Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 366


In the Heavenly Dragon Empire throne room, Ren Zhirou sat on the throne while looking at the empire’s ministers coldly.

“Princess, Prime Minister Long had managed the whole Heavenly Dragon Empire after your brother was gone, give him some leeway, please! At this rate, he would send troops to attack the Imperial City soon!” One of the ministers said worriedly.

“What management? This Heavenly Dragon Empire was built and created for Ren Family! This is not something that another person from another family could attain! Look at what he had done! He didn’t even win the war that he himself waged against the Netherworld Empire!” Ren Zhirou said coldly.

“Yeah, the Princess was the rightful heir to the throne! If she didn’t return, I believe that we would’ve been dispatched toward the border to fight a pointless battle against the Netherworld Empire!” Another minister chimed in as he supported Ren Zhirou.

“Agreed! The Princess has become the Goddess! This is beyond doubt the right reason to let her become our leader! Furthermore, Prime Minister Long couldn’t even control the Heavenly Dragon Secret Treasure!” Another more minister also supported Ren Zhirou’s claim to the throne.

“No, I’m not saying that she doesn’t have the right to be the new monarch, I only said that Prime Minister Long had done a great job managing Heavenly Dragon Empire in a tough situation. Above all else, he was also the Princess’ uncle!” The first minister argued.

“Now, no need to argue over what is better here! I only need to wait for Prime Minister Long’s return and talk privately with him!” Ren Zhirou said confidently.

“Princess, the public won’t be pleased with this! Prime Minister Long is currently on the front line, blocking off Netherworld Empire’s attempt to invade our land, and here you are, trying to undo his power!” The minister said angrily.

Ren Zhirou knew that her prestige among the public was still there, she was still the beloved Princess who was loved by the people, and she also knew that the public has been wondering why she went missing all this time!

“You don’t need to say anything else, I’ve already made up my mind, and now, I am tired! I will take a break for a while, hope you all got a good rest!” Ren Zhirou said dismissively.

“Of course, Princess!” All the minister said simultaneously.

They all began to leave as Ren Zhirou walked back toward her room. But as soon as she neared the hall towards her room, several men in the cloak appeared in front of her.

“Princess, please come along calmly!” One of the shadow men said in an orderly tone.

“Are you people sent by Prime Minister Long? Couldn’t he think creatively instead of sending some men to capture me?” Ren Zhirou said annoyedly.

She quickly reached for her sword and immediately released her killing intent.

She even released some of her Spiritual Energy, shrouding her in a dragon-like fog that prevented those men in the cloak to come any closer.

“She immediately used Heavenly Dragon’s power? She must be very confident about that technique! Stand your ground. We will beat that fog down!” The first man from before quickly shouted to his men.

But Ren Zhirou who was shrouded by the fog has already launched her own attack toward these men, she stomped the ground powerfully, causing the men in cloak lost their footing!

“Did you really think that for a second, you all can beat me?” Ren Zhirou said as he put her feet on the previous man.

But a powerful whip immediately tied her and sealed the Heavenly Dragon’s power that she was exerting!

“Princess, you are too naïve!” Another man said while smiling sardonically.

The whip immediately released black energy that slowly ate the Heavenly Dragon’s power away, causing Ren Zhirou’s complexion changed as a result!

Heavenly Dragon’s power wasn’t any ordinary power at all. It was connected directly to her own soul!

Therefore, she will be affected as well if her Heavenly Dragon’s power was threatened!

“Poison Dragon’s whip? This is what Prime Minister Long came up with?” Ren Zhirou said challengingly.

“Sure, our mission is only to bring you in! That’s all you need to know!” The man in the cloak said coldly.

Ren Zhirou gritted her teeth as her power left her body almost instantly!

But she wouldn’t give up!

She immediately pulled out a Dragon Blade from her Storage Ring and immediately made a move to struggling, but as she was about to do just that, a new figure arrived and started killing the man in the cloak!

“Who are you?” The man in the cloak shouted at Yi Tianyun.

“Well, with so many people bullying my younger sister, it was only right that the big brother would come to help!” Yi Tianyun said casually.

The man in the cloak was startled by Yi Tianyun’s word as they were told that the Prince was already dead!

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