Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 293 Successfully Restore


Yi Tianyun repaired the Master Level Divine Rune, out of everyone’s surprise!

Ye Wan’er felt awkward as she already bragged to Yi Tianyun while, as of the moment, Yi Tianyun was definitely more capable than she was.

Elder Yan, on the side, was looking at Yi Tianyun in awe; that was the first time that he saw a young man capable of becoming a Divine Rune Master and a 4th Grade alchemy at the same time!

Yi Tianyun didn’t pay attention to the stare that both of them gave him; instead, he was focused on repairing the Divine Rune.

It was the hardest Divine Rune that he got a chance to fix, but it could still be done, although it may take some time to finish.

Ye Qingxuan looked at him with a clear familiarity now; she couldn’t help but asked about Yi Tianyun’s cheat cultivation too, as she became curious because Yi Tianyun seemed to be capable of everything.

Yi Tianyun also noticed that her Favourability already increased to 200 points!

Yi Tianyun answered her question while joking around, the atmosphere around them was as if Yi Tianyun and Ye Qingxuan was a long-time friend!

“Now, would you be a gentleman and finish fixing the Divine Rune faster, please?” Ye Qingxuan said with a light smile on her face and a joking tone on her voice.

“I can do that if I use the Heavenly Eyes. Now, wouldn’t it be a problem for you if I use it?” Yi Tianyun said teasingly.

“Well, it may be a problem. But if you really have to use it, then use it! I will deal with the backlash later!” Ye Qingxuan said casually.

“I really hope that it was really you when I hear your surname after hearing that someone had saved my sister from the Netherworld Empire, but after I see you the first time this day, I admit that I was a little bit disappointed! But it turned out that thing was never easy around you!” Ye Qingxuan said while snickering teasingly.

“Well, I am afraid that my identity is quite special nowadays! I have so many enemies and people who are willing to kill me for a bunch of money. Plus, housing me in my real identity could endanger your position!” Yi Tianyun said while smirking to Ye Qingxuan.

Ye Qingxuan didn’t really believe everything that Yi Tianyun had said, but she didn’t want to question Yi Tianyun, he has been right so far!

“Well, your race doesn’t even let me enter this place to come and see you myself, don’t they know that you would be marrying me in the future?” Yi Tianyun said teasingly.

Ye Qingxuan blushed again from Yi Tianyun’s teasing.

“I couldn’t! I couldn’t just marry someone out of love like that! I need to think about my people and marry the next Spirit Race King.” Ye Qingxuan said while blushing slightly.

“Well, if that is really the case, I guess I should hurry up and finish repairing all of this now!” Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face.

With the help of Yi Tianyun, the Master Level Divine Rune was repaired much faster than anyone could hope for!

The Divine Rune released a dazzling light, proving the Divine Rune was up and running!

Yi Tianyun sighed in relief after knowing that he has done the best he could on that Divine Rune!


‘Successfully Fixed 5th Grade Divine Rune!’

‘Reward: 300.000 Exp, 500 Divine Rune Proficiency.’


‘Completed the 2nd step [Restore the Divine Rune in the Spirit Pagoda!] from the [Rescue the Spirit Race!] questline!’

‘Reward: 10.000.000 Exp, 100.000 CPs, 10.000 Divine Rune Proficiency, 50 Spirit Race Favourability.’


‘Congratulation to the host for successfully breakthrough to 3rd Level of Core Transformation Stage!’


‘3rd Step quest [Repel the Intruder from Netherworld Empire!] from [Rescue the Spirit Race!] questline had been accepted!’

‘Completion reward: 30.000.000 Exp, 100.000 CPs, 5.000 SPs, 50 Spirit Race Favourability.’

The next step on finishing the [Rescue the Spirit Race!] quest popped up after Yi Tianyun finished repairing the Divine Rune, he knew that the [Spirit Race King] title was so near that he could taste it!

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