Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 365


Ren Zhirou was the Princess of the Heavenly Dragon Empire, while the goddess title will be used if she became the Empress of the Heavenly Dragon Empire!

Yi Tianyun immediately approached the gossiping men and put 100 Spirit Stone on the table.

“Now, would you tell me more about what you know? Whoever has the better information will get this money and maybe more!” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

“What are you talking about?” The first man said.

“I heard you’re talking about the Empire earlier. I need more information! Whoever gives me better information will get these Spirit Stones, and maybe more!” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

Each of them started to say that they had better information than the others while also throwing off each other so that they could keep the money for themselves!

“Stop!” Yi Tianyun shouted as he could no longer stand the chaos.

“State your information one by one! I will judge which information is better myself!” Yi Tianyun said as he pointed for a man to go first!

“I know that the Princess has returned to the Empire not that long ago and immediately expressed her intention to take the throne, while Prime Minister Long who was going to be enthroned earlier clearly disagreed with her. The two began to argue with one another about who will succeed the throne and the situation isn’t clear even now! The Princess was supported by the late emperor faction while the reasoning is obvious, the Heavenly Dragon Empire has always ruled by the Ren Family! But the Prime Minister was also backed by several powerful groups and they also argued that Prime Minster was still a part of Ren Family bloodline!” The man said confidently.

Yi Tianyun nodded as he heard so many things that he didn’t know before.

“It seems he only knows about the tip of the iceberg! I know a lot more in detail!” The second man said confidently.

“While what he said was true, the most important part is that the Princess has the pure blood of Ren Family’s Heavenly Dragon Bloodline on her veins, that is also the reason that she was the only one now who can control the Heavenly Dragon Secret Treasure! To be an emperor of the Heavenly Dragon Empire, one needs to be able to control the Heavenly Dragon Secret Treasure! That is also why many people speculate that Prime Minister Long would find a chance to kill her to take the throne for himself!” the second man explained.

Both began to argue and accused the other of lying as they really wanted the Spirit Stones for themselves!

Yi Tianyun thought over, and the information from both of them was actually very good!

He immediately pulled out another hundred and gave it to them.

“Silence! Here you go! 100 each! Now you don’t need to fight!” Yi Tianyun said annoyedly.

The two men immediately took the Spirit Stones Yi Tianyun put on the table and started to laugh.

“Thank you very much, generous man! But, are you inquiring this information to support the Princess?” The first man asked.

“Why do you ask?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously.

“Well, with the two sides constantly searching for any support that they could have, there are so many people who already swore their allegiances to the side they want to support, in fact, the Princess already ordered this city to recruit experts and that you can report to the City Hall if you want to join.” The second man explained.

“That would be unnecessary!” Yi Tianyun said confidently and immediately left the men to their own business.

Yi Tianyun immediately left the city and decided to fly straight toward the heart of the Heavenly Dragon Empire, the Heavenly Dragon Imperial City!

It took him several days to arrive, but he surely didn’t feel fatigued!

As he flew near the Imperial City, suddenly, an expert shouted for his attention and flew towards Yi Tianyun.

Yi Tianyun used his appraisal eyes and saw that the person was at the Core Transformation Stage, in order not to cause any misunderstanding, Yi Tianyun immediately disappeared.

The Core Transformation Stage expert was startled as he swore that he saw another person flying by, but as he looked around, there wasn’t even a trace of Spiritual Energy around that indicated any expert flying by.

“Weird, how could a person suddenly disappear just like that? Do I see things?” The Core Transformation Stage expert said curiously. He eventually flew back toward the city in low altitude.

In the sky, Yi Tianyun wasn’t moving at all. He used his Stealth Divine Ability to avoid the man as Yi Tianyun couldn’t say the reason he came toward the Imperial City.

He couldn’t hope for anybody to understand that he wanted to meet with the Princess and let him do just that!

So, he used Stealth and chose to fly and go straight toward the city and search for Ren Zhirou’s whereabout.

After a while, he finally found Ren Zhirou was in the middle of trouble, and after observing that Ren Zhirou was a little bit pale, Yi Tianyun quickly went down to save her!

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