeeper rushed over to find the Pavilion Lord. After a while, a girl in purple clothes quickly came downstairs. It was the Wind Pavilion Lord, Zi Yuwei.

Zi Yuwei rushed down, she was beautiful with an excellent temperament. She was the owner of this Rain Pavilion in her early twenties. When she saw the ten swords, her eyes glittered. “Ten Spirit Swords, excellent, are you going to sell these to us?”

“Something like that, but rather than selling at normal price, my condition is that you sell it at a lower price, and if you can provide materials for me, I will keep forging Spirit Weapons to sell here. You can set the price, as long as it was cheaper than the ones, in the Wind Pavilion. I’ll be responsible for forging and you’ll responsible for the management”

Even though this wasn’t as profitable, it was cost-effective. With their competitive relationship, they could constantly use the Rain Pavilion’s materials to forge Spirit Weapons. Besides, by earning a lot of exp he could also complete the quest at hand. So why not?

“It seems like our young master has a problem with the Wind Pavilion”  Zi Yuwei smiled.

“Something like that. So? Are you in?” Yi Tianyun looked at her and smiled.

“Of course, we gladly accept.” Zi Yuwei, despite her cute appearance and young age, already had some plans in mind.

An Ling and Qin Xue looked at each other, what’s with this situation. It suddenly became so noisy?

“Sisters, can I ask you a favor? Please go with Jiu Lingyun and bring her brother here for detoxification, I’ll have my hands full here for a while.” Yi Tianyun naturally did not forget about his promise. He originally intended to buy some materials and immediately go to Jiu Lingyun’s brother, but now, since his original plan was foiled he had to rely on An Ling and Qin Xue to bring her brother here.

“No problem, let’s go right away.” The two sisters nodded, and they left with Jiu Lingyun. Jiu Lingyun’s younger brother was poisoned. This matter could not be neglected.

No problems occurred while Yi Tianyun prepared everything, everything went according to plan.

“Fight me, I will never let you buy any material from this store!” Master Kong shouted out of the blue, he was still irritated. When he remembered his humiliation in the Jade Palace, he just couldn’t hold in his anger. He was thinking about the way he would settle this with Yi Tianyun while somehow getting benefits out of it as well.

“Master Kong, it seems like the Jade Palace has provoked you. But something’s off, considering the Jade Palace’s situation. They don’t have their own blacksmith so incurring your wrath just doesn’t make any sense especially since they’ll need weapons to enter the Heaven Immersing Ancient Ruins.” Pavilion Lord Liang give him a piece of his mind.

Master Kong was quite young, so he would surely become a forging master in the future. That’s why Pavilion Lord Liang favored Master Kong over the Jade Palace.

While they were enjoying themselves, one of the guards rushed in from outside.

He accidentally bumped into the table on his way, causing the teacup to fall off and break.

“What’s with the ruckus? Why were you in such a hurry? How rude!” Pavilion Lord Liang frowned.

“Pavilion Lord Liang, the Rain Pavilion is selling Spirit Weapons for 10.000 silver cheaper than us!” The guard said in a hurry.


Pavilion Lord Liang and Master Kong both stood up in shock.

“Who is the lunatic that is trying to sell a Spirit Weapons for 10.000 silver cheaper than us? That’s almost half the price of a normal middle-level Spirit Weapons! Do they want to be bankrupt or something?” Pavilion Lord Liang was shocked.

“This seems to be their customer’s idea, they are giving their Spirit Weapons to the Rain Pavilion, and the Rain Pavilion will help them sell it at a low price, at this rate our customers will be snatched away by them.” The guard said.

“Their customer’s idea? Who is so generous, so much so that they can afford to sell it at such a low price?” Pavilion Lord Liang calmly said.

“It seems to be the one whom you drive out earlier…” said the guard.

“What!?” Pavilion Lord Liang was shocked once again, then he said. “That’s impossible, wasn’t he from the Jade Palace, how could he sell their Spirit Weapons? They aren’t supposed to have a blacksmith, right? Yet they are willing to sell it at such a low price? Even if they were driven away by us.”

“We’ll observe the situations first, if people buy their Spirit Weapons, they will run out of stock soon. Would they still purchase stuff from the Rain Pavilion once that happens?” Master Kong muttered. He was stuttering since he knew that Yi Tianyun was capable of forging, if customers ended up buying from the Rain Pavilion due to the quality as well, he really couldn’t do a thing.

He simply hoped that Yi Tianyun would stop once he sold all of his Spirit Weapons and go back to the Jade Palace.

“Yes, we have no choice. He wants to use the power of the Rain Pavilion to suppress us?” Pavilion Lord Liang sneered. “He’s too naive, I’ll send someone to purchase all his Spirit Weapons and end this!”

He immediately ordered someone to buy those Spirit Weapons. In one clean sweep, he bought all of them, but it didn’t take long before they finished forging more Spirit Weapons, but they still kept it at a low price. Pavilion Lord Liang immediately sent people again to buy it again but again a dozen or so spirits tools were forged. It was as if they came out of thin air.

“Why do they still have Spirit Weapons left to sell, is Rain Pavilion selling their own Spirit Weapons as well!?” Pavilion Lord Liang frowned and noticed that something was wrong. If they really did, then they really were fools.

Master Kong remained silent. He already knew what was going on. It must have been Yi Tianyun, only he was capable of selling his weapons to customers at such a low price. He remembered that, before Yi Tianyun left, he said that he would make Wind Pavilion regret their decision. Was this farce just to get even with the Wind Pavilion?

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