Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 323 Contest!


Yi Tianyun didn’t expect that his title to suddenly improve at all, although he knew that the Prestige Point had a lot of useful effects like improving his luck to draw much better things on the lucky draw and improving the probability of success in pill refining, forging, or divine rune engraving!

Yi Tianyun finally realized that doing a good deed will reward him!

He quickly made his way inside, but he immediately felt a strong aura waving through the air.

“Is General Long coming?”

He was excited as he finally got to test his power against some Void Spirit Cultivator!

Sure enough, he quickly saw a giant dragon flew toward the prison at a great speed!

He looked at the dragon’s status with his Appraisal Eye, and the dragon itself was more powerful than the black dragon at the 8th Level Core Transformation Stage!

He also saw that a man was riding the giant dragon confidently.

‘Giant Red Dragon: 8th Level Core Transformation Stage with Powerful Fire Breath, Combat Power est. 4.100.000’

‘General Long: 1st Level Void Spirit Stage’

‘Equipment: Red Dragon Battle Armour, Red Dragon Divine Spear’

‘Combat Power: 14.000.000’

‘Martial Art: Heavenly Dragon Secret Art, Tyrant Soul Spear Secret Art’

‘Weakness: None’

‘Drops on defeat: Red Dragon Battle Armour, Red Dragon Divine Spear, Heavenly Dragon Secret Art, Dragon God Bloodline’

“14 million Combat Power in base state…”

If he was pushed enough, he could release all his might, and the number will definitely rise!

Yi Tianyun knew that his opponent would be difficult to handle, the opponent could easily have 30 million Combat Power!

There was no easy way for Yi Tianyun to deal with that man at the moment, but he sure had to try everything he can!

Yi Tianyun quickly used the Ice-Cold Fury by consuming 5.000 CPs and activated his Crazy Damage Mode!

The attack power of the Ice-Cold Fury continuously increased until it stopped at 34 million!

With his current cultivation stage, that power was really crazy, normal cultivators at his level won’t be able to reach an attack power that high!

Yi Tianyun quickly activated his Dragon God Bloodline to enhance the attack even further, and sure enough, the attack power rose once again and capped at 37 million Combat Power!

Yi Tianyun was currently at his wits’ end as he couldn’t think of anything else that could improve his attack power, so he fired the arrow, and it quickly froze the path it passed as it flew toward the Giant Red Dragon!

General Long felt something bad coming his way, and he quickly saw the frozen arrow flew towards him at great speed!

He quickly activated his Heavenly Dragon Secret Art to try and block that attack, with the Heavenly Dragon Secret Art activated, his combat power rose to 35 million!

Void Spirit Stage was really something else, their combat power was really like Heaven and earth if it was compared to the Core Transformation stage!

General Long quickly used the Red Dragon Force, it is looked like the Dragon God Bloodline, but that move seemed to be some sort of fusing the power of the Giant Red Dragon with himself!

General Long’s body was quickly covered with thick Red Dragon Scale, and his Combat Power once again rose to 40 million!

General Long quickly activated the Tyrant Soul by clapping his hands together, creating a giant shockwave heading straight towards the arrow!

When the two clashed, a booming voice was heard loudly.

The Tyrant Soul shockwave and Ice-Cold Fury stopped each other in its track as Yi Tianyun knew that the power of his attack was slightly below General Long!

Yi Tianyun already knew that something like that would happen, there was no way that he could defeat a Void Spirit Expert with only one shot of his arrow!

“It’s amazing, it’s interesting…”

Yi Tianyun suddenly became excited, he had to find a way to fight against that General Long!

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