Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 339 Absolute Favorability


After all the preparation to crown Yi Tianyun as the next Spirit King had been done, the Old Ancestor immediately gathered all the Spirit Race people in front of the Spirit Pagoda.

Some higher-ups already knew of the matter that the Old Ancestor will announce to the people while many of them were confused and curious about why would the Old Ancestor gathered them there.

“I believe that many of you were confused about why I suddenly called you all here. I have something to ask of you all about our Little Brother Yi. How much contribution did you think that he had done so far?” The Old Ancestor asked expectantly.

“He has contributed a lot for us! There is no way we could be safe if it’s not because of him!” someone said from the crowd.

“Yes, he even succeeds in killing the Dragon General alone!” someone else chimed in.

“Yes, he is too powerful, overthrowing the Netherworld Prison wasn’t a small feat at all! as long as he’s here, the Spirit Race should be safe!” someone else said excitedly.

They all began to chant Yi Tianyun’s name as they agreed on the opinion of several people earlier.

“If that was the case, I have some announcement to make!” The Old Ancestor said loudly, and soon the cheering voice began to quiet down.

“I believe Little Brother Yi had saved our Spirit Race on several occasions, if it weren’t for him, I believe many of us including me, would still be in prison, rotting, completely hopeless! As there were so many factions that turned a blind eye from our predicament, he stood bravely against all the odds! He didn’t falter to stand against the Netherworld Empire, even in front of some Void Spirit Expert!” The Old Ancestor said proudly.

“There is a question that I keep asking to myself after he saved me from the prison, what could I do to repay such a brave action? Finally, I got to the conclusion that we should crown him as our Spirit King! I believe that under his leadership, the Spirit Race will attain glory like never before!” The Old Ancestor said confidently to his people.

Many people were stunned in disbelief after hearing Old Ancestor’s speech.

They began to murmur about Yi Tianyun’s status as an outsider being crowned as their king.

Some of them praised the Old Ancestor’s choice as they agreed to make Yi Tianyun their king!

Finally, everyone began to chant their willingness to make Yi Tianyun their King!

This scene left the higher-ups, even the Old Ancestor dumbfounded.

They thought there would be many objections from the crowds, but completely to their dismay, everyone agreed!

Yi Tianyun relaxed inside the Spirit Pagoda as he found that nobody from the Spirit Race opposed him as the new Spirit King! He was grateful for the favourability point that he had for the Spirit Race! He was certain that everyone agreed because of this Favourability Point was already high enough to be trusted!

“Since there is no objection about this decision, I am here to announce that Little Brother Yi will carry out the Spirit King Smelting Trial soon! After he passed the trial, he will officially be our new Spirit King!” The Old Ancestor said proudly while smiling happily toward the crowds.

“The rules can’t be broken. Even if he has already done all that heroic deeds, he still had to pass the Smelting Trial before he could be announced as the new Spirit King, if by any chance he failed the trial, we could do nothing about it! This rule had been set in stone by our predecessor!” The Old Ancestor said solemnly.

Everyone nodded their head in understanding, every Spirit King before Yi Tianyun had passed the Smelting Trial, if by any chance the candidate failed to pass the Smelting Trial, they couldn’t become the Spirit King even if they had the strongest innate ability!

“Since everyone already put their hopes on me, I will definitely deliver! I will lead the Spirit Race to the path of glory!” Yi Tianyun said as he came forward from the Spirit Pagoda.

“But remember this well, even if I fail to pass the Smelting Trial, I will always be an ally for the Spirit Race! Nothing will change even if I fail!” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

The crowds roared in excitement as Yi Tianyun finished his little speech, the crowds began to chant and prayed for Yi Tianyun’s success on the Smelting Trial.

“Now, are you ready for the Smelting Trial?” the Old Ancestor asked Yi Tianyun.

Yi Tianyun nodded, and without delay, The Old Ancestor led Yi Tianyun to the Trial location.

If Yi Tianyun succeeded the Smelting Trial, he would become the first Spirit King from another race and a king after a long period of vacant!

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