Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 340 The Road to Become Spirit King


After the announcement, the Spirit Race began to gather around the Smelting Trial site to watch Yi Tianyun.

“Is there any special condition for completing this trial?” Yi Tianyun asked the Old Ancestor.

“The Spirit King Smelting Trial was divided into several stages, and the condition in each stage was random! There is no telling what you would face in the trial. However, there are some special circumstances that wouldn’t change. The Smelting Trial required the participant to have a strong innate ability and high cultivation. You’ve already defeated the Dragon General, you should be fine in there.” The Old Ancestor said confidently.

“After you pass every stage, there should be a Stone Tablet waiting for you at the end, this Stone Tablet will engrave a Divine Rune on you, and that Divine Rune will be the proof that you are the new Spirit King!” The Old Ancestor said excitedly.

After hearing the Old Ancestor’s word, Yi Tianyun realized that this Smelting Trial was a trivial matter! He only had to complete that trial to receive a Divine Rune at the end of the trial!

“Isn’t this trial basically meaningless? Why would Spirit Race keep something troublesome like this over the year?” Yi Tianyun asked Old Ancestor curiously.

“Yes, you are right, but this is just another way to reassure the people that they didn’t choose the wrong person to become the new leader. But this is a must! Spirit Race predecessor always emphasized the need to conduct this Smelting Trial, but sure as that, the people need to agree before the person became a candidate in the first place!” The Old Ancestor explained.

“Okay, I will try my best!” Yi Tianyun said while feeling a little bit hopeless, without any useful information, he must be on his toes the entire time!

Soon enough, the Old Ancestor led Yi Tianyun to a hole on the forest floor, Yi Tianyun immediately felt chill on his skin from the hole, but he was still surprised to see that the trial place was something that could be seen by the public!

“Is this the road to the Smelting Trial?” Yi Tianyun asked unsurely.

“Yes, there will be a Stone Tablet containing the Divine Rune that will be the proof of you becoming the Spirit King!” The Old Ancestor said confidently.

“The place may look flimsy, but I assure you that the trial wouldn’t be easy! But I am sure that you will do well!” The Old Ancestor added while smiling.

“Don’t worry, I wouldn’t demand anything whether I pass or not, I am not the type to force my needs to others!” Yi Tianyun said solemnly.

“I believe you, now, go on ahead! You can start now if you are ready! I will be waiting for your return here, I hope you come back safely!” The Old Ancestor said hopefully.

“Good luck, Yi Tianyun! I hope you come back successfully.” Ye Qingxuan said hopefully.

“Big brother Yi, I hope you succeed! Remember that I am the one who brought you here!” Ye Wan’er said cheerfully.

Yi Tianyun smiled at the two sisters and immediately proceeded into the trial. As he walked inside, all he could see was the frozen cave wall.

That place was much colder than outside was the first thing that he felt as he entered the trial. If he was weaker, he had a feeling that he wouldn’t survive that cold!

As he walks through the passage, he finally heard a faint sound of a cry from afar.

Yi Tianyun hastily ran toward the source of the sound and immediately saw that the owner of the voice was none other than Lei Yun. It seemed that this trial cave was also the prison for Spirit Race’s enemy.

“Long time no see, how’ve you been? It seems that you had a tough life.” Yi Tianyun said sarcastically as he stood in front of Lei Yun.

“You!” Lei Yun said while shuddering from the chill.

“Me! I am here for the Spirit King Smelting Trial! It seems like I will be the new Spirit King for the Spirit Race after this, what do you think? Envy me?” Yi Tianyun said tauntingly.

“Impossible! You are a foreign race! How could they agree to this?” Lei Yun said with a trembling voice.

“Well, for a start, I have successfully released all the Spirit Race Prisoners in the Netherworld Prison and destroyed that place once and for all! The next best thing is that I already killed General Long! Now, with that accomplishment, it was expected that the Spirit Race would want me to be their leader, no?” Yi Tianyun said while smirking full of satisfaction.

“You! how did you…” Lei Yun said as he started to feel faint from the cold, he couldn’t stay awake long enough in that place, the cold was really messing with his survival instinct! That place was the worst punishment that he ever went through!

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