Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 362


Yi Tianyun wanted to complete this quest as soon as possible, but he knew that moving the Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins now will make a huge fuss, and there was no way the Netherworld Empire wouldn’t take notice of that!

“I have to make a move to make sure the Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins’ exodus to Heavenly Border Continent goes without any hitch!” Yi Tianyun murmured, but Shi Xueyun still heard him, and thus she immediately asked what Yi Tianyun meant by that.

“I mean that we need to move to the Heavenly Border Continent and officially merged the Heaven’s Top Mansion with us to create the strongest 3rd Grade Faction there is!” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

“But we’ve just arrived here! What if the Netherworld Empire notices our exodus later?” Ye Qingxuan asked worriedly.

“I’m aware of that problem too. I really want to crush the Netherworld Empire as soon as possible!” Yi Tianyun said while his aura and killing intent indeliberately leaked out and scared several people. He immediately realized his mistake and toned down his aura while apologizing.

“I have a plan for this exodus, I will leave for several weeks, and after that, we will make a big show of our new faction! even if the Netherworld Empire takes notice, they won’t dare to do anything!” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

“Where are you off to now?” Ye Qingxuan and Shi Xueyun asked.

“I am going to visit the Heavenly Dragon Empire! They were at war with the Netherworld Empire, and I know a few people there. I’m planning to cooperate with them and make sure that the Netherworld Empire wouldn’t dare to do anything!” Yi Tianyun said solemnly.

He has helped Ren Zhirou, the Heavenly Dragon Empire’s Goddess; he knew that Ren Zhirou would unite the Heavenly Dragon Empire, and thus he should be able to cooperate with them!

He could have leveled his Crazy Mode up to make sure that he was strong enough to deal with the Netherworld Empire by himself, but he still lacked the required amount of Crazy Points to do that, around four to five million more Crazy Points!

He has already checked, and even if he sold every item that he didn’t use, he was still short several millions of Crazy Points!

The problem with the system’s shop was that the shop would buy the treasure he sold at a low price!

So, after some thinking, Yi Tianyun knew that selling it was not worth the trouble!

“Heavenly Dragon Empire is indeed close by! But I heard there was some major event happening there, I don’t know the details, but I heard that the Heavenly Dragon Continent has fallen into a state of chaos now! you need to be careful there, or perhaps we could accompany you?” Shi Xueyun asked worriedly.

“No, just stay here, if there is really chaos in there, it is better for me to act alone! I don’t know the Heavenly Dragon Empire had fallen into such extent.” Yi Tianyun frowned as he said this word. There must be a major event that happened inside the Heavenly Dragon Empire as soon as she returned there!

“Old Ancestor, I need you to strengthen the Divine Rune on this place, maybe fix some of the Divine Runes that was still broken. This place is our fortress. You will find that this place was carefully armed with some offensive type of Divine Runes.” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

“No problem, my king! I will do my best!” Spirit Race Old Ancestor said excitedly. Although his cultivation didn’t recover just yet, his Divine Rune Ability was still top-notch!

“Well, with that taken care of, I will go to Heavenly Dragon Empire right away!” Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face to reassure everyone.

Yi Tianyun decided to rest for the night and left toward the Heavenly Dragon Empire in the morning, as he also had to refine some pills and drew a prize from the enhanced lottery tickets that he got!

With the Soul Accumulating Grass that was brought by the Spirit Race, he should be able to level up once again!

But before that, he needs to draw the prize first!

He immediately activated his lucky aura and quickly activated his enhanced lottery ticket. He watched the roulette spun excitedly, and soon enough, the pointer stopped at Special Items column.

Yi Tianyun was excited by this prize column as the Special Item was the second-best column on the board!

The box quickly fell over, and Yi Tianyun wasted no time to open the box to check the prizes that he won.

Enhanced Blood Jade: 3 times more effective and three times bigger than normal Blood Jade!

This is not a bad item, but Yi Tianyun still frowned as he was currently in dire need of Crazy Points or Exp. He immediately drew another prize as he had two Enhanced Lottery Tickets after defeating Army General Feng.

Yi Tianyun was shocked as soon as the pointer stopped at the Divine Ability Column.

This was the rarest column that the pointer could stop on! He immediately opened the box to see the new Divine Ability that he would have!


‘Successfully acquired the Divine Ability: Stealth!’

‘Divine Ability: Stealth – completely conceal the user from the enemy, whether attacking or defending!

‘Level 1: 5 minutes time effect,’

‘Cooldown: 1 hour.’

‘Next level: 10.000.000 Crazy Points.’

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