Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 364


Yi Tianyun quickly left toward the Heavenly Dragon Continent, and it didn’t take too long for him to reach the destination as the Heavenly Dragon Continent was at the edge of Earthly Border Continent.

“I have to find out what happened to Ren Zhirou after she returned to the Heavenly Dragon Empire!” Yi Tianyun said to himself.

Another reason that he had to find Ren Zhirou was because he also received a chain quest as he got close to Heavenly Dragon Continent!

‘Hidden Chain Quest: Help the Empire’s Goddess!’

‘Reward: 50.000.000 Exp, 1.000.000 CPs, 200 Ren Zhirou Favourability Points, [Empire Protector] Title.’

‘Note: Completing the quest would affect the world!’

Yi Tianyun was excited to have another chain quest that gave wonderful rewards!

Although he still didn’t really know what he must do in order to complete the quest, at least he knew that he had to find Ren Zhirou first!

With his fast flying speed, Yi Tianyun finally arrived at the Heavenly Dragon Continent.

The first thing that he noticed was that this continent was far denser in terms of Spiritual Energy than the Earthly Border Continent, but he also noticed that the place was indeed in a state of chaos!

He immediately encountered a village that was being raided by bandits.

Yi Tianyun immediately went down to help the villager defeat the bandits and temporarily brought peace to the village.

“Thank you very much for helping us, Great Hero!” The villagers said while kneeling in front of Yi Tianyun with tears on their faces. They couldn’t stop the bandits on their own, and their properties were already taken by the bandits!

“That was nothing, but I need to ask, isn’t this continent managed by the Heavenly Dragon Empire? Why no one come to help and control the bandits?” Yi Tianyun asked the Village Chief.

“The Heavenly Dragon Empire was in a state of Turmoil. They didn’t have the time to help a small village like us. Another small village in the edge of the continent was also experiencing the same thing!” The Village Chief said sadly.

“Yeah, we even planned to move to Earthly Border Continent to save ourselves from the bandit attack!” Another Villager said solemnly expressing their desperation.

“It seems that the situation was more serious than I thought! Now, I must go, take care of each other!” Yi Tianyun said while taking flight immediately toward the Heavenly Dragon Empire.

He passed through many cities on his way to the Heavenly Dragon Empire, but he didn’t see the same problem as the village earlier, but the one thing he realized was that the cities had many cultivators resided there while the village didn’t!

He immediately landed in one of the cities that he passed and decided to stay in the city for a while. He noticed that the situation inside the city itself wasn’t that good either, but it was not so bad that the people weren’t able to live peacefully. He intended to find out more about the Heavenly Dragon Empire in that city!

He looked at the gate and saw that the city’s name was Dragon Tail City, as soon as he walked to enter the city, a guard stopped him and said that the cost to enter the city was 12 Spirit Stones!

Yi Tianyun was surprised that the cost of entering a city was that high!

The guard become impatient and told Yi Tianyun to hurry up, but as soon as Yi Tianyun gave 12 Spirit Stones to the guard, they refused Yi Tianyun’s entry and said that Yi Tianyun had to give three more Spirit Stone in order to enter as Yi Tianyun was wasting their time.

Yi Tianyun looked at the guard coldly, but he still took out three more Spirit Stones and gave it to the guards, he knew that he didn’t have to do anything at this moment.

Yi Tianyun immediately rushed inside the city while the guards were snickering to each other.

“This is good, did you see that brat give in so easily? We can have a great drink tonight!” The guard said to another guard.

“Well, with chaos ensued outside, the brat doesn’t have any choice!” Another guard said while snickering with the other guards.

As soon as another person came and wanted to go inside the city, the guard immediately stopped him as he did with Yi Tianyun.

“Brat! If you want to enter, you need to pay 22 Spirit Stone!” The guard coldly asked.

“22? Didn’t the previous guy only pay 15?” The young man said worriedly.

“22 Spirit Stones, or feel free to leave!” The guard said coldly.

The young man was a little taken aback after the guards talked to him coldly and immediately reached out for his wallet to fish out 22 Spirit Stone as the guards asked.

But as he was still counting his money, the guards were suddenly flung toward the wall!

The guards’ scream startled everybody, but they saw this opportunity to sneak into the city, while Yi Tianyun was standing on the gate while smirking.

“15 Spirit Stone will also give you a good spanking!” Yi Tianyun said while grinning.

He couldn’t believe that a city guard still found a chance to extort people like this, it seemed the city only looked stable at the surface, while the reality said otherwise!

Yi Tianyun immediately went into a restaurant and ordered some food with wine while carefully listening to everyone’s conversation about the Heavenly Dragon Empire.

Yi Tianyun believed that the best place to gather information was a restaurant or a tavern, but as the sun was still shining quite brightly outside, he knew that a tavern wouldn’t be a good choice at that time.

Sure enough, he immediately heard some people gossiping in the corner.

“Did you hear that the empire had a civil war at this moment? I heard it all started because the princess is back, causing the empire to split into two sides!” a man said to his friends.

“Why is she coming back? Isn’t her brother dead? What power does she have now?” another man said, chiming into the first man.

“I don’t know the details, many people are standing by her side, but with Prime Minister Long as her opponent, I don’t think she can win. Many people assumed that Prime Minister Long would make a move to get rid of the princess soon!” The man said again.

“Shush, don’t say it out loud! If her supporter hears you, you will get into big trouble!” Another man said, silencing him from speaking any further.

Now Yi Tianyun knew that Ren Zhirou’s big brother didn’t leave Ren Zhirou by herself willingly!

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