Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 363


His draw wasn’t bad at all! With the Enhanced Blood Jade, he could create an outstanding Divine Rune!

If he combined the Enhanced Blood Jade with the Tyrant Rune Paper, he would have x15 power on the Divine Rune that he made!

He could only imagine how much power that Divine Rune would give him!

Divine Ability: Stealth was equally amazing!

It was completely concealing him from anyone in 5 minutes mark!

He could assassinate anyone with this Divine Ability!

“This Enhanced Lottery Roulette is very good! If I have any spare Crazy Points, I will surely spend it all here!” Yi Tianyun said to himself with awe.

Immediately after, he began to refine the Soul Accumulating Pill from the Soul Accumulating Grass that he had. He tried to create the 5th Refinement Rank again at the beginning of his refinement, but this time he failed!

The Soul Accumulating Grass inside was destroyed!

With this fail, Yi Tianyun quietly refined the rest of the Soul Accumulating Grass to the 4th Refinement Ranks as to not waste anymore ingredient once again.


‘Successfully refines Soul Accumulating Pill!’

‘Reward: 500.000 Cps, 500 Pill Refining Proficiency points.’


‘Successfully refines the Soul Accumulating Pills several times, raising the success rate by a few percents!’

A new message popped up, startling Yi Tianyun a little bit. He immediately checked, and sure enough, the success rate for Soul Accumulating Pills 4th Refinement Rank was currently 100%, and the 5th Refinement Rank was at 70%!

He didn’t know about this feature before. If he had known, he would‘ve tried his best to get his hands on more ingredient! He quietly took the Soul Accumulating Pill that he made just now.

‘Congratulation to the host for successfully breakthrough to 8th Level Core Transformation Stage!’

He was really eager to get his hands on more Soul Accumulating Grass to level up, he wondered if the Heavenly Dragon Empire had some of them!

He started to refine a Spirit Congealing Pill for Heavenly Jade Sect because he knew that many disciples were still struggling to breakthrough to Spirit Refinement Rank!

In the morning, he gave all the pills to Shi Xueyun and prepared himself to leave toward the Heavenly Dragon Empire.

As he walked out of his room, he noticed Ye Qingxuan stood near his door looking sad.

“Is there something wrong, Qingxuan?” Yi Tianyun asked worriedly.

“The Spirit Forest has been destroyed by the Netherworld Empire! They also burned down the Spirit Pagoda along with the Spirit Sanctuary!” Ye Qingxuan replied while looking like she was about to cry!

“It’s okay. We will make sure that they will pay for all that!” Yi Tianyun said, reassuring Ye Qingxuan.

“You are right! Nothing could be accomplished by feeling sad like this! Are you ready to go, Spirit King?” Ye Qingxuan asked while trying to cheer herself up.

“Yeah, there is not much time! If the Netherworld Empire sniffed out our place, things could get difficult!” Yi Tianyun said while smiling at Ye Qingxuan.

Ye Qingxuan nodded and said nothing while Yi Tianyun was heading toward the gate. But as he got closer to the gate, he saw a familiar figure who was also waiting for him there!

“Aunt!” Yi Tianyun shouted as he rushed toward Shi Xueyun and hugged her excitedly.

Shi Xueyun immediately giggled to see Yi Tianyun was still the same Yi Tianyun that she had known all these years.

“Are you ready to leave?” She asked with a beautiful smile on her face.

“Yes, I have to hurry up and move us to the Heavenly Border Continent as soon as possible! But aunt, I see you have been working hard!” Yi Tianyun said as he took notice that Shi Xueyun’s aura was stronger now.

“Well, I’m still nowhere near your level, but I am sure that you will bring everyone towards glory!” Shi Xueyun said with her smiles still there.

“I promise to keep trying to strengthen our faction so that we could continue to get stronger!” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

“I am sure you can do it; this time, make sure that you stay on your toes and come back quickly, okay? I will be waiting for you here.” Shi Xueyun said cheerfully.

“I promise, Aunt. Well, I must go now! See you later, Aunt!” Yi Tianyun said as he immediately flew off toward the Heavenly Dragon Empire’s direction.

Shi Xueyun looked at Yi Tianyun’s slowly fading figure with a new determination on her eyes. She couldn’t afford to fall behind!

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