Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 361


Yi Tianyun bringing someone back to the Heavenly Jade Sect wasn’t anything new, but it was always one or two people at most, but this time, he brought a large group of people with dozens of Earth Dragons in tow!

“Aunt, I am back! I know I have a lot of things to explain, but let’s do that later with the rest of the elders.” Yi Tianyun said while smiling sincerely to Shi Xueyun.

“Okay, no problem. We can do that right now, by the way.” Shi Xueyun replied as she smiled back to Yi Tianyun.

Shi Xueyun immediately ordered several of the deacons to accompany the guests and tend to their needs while she immediately directs Yi Tianyun, Spirit Race’s Old Ancestor, and several elders from the spirit race toward the hall that was already repaired and befitting a meeting place.

Yi Tianyun was a little impressed of the repaired new hall, it didn’t look like that the hall was already aged several hundred years!

“The Divine Runes on this place seems like our Divine Rune.” The Old Ancestor said while wondering.

“It is, this place was built with the help of the Spirit Race, but I don’t know when this place was built, but I know that at least several hundred years had passed!” Yi Tianyun said, confirming the Old Ancestor’s wonderment.

As they entered the hall, the rest of Heavenly Jade Sect’s elders were already waiting inside.

“Now, these are the people from the Spirit Race, I believe all of you already know the story of the Spirit Race. I have some announcement to make, I have become the new Spirit Race King, and I brought them here to take refuge from the Netherworld Empire. From the previous meeting, I now intend to make the faction into three doors, so that the Spirit Race could be separated and run the management of their own respective faction.” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

Shi Xueyun was surprised as soon as she hears that Yi Tianyun has already become the new Spirit Race King!

In a short amount of time, Yi Tianyun accomplished another incredible feat!

Yi Tianyun even brought them here, even if the Spirit Race was not officially joining with the Heavenly Jade Sect, it was still incredible that they were here!

“I will agree to whatever Elder Yi had planned, now may I ask if the Spirit Race themselves were okay joining such a weak faction in another continent like this?” Shi Xueyun said politely.

“We will listen to Spirit King’s word; we will obey his every word!” Ye Qingxuan said respectfully.

The elders from the Spirit Race nodded their heads as they agreed on Ye Qingxuan’s word completely.

It was a known fact that Spirit Race was a loyal race. Once their Spirit King was crowned, they will obey the king’s word to the very end!

“If that was the case, then we will agree to Elder Yi’s plan, and we will help you get up on your feet with all we have.” Ye Qingxuan said confidently.

“Now that the Heavenly Jade Sect agreed to my plan, Spirit Sect is officially formed! We already agreed on the Twin Dragon Mansion as the new name of our new faction before as the merge of Heavenly Jade Sect and Heaven’s Top Mansion, but as we now consist of three factions, I would like to change the name once more!” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

“Just name it after your name! We can call it Heavenly Cloud Mansion (Heavenly Cloud = Tian Yun), we will stick with you till the end anyway!” Shi Xueyun said confidently.

Everyone seemed to support Shi Xueyun’s idea, they were excited to use Yi Tianyun’s name as the new faction name for themselves!

“I don’t think that is a good idea . . .” Yi Tianyun said shyly. He was a little bit embarrassed to use his own name like this.

“We agreed to that name completely, my King!” Ye Qingxuan said excitedly.

“Well, if everyone agreed for this, then I hereby announced that Heavenly Jade Sect and Spirit Sect is now merged, and from today onward, The Heavenly Cloud Mansion is officially created as a 3rd Grade Faction!” Yi Tianyun said charismatically.

The elders were all nodded their heads in excitement and immediately excused themselves to go outside and announced the big news to all disciples and Spirit Race People outside!

Yi Tianyun immediately told the Elders before they went out that the identity of the Spirit Race must remain hidden for the time being, as they were still being targeted by the Netherworld Empire now.

The elders nodded, and soon the news about the new faction under Yi Tianyun’s name became the new uproar in the Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins!

The disciple of the Heavenly Jade Sect still didn’t know the real identity of the newcomer that suddenly upgraded their faction, but they were okay with the new environment as they were told that the newcomer wouldn’t take over the Heavenly Jade Sect and that they would manage their own sect inside the mansion.

Yi Tianyun was satisfied by this development, and at that moment, he will make sure that after the Heaven’s Top Mansion officially joined the Heavenly Cloud Mansion, the unity will still remain and thus making the Heavenly Cloud Mansion stronger!

Yi Tianyun’s Quest was immediately updated, and now the Quest name immediately changed from the Heavenly Jade Sect into Heavenly Cloud Mansion, and the number of people was quickly added, but it was still not finished just yet, he still had to send the Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins to the Heavenly Border Continent!

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